Instagram Video Downloader

Download that Instagram video which perfectly sums up the idea you’ve been saving for your next project. It could be a video you uploaded a while back or an Instagram video shared by a friend. With Wave.video Instagram video downloader, you can export any video to your device and share it with your audience on other platforms.

Why Use Wave.video Instagram Video Downloader?

  • Responsive and easy-to-use
    Responsive and easy-to-use

    Quickly download any Instagram video using Wave.video, even as a first-time user. Don’t fret over how to go about it all. The tool is designed to be as simple as possible so you can only focus on your work and being you.

  • Safe to use
    Safe to use

    Go about your work finding the best Instagram videos for your project without worrying about any malware or viruses finding their way to your device. Also, we mean it when we say it’s free, you’ll always know what happens to your data, and we definitely won’t sell it.

  • Unlimited downloads
    Unlimited downloads

    Download as many Instagram videos as you’d like using Wave.video Instagram video downloader. There are no user limits, regardless of whether or not you have a Wave.video account.

  • Web-based

    Our Instagram video downloader is purely web-based. Provided you have access to a computer and an internet connection; you can download any Instagram video right off your browser.

  • High-quality output
    High-quality output

    What you put in the tool is what you get. The same video quality as on Instagram, no compromises and no need to look for other tools to improve or edit the Instagram video further.
    But if you need to edit your Instagram video, access our video editor tool for free without leaving your browser.

  • Integrated video editor
    Integrated video editor

    Crop out certain frames or elements from your Instagram video. Add special effects, generate and burn in subtitles, and add additional tracks or voiceovers if you need to.
    Get these and more with the integrated free video editor; the best part is you won’t have to leave your browser.

How to Download an Instagram Video:

  • Copy the video URL

    Copy the video URL

    If you’re on a computer browser, navigate to the video you want to download. Click the three horizontal dots on the video’s top right corner and copy the link.
    The same goes for mobile, only the three dots are stacked vertically. Copy the link and transfer it to your computer. Wave.video is only available on Macs and PCs.

  • Paste it on the tool

    Paste it on the tool

    Paste the YouTube URL into the box on the top of this page and click the “Download MP4” button. If you want to save the video to your Wave.video account and customize, host, or stream it, click on the “Save and edit video” button.

  • Download the Instagram video

    Download the Instagram video

    Let the tool do its magic and click download once the option is available. Once the download is complete, you’ll find the Instagram video in the download section of your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best site to download Instagram videos?
This is a hard one, but here goes. An ideal site to download Instagram videos should have the following as a minimum:
- An easy-to-use interface, so you can quickly download your Instagram video without having to consult additional resources.
- It should be safe. Some Instagram video downloader sites are “free”, but using them won’t guarantee your safety on and offline. You might likely end up with malware, trojans on your device or irrelevant ads on your browser.
- Free to use. No shade, but downloading Instagram videos should be free. After all, you’re merely exporting videos you own from Instagram to your device, but each to their own. Ultimately, the best site depends on your specific needs and preference. But in our opinion, Wave.video Instagram video downloader rocks! It has all you could ever need in a video downloader, plus lots of other value-packed tools, free to use.
How do I download private Instagram posts?
First, determine which Instagram video downloader you’d prefer.
Next, find the video on your private Instagram posts and copy the video’s link.
Launch the Instagram video downloader and paste the link. Hit download, and choose where you’d like to save the file on your device.
This method works with Instagram reels, regular videos and stories.
Is it illegal to download Instagram videos?
It depends. If you’re downloading Instagram videos that you own (i.e., full copyright), then it’s perfectly legal and doesn’t breach any of Instagram’s policies. You can also ask the owner for permission to use or modify the video, and you’ll be perfectly within the law if you download the video.
However, it’s against Instagram’s user policy and illegal in most jurisdictions to download other users’ videos without their consent.