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How to invite guests to your live streams
How to invite guests to your live streams

Learn how to invite people to participate in your broadcasts.

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Depending on your subscription plan, you can invite up to 12 people to join your broadcast. The invitation process is as easy as a link copy/paste.

Here's a short guide on how to get an invitation link to share it with your guests.

  1. Log in to the

  2. Enter the Live Studio by opening the pre-scheduled event or starting a new broadcast.

  3. Find the Invite icon in the toolbar underneath the video and click on it.

    4. Click the Copy link button to get the unique link ready in your clipboard for sharing.

    5. Share it with your guests via email or messenger.

Along with the link, you can share this Live Stream Guest Guide to help your guests get comfortable inside the Live Studio quicker.

Also, learn about different roles that you can assign to participants during the live show for a better streaming experience: Roles and permissions during live streams

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