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How to create animated countdown timers for live streams

With you can create various custom assets to use for your video broadcasts. Learn how to create an animated countdown timer.

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Updated over a week ago supports live streamers providing them with everything what's needed to perform memorable branded live shows.

With's editor you can create a set of customized media assets to use before, during and after the live stream, i.e.:

  • Countdown animation

  • Intro/Outro clips

  • Lower third graphics on a transparent background

  • Overlay frames and grids for several speakers

  • Backdrop images such as

    • Starting soon,

    • Be right back,

    • Technical issues, etc.

  • Thumbnails for the live video recording, etc.

All these items are available within the pre-designed sets of live streaming templates.

What is a countdown timer for a live show?

A countdown timer is a virtual timer that counts down to the beginning of the broadcast.

It is the first thing your guests see when they arrive at your live show in advance. If made right, it helps you set the right tone and create excitement about the upcoming show.

How to create a countdown timer with


The easiest way to create an animated countdown timer is to grab one of the special countdown templates.

Step 1. Select a template

Choose a template from the 'Countdown Timer' category and click Edit Template to access the editor.

Select a countdown timer template

Step 2. Set the length of the video

Decide for how long you want the timer to be displayed before the live show starts.

Depending on that, set the length of the footage on the timeline.

NOTE: The maximum length of your countdown animation is dependant on the background footage you use on the timeline.

Step 3. Customize the timer offers various features to make your countdown timer look the way you want. You can find these features on the right-hand toolbar.

Hence, you can customize:

  • The time format

  • The animation effect

  • The font

  • The size

  • Colors: font color, background color, shadows

  • And position

Step 4. Export the animation

Press Publish and download the countdown timer in the format required by your live streaming software.

Step 5. Import the file to the live streaming platform

Follow the guidance from your live streaming software provider to set your countdown timer.


If for some reason you don't want to use a pre-designed template, you can always design your countdown timer from scratch.

Step 1. Launch a new project

To create a countdown timer from scratch, launch a blank project selecting the horizontal format.

Step 2. Set the background

It might be a plain color background, stock footage or your own media file.

Step 3. Add the countdown timer

On the left-side toolbar find the tab called Enhancers and click on it.

Look at the right-hand menu and click on the tab saying Countdown.

Then enable the feature by clicking on the Set countdown tick.

Step 4, 5, 6. The further steps are the same if you would start the creation from a template. Scroll up to learn about the customization, export and import steps.

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