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How to run your own webinar with
How to run your own webinar with

Learn how to create webinars with studio. Create privet access, share links, collect viewers names, and benefit custom webinars.

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Webinars are an effective way to connect with your audience, share valuable information, and build your brand's reputation. is a multifunctional video marketing platform that can help you create and host your webinars with ease.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of setting up and running your webinar using We will cover everything from creating a webinar registration page to embedding it to your own site.

Step 1: Create a webinar page

For a start, let's create a webinar. Go to the My streams & recordings section and click on Setup webinar.

setup webinar with

In the new window, name the webinar and come up with a description. If you have a thumbnail for your webinar, you can upload it; just click on Thumbnail.

Create title and description, add thumbnail and setup destinations for your webinar

Here you may also schedule your webinar for later or allow your webinar guests to stream it to their social media destinations. To finish the stage, click on the Setup destinations.

in the Stream destinations menu, you may choose the options for your webinar to stream.

  • Webinar – provides a direct link to the webinar page, which would be hosted with our servers.

  • Social media channels – you can choose any option from the list of available social media destinations to stream your webinar to.

Note: You may choose multiple destinations at once. So you can reach both your own platform subscribers and social media audience.

Once you have chosen all the options, click the Create Live Stream button.

Chose several destinations for your webinar

Step 2: Customize your webinar

Congratulations! You successfully set up your webinar; now it is time to customize it to look unique. Hover the cursor over the Webinar icon in the destinations list.

Get ready to be creative and customize the webinar page

Customize Webinar

To make your webinar look unique, click on the Customize Webinar option in the drop-down menu.

Those of you who have experience with hosting may find the webinar customization process pretty similar to the video landing page customization.

customize and share options for webinars

Webinar page

In the left-side menu, select Webinar page. Here you can copy the link to the webinar page, add your logo, and choose a theme, including player color, page theme, and page elements.

apply logo your logo and choose from 12 different color themes

Here you may also check the way your webinar would look on mobile, fit, and fullscreen versions.

check out the mobile version of the webinar page


If you want to make your webinar available on your site, blog, etc. Open the Embed menu, toggle on the switch, choose the video size, and then copy the code.

copy embed code to add webinar to any other platform


Access settings have two check boxes:

  • Require name and email

  • Require password

set access settings: require name and email, require password

Tick Require name and email so you can collect your viewers' names and emails for following marketing campaigns.

If you want to make the video private, tick the Require password option and come up with the password that people would type in to see the video.

Email campaign

You may also embed your webinar into an email. In the Email campaign section, go through all the settings options and then copy the code for your email.

With email campaign settings you may include your webinar into any email.

To know more about Email campaigns in, check out the How to embed videos in emails article.

Open Webinar page

Once you are done with all the customization steps, you may check out the final image of the webinar page.

To see the final version of the webinar page, click on Open Webinar page.

Go back to the My streams & recordings section, hover the cursor over the webinar destination sign, and click on the Open Webinar page.

general image of a webinar page

Here you see the webinar's title, description, and starting screen. So once someone wants to watch the video, they must type in their name, email and click Join.

Webinar requests viewers' names and emails.

Share Webinar

Sharing your webinar is also very easy! Again go to the drop-down menu under the webinar destination icon, and pick Share Webinar.

Share your webinars in a couple of clicks, use Share Webinar page

This simple action opens the webinar page link, so you can copy it and share.

In share webinar menu click on Copy link and sending to those you want to join.

Step 3. Run the webinar

When you finish all the preparations, it's time to run the show. Open the studio, check your microphone and camera, and enter the studio.

Open studio and prepare to run your webinar

Prepare the background, and add all the necessary media (images, videos, audio, presentations, etc.) To learn t

How to show presentations, google sides, and other PDF files on your webinar, read here.

Upload all the necessary materials for your webinar, click on Go Live, and start your webinar

Once you are ready, click on the red Go Live button and run your webinar.

In addition to this tutorial, you may also watch the video on our YouTube channel.

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