How to add captions to your video

Learn how to add auto-generated and custom captions to your videos.

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Captioning videos is an effective way to reach more viewers and increase engagement for your content. With, you can easily add automatic captions and custom subtitles to your videos.

Adding Auto-Generated Captions

First, create or upload a video and go to the Editor. Then, head over to the step “Captions” and click on the button "Auto Captions".

Next, choose the file for captioning and select the language of the audio in your video. When it's done, click on the button "Create captions".

Voilà! Your captions are generated. Now, you can polish the captions by tweaking the text in the Captions tab on the right-hand side of the screen and tuning their timing right on the timeline.

To customize the look and feel of the captions, open the tab "Style" in the menu. Here, you can change the color, font, size, and style of the captions.

You can burn captions into your video by simply choosing this option in the Settings tab. This will make captions a part of the video that can’t be turned off.

You can also download auto-generated captions in .srt format to your computer. To do that, click on the button “Download .SRT file” in the Settings tab.

Finally, if you want to remove all captions, click on the corresponding button in the Settings tab.

Adding Custom Subtitles

Now, if you already have a custom caption file, you can add it in .srt or .vtt format to your video. To do that, create or upload a video and go to the Editor. Then, head over to the step “Captions” and click on the button "Upload Subtitle File".

Just like with auto-generated captions, you can edit the text and timing, customize the way your captions look, or burn them into your video.

Supported languages:

English (US, Australian, British, Indian, Irish, Scottish, Welsh)
Spanish (and US Spanish)
Portuguese (and Brazilian Portuguese)
French (and Canadian French)
German (and Swiss German)
Chinese Mandarin — Mainland
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