How to set up a custom RTMP destination

Set up a custom streaming destination with RTMP

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You'd like to stream from our Live streaming studio to a not yet supported platform? No worries, we can do it via special RTMP protocol.

RTMP allows streaming to Twitch, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other popular platforms.

How to set up RTMP destination

  1. First, go to the Destinations page and click Add destination.

  2. Select “Custom RTMP”

  3. Now, you'll be prompted to enter 3 values: Name, Server URL, and the key. Put a name you'll like. For URL and key, you'll need to go to a platform.

How to find a streaming key and a correct URL

It depends on the platform. In general, you need to search for personal streaming key in the account settings. For instance, in Twitch you can find it in Settings → Stream → Primary Stream key. For Instagram, you'll need a 3rd party app that can extract the URL and the key.


Please note that each website have its own policies about RTMP streaming. Some might require periodical update of the streaming key.

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