How to add captions to your video

Learn how to add auto-generated and custom captions to your videos.

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Captioning videos is an effective way to reach more viewers and increase engagement for your content. With, you can easily add automatic captions and custom subtitles to your videos.

Adding Auto-Generated Captions

First, create or upload a video and go to the Editor.

  • On the left side of the editor click Captions

The Captions tab will open on the right.

  • Choose the language and click Click "+"

Pick how you'd like to generate your track.

Next, choose the file for captioning and select the language of the audio in your video.

  • Click Create captions

If one of your files is unavailable, please allow it to complete processing to continue.

More details about that here

Voilà! Your captions are generated. Now, you can polish the captions by tweaking the text in the Captions tab on the right-hand side of the screen or the timeline.

Customize your captions

Open the tab "Style" on top of the caption menu

"Apply to all captions" button is available.

You can customize all or just a few, get creative, it's up to you!


Click the Voice tab to generate speech

More about Text-to-Speech conversion

In the Settings tab, you will see options to download your captions, delete them, or convert them into text blocks on your video project

How to Translate Captions

Go to the Captions tab and click "+" for a new track

Pick Translate existing track

Confirm your source language and choose your target language

Video unavailable for captions

If you discover your video is an unclickable grey box, please allow it to complete processing. Soon, it will be ready for captions. Check out this article

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