Before you start connecting your Facebook group, there're is a couple of essential things to do outside

  • To connect a Facebook group as your live streaming destination, you need to be an Admin or Editor for this group. Make sure you're logged in to Facebook using the relevant account.

  • Make sure live streaming is enabled for your group. It is the usual case for new groups to have live streaming disabled by default. Here's an article about how to find these settings and turn live streaming on:

    How to enable live streaming on your Facebook group

Once your Facebook settings are ready, go to the account and add a new destination.

Now follow these steps to connect a Facebook group.

Step 1. Click on the + Add destination button and select Facebook from the drop-down menu.

Step 2. If it's the first time you connect your Facebook group or page to, you'll be asked to give the app a bunch of permissions to use your data such as:

  • to access your name and profile picture

  • to post content in your timeline

  • to post content on your behalf

Although you'll be able to change it later, it's a good idea to configure your preferences in advance.

Step 3. You'll be then navigated back to your account to see a pop-up window listing all available Facebook destinations you can connect.

Tick the Fcaebook group you'd like to connect and click Add.

Step 4. Your Facebook group will get into the list of your live streaming destinations.

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