How to make YouTube videos

Make YouTube videos easily in minutes. Promote your vlog, create YouTube intros and outros, and video ads. Make your video tailored for more views and shares.

How to make a video for YouTube in 4 easy steps

Step 1. Choose a video clip

Upload your video or choose from the library of 300 million professional clips and images. If you do not have a video clip ready, no worries: in, you have access to the rich library of stock footage on just about any topic.

Step 2. Style up your video

For best results, your video might need some editing. knows how to make your YouTube video stunning. Add your text with animated text effects, apply video filters for a branded look, add video transitions, trim your video. Everything you need for your next YouTube masterpiece.

Step 3. Make your YouTube video more engaging

On YouTube, engagement is everything. Strike a chord with your audience by making your video more emotional. Add GIFs and stickers to show your viewers you speak their language. After all, who doesn’t love GIFs? 😀

Step 4. Upload your video to YouTube

Once your video is ready, simply upload it from directly to YouTube. With the convenient integration, you don’t have to download it to your computer before publishing. Think of a catchy title and add an informative description.

Tips on how to make your YouTube videos stunning

  • Know your target audience

    Before you get down to making your YouTube videos, you need to clearly understand who you are creating them for. Without knowing these details, you are putting yourself at risk of making YouTube videos that no one’s going to watch.
  • Do your keyword research

    Find out which words people use more often to find the kind of content you provide online. With the proper keyword research, you can make YouTube videos on exact topics that your audience is looking for. This will help you stay ahead of the competition and on top of trends in your niche.
  • Grab viewers’ attention in the very first seconds

    There are tons of videos on YouTube. In order for people to click on your video, make sure you make it engaging from the very first second. Ask a question, tell your viewers what they are going to find in the video, or show a controversy.
  • Don’t make it too long

    When making your YouTube video, you don’t need to feature all that you’ve done and created in the past to get your new visitors to fall in love with your content. Feature the best!
  • Add captions

    To make your YouTube video more comprehensive, consider adding captions and text to your videos. This way, people who play the video without sound will also be able to understand what is going on in the video.
  • Plan the promotion of your video ahead

    Promoting your marketing video is no less important than actually creating it. What’s the point of making an amazing video if nobody sees it? Share your video on social, send out a newsletter blast, and let your community know there’s a new awesome YouTube video on your channel.

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