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Making videos using AI
How to reduce text with AI and make a video
How to reduce text with AI and make a video can help you to automatically create a video from a text using AI

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How it works? can process any text to make a video that will explain what it was about. You can set the desired duration and tune the automatically generated video as you wish.

If you have a ready-to-use script, please check another mode: “Use my text as is” [LINK].

How to start

To start using it, you need to:

  1. Login

  2. Navigate to "My videos page

  3. Here, press “Create video” and select “Text to video”:

    Now we need to:

  1. Select “Reduce my text with AI”.

  2. Enter the video name

  3. Paste your text. Make sure it has at least 3 sentences, however, all text are longer than this, right 😏?

Specify video duration, stocks and audio mood

Want the stock assets to be 100% free or looking for premium ones?

If you know how long your video should be, set the expected duration.

Choose your audio mood.

Press “Next”.

Choosing a template

Select a video format and a template:

Almost done! Click “Create video” and wait a bit! You'll be redirected to the editor shortly.

Useful articles:

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