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Enhance your video with our beautiful video filters. Give your videos a consistent branded look, make them look vintage - or any other way you want. Endless design possibilities for your content.


Finally a Video App that Makes Video Creation Easy!

I really enjoy the ability to easily create several canvas options for all the different social platforms. It also has a very robust stock image and stock video library to pull from.
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Shannon L.

Shannon L.

CEO, Marketing and Advertising

How to add video filters in Wave.video

  • Step 1. Upload media files or choose from the stock library

    Step 1. Upload media files or choose from the stock library

    Head over to the editor and upload your video or image. The fun part about Wave.video is that you can not only add filters to video but also to images, and turn them into a video!

  • Step 2. Add a video filter

    Step 2. Add a video filter

    Apply a filter to your video. In Wave.video, you can control the color of the video filter and its opacity. Explore a million different ways to style up your video with filters.

  • Step 3. Download and share

    Step 3. Download and share

    Once you are happy with the way your video turned out, head over to the step “Publish” and download the video, or share it directly to your social media. Let everyone see your beautiful video with filters.

Apply beautiful video filters like these

Why use video filters in Wave.video?

  • Reinforce your branding

    Reinforce your branding

    Apply the same video filter to all of your videos to give them all a consistent look and feel. Easily create a branded grid for Instagram or any other platform.
  • Customize stock footage

    Customize stock footage

    Easily use stock videos and images without the fear of anyone knowing they come from stock. Apply video filters and make the video truly yours.
  • Style up your videos

    Style up your videos

    Do you want to make your videos look retro or super modern? With a touch of filters, you can set any tone and style your content just the way you want.
  • No need to install anything

    No need to install anything

    You can edit your videos online, without the necessity to download or install anything. Don’t just apply video filters; trim and resize your video, add text to your videos, add music, and so much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add filters to my videos?
First, sign up or log in to Wave.video. Then, upload or record your video. Open the video in the editor and pick a filter using the menu on the right-hand side.
Can you add a filter to a video after recording?
Yes! With Wave.video, you can easily apply video editing filters right after the recording or later on.
What is the best app to add effects to videos?
Wave.video is hands down the best online video editor with filters out there. Not only can you add video editing filters to your videos, but also dynamic scene transitions, animated text effects, overlays & layouts, stickers, GIFs, and more!
How do I add a filter to my iPhone video?
You can add a filter to an iPhone video using its built-in editing capability. If you want more creative freedom, upload your video to a third-party video editor with filters like Wave.video and get the most out of it.
How to get free video filters?
In Wave.video, all video filters are free of charge for you to use. The platform offers free and paid subscriptions, depending on the additional features you select.