How to create a thumbnail for your live stream

With you can edit and export static images and use them to promote your upcoming live videos and recordings.

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With, you can create various assets to efficiently schedule, promote, host, and repurpose live videos.

A video thumbnail is an essential part of the promotion and further distribution of your live broadcast.

What is a live video thumbnail?

A video thumbnail is a static image that you select to represent your video online, be it your Facebook feed or YouTube channel, or any other platform.

It's important to design an eye-catchy yet neat video cover so that your potential viewer decides to attend your live event or watch the recording afterward.

A video thumbnail is a combination of:

  • a high-quality image. In most cases, it is a speaker's headshot or some graphics associated with the video's contents.

  • a title text explaining what the video is about, who's the speaker, etc.

  • a logo or some other branded elements that make your content recognizable.

How to create a thumbnail for your live stream with offers a wide selection of live streaming templates available in various styles (or themes).

Each theme is a set of customizable media assets that you can adjust to what your live stream is about.

Step 1. Pick a template category

To create a live video thumbnail, select the needed template category and pick the option you like the most.

Step 2. `Select a template

Browse the options to find the one that fits your creative idea. Click edit to customize the template.

Step 3. Customize the thumbnail template

Replace the sample image and text with your own media and info.

You can also change the colors and fonts, add logos and other graphics using the feature-rich editor.

Click on various elements on the canvas to enable editing features.

Step 4. Export your video thumbnail

Once the designing part is over, go to the publishing mode.

To export your video thumbnail, select the Current frame as image option.

Next, you'll be redirected to a page where you can set the parameters of your image before you download it:

  • The format. It's possible to export your video thumbnail as a .png, .jpeg or .gif (static) file.

  • The image size. Keep the 16:9 proportions to use the live video cover on social media platforms

  • The image quality. Keep the quality high so that the thumbnail looks good across all platforms.

Click Generate to compile a file featuring your settings. Preview the file size and download your live video thumbnail.

You can use the live video thumbnail on streaming platforms, upload it to YouTube, Facebook or other social media to promote the event or use it as a cover for your live video recording.

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