Graphic Elements To Complete Your Video Story

Along with the extensive toolkit for video editing per se, Wave.video offers various graphic add-ons to complete your video content with branded elements like thumbnails, lower thirds, progress bars, frames and many more. Explore the collection of Wave.video's graphic elements and mix them up while creating your videos.

Video thumbnail maker

Video thumbnail maker

Create click-worthy thumbnails for your videos. Boost video views and make your feed or channel look amazing with custom video thumbnails.

Video overlays

Video overlays

Wave.video offers it's user a wide variety of graphical overlays. Choose from: animated gifs, stickers, shapes, pictures in pictures, video in video, video frames and more.

Audiograms & Waveforms

Audiograms & Waveforms

Add a dynamic sound visualization overlay to your video. Give your audience a solid hint to unmute the clip. Use audiograms and waveforms to turn your podcast episode into engaging video content.

Frame Videos

Frame your videos choosing from a wide selection of grids, styles and layouts. Style your footage by integrating it inside the neat and stylish frames.

Progress bars

Add dynamic progress bars to grab and hold the watcher's attention. Set your own style and make this animated overlay a part of your branding.

Animated stickers & graphics

Place animated graphics, stickers and GIFs atop of your videos to make them more fun and engaging. Explore the collection of customizable emojis, arrows, shapes, speech bubbles and many more.

Add animated text

Make your text message move atop the footage with over 20 cool text animation effects. Drag and drop, stretch and rotate the text blocks to make them look the way you want.

Add video captions

Empower your videos with accurate captions and make them a part of your branding. Set the style, adjust the size, select fonts and colors. Make your videos more watcher-friendly with Wave.video subtitler.

Make video collages

Mix and match various assets to assemble beautiful video collages. Get a collection of customizable grids and layouts to free up your creativity. Combine video clips, images and text messages within one frame.

Add watermarks to videos

Brand your video with a watermark that stays visible throughout the whole clip. Add your logo, phone number or text – whatever works better to achieve your goal.

Lower third overlays

Give your video a stylish animated lower third graphics to introduce the speaker, announce the topic, or highlight any other important information within the first seconds of your clip.

Transparent lower third overlays

Make your live streams unmissable - give them a cool design. Create branded lower third overlays to use on streaming platforms. Make your live streams unmissable!

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