How to make a video from text
With and its AI-powered features, you can convert any written text into a video. Learn how.
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Updated over a week ago provides AI tools for automatic video creation from the text. Wave will select relevant stock videos and music for you. The text will be inserted atop of the video clip.

At the moment, this feature works for English language only.

First steps

To start using it, you need to:

  1. Login

  2. Navigate to "My videos page

  3. Here, press “Create” and select “Text”:

Adding your script for the video

Now you need to select, which option is better for your task:

  1. Use your text as is

  2. Or shorten the text with our AI

We'll start with using a plain text. Simply paste your text:

How to format the text:

  1. Each line will appear one-by-one on the same background

  2. Empty line will divide scenes, different backgrounds will be used

  3. Make sure your lines aren't massive. Big chunks of text takes too much space on the canvas

  4. If you're working with a big text, you might want to prepare it in your favorite text editor before pasting to 😀

Now it's time to decide would you like to see premium stock assets in your video or not:

Now you can choose an audio mood:

That's all with preparations, now press “Next”!

Selecting a template

Nothing special here: choose one of the formats, and a template. We always add new templates for you, but even if you don't like something about the template, you'll be able to tune it after.

The template already chosen? Press “Create video”. will process everything and make a new project for you.

Please note, that longer scripts might be processed slower than usual.

You'll see the editor when it's done:

That's all!

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