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How to Show Your Presentation, Google Slides or PDF in Your Broadcast
How to Show Your Presentation, Google Slides or PDF in Your Broadcast

Make your live streams more informative with presentations, Google Slides or any PDF file with studio.

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Updated over a week ago studio got even more impressive and handful! Learn how to show your presentations with just several clicks.

Start with studio

You can do a full webinar (to know more about running a webinar on read here) or simply open the studio for a recording or on-the-spot streaming.

Click on the Slides button. In the drop-down menu, choose the source where your file is located. You have two options:

  • Upload from your computer

  • Pick from Google slides

Option #1: Upload from your computer

If the file is on your computer, click on the Your computer option, find the file, and open it.

Option #2: Google slides

For the presentations that you keep in Google Drive, click on Google slides.

If it is your first time connecting your account with Google Drive, allow access. In the library choose the file you want to show on the stream, click on it, and then press Select.

Manage the presentation

When you show your presentation on the stream, there are multiple options for you to manage it.

To show the presentation on the screen, hover the mouse over the file at the bottom of the screen and click on Show on stream.

To move the presentation over the screen, click on it and then hover it to the place where you want it to be. To change the size, click on a dot in one of the corners of the presentation, then drag it.

To change slides, click on < or > .

And to show an exact slide click on Slide...^ as shown in the picture below, and choose the slide from the list.

If you want to know more about sharing presentations on your stream, check out videos on our YouTube channel.

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