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Looking for an easy and quick way to convert text to video online? You are in the right place! Wave.video’s AI-powered solution allows turning blog posts, articles, and text files into engaging customizable videos quickly and easily. Create videos from text in a matter of a few clicks!

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I can easily scale my videos between social media platforms. It's easy to replace template images with my own.
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Toiny W.

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How to turn text into video with Wave.video:
Step-by-step guide

  • Step 1. <br/>Open the converter

    Step 1.
    Open the converter

    First, open Wave.video, go to the My Projects page and click on the button "+ New Video" on the right-hand side of the screen. Then, pick the suitable option from the drop-down menu.

  • Step 2. <br/>Upload your text

    Step 2.
    Upload your text

    To get an AI-generated video from your text, insert a link to your article or simply paste the text to the corresponding field and choose the desired settings for your future video.

  • Step 3. <br/>Customize the video

    Step 3.
    Customize the video

    Now, you can edit and customize the look and feel of the generated video, change text, and add a logo, if needed.

  • Step 4. <br/>Publish your video

    Step 4.
    Publish your video

    When your video is ready, go to the Publish step and choose what you want to do with it next: download the video to your computer, share it directly on social media, create a video landing page, embed it on a website, or something else.

Use Wave.video to turn text into video and more

  • Web-based toolkit

    Web-based toolkit

    Don’t worry whether this text to video generator will work on Mac or Windows. Wave.video is a web-based toolkit, which means that it can be accessed online through any browser anywhere in the world. No need to download heavy software to your computer anymore!
  • Easy-to-use for everyone

    Easy-to-use for everyone

    Wave.video is an accessible and efficient text to video editor regardless of the level of your video editing and design skills. Thanks to its intuitive interface, Wave.video makes it simple to produce and distribute videos even for beginners.
  • Not your average online video editor

    Not your average online video editor

    Wave.video’s extensive range of video marketing solutions goes far beyond video editing. The platform helps users generate compelling video landing pages, use videos in emails, embed videos on websites, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize AI-generated videos?
Absolutely. You can customize the look and feel of your AI-generated videos, as well as change visuals and pieces of text that were automatically picked for the video.
How do I convert text to video?
With Wave.video’s text-to-video generator, you can make video from text within minutes. First, upload or insert a link to your text and pick the desired duration, audio mood, and text length. Then, choose a format and visual style for your video. That’s it, Wave.video will do the rest for you! After the video is generated, you can easily customize and tweak it to perfection.
Is it free to turn text into video in Wave.video?
Yes, you can turn text into video for free in Wave.video, as well as share the video on social media and embed it on websites. For more features, check out our paid plans.
What video marketing tools are available in Wave.video?
Wave.video is a versatile video marketing platform for making, editing, hosting, and distributing video content. With the help of Wave.video, you can easily create, customize, promote, and repurpose all types of video content.