Video hosting
the way you want it

Give your audience the best viewing experience and all the reasons to take action. Make the video player look like your own, easily embed anywhere, and edit anytime.


Control your video hosting, not the other way around

Customizable player

Customizable player

Upload your videos to Wave.video in a snap. Match their look with your branding.

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Smooth watching experience

Smooth watching experience

Define how you want your audience to watch your videos.

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Easily shareable videos

Easily shareable videos

Embed your videos anywhere. Automatically create video landing pages. Protect your videos with a password.

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Fully customizable player

Change the player color

Set the custom player color to match your brand. Use the color wheel or hex coding.

Choose a custom thumbnail

Don’t leave it to chance. Select the best frame to make the first impression with your video.

Define the way your video starts and ends

Autoplay? Loop? Show thumbnail when the video finishes? Your choice.

Why does your business need
Wave.video’s hosting service

  • Get the most of your videos
    Get the most of your videos

    Agile and simple, professional video hosting solution fits any business that aims to win over the audience with the power of video. Whatever industry or niche you are in, make your videos work to the fullest.

  • Showcase your products
    Showcase your products

    Keep the visitors on your website longer by embedding a video into the main page. Promote your products and show how they can solve your audience’s pain points in a short video that you can create and host with Wave.video.

  • Move your customers through the funnel
    Move your customers through the funnel

    Automate your sales process by adding video content to the most important stages of the funnel. Make a video walk-through for prospective customers, record a thank you video to share with buyers, or add live streaming webinar recordings to your site to educate the users about your product.

  • Rank high on Google search
    Rank high on Google search

    Video is a powerful tool for improving your website’s search engine visibility. Wave.video hosting can automatically create video rich snippets for every hosted video so that your website stands out in search results.

  • Provide outstanding customer support
    Provide outstanding customer support

    Customer support is one of the deciding factors for choosing your business over competitors. Resolve support tickets in no time by creating video tutorials and FAQ videos that cover the most popular questions, and share the video links with the users.

  • Build trust through video testimonials
    Build trust through video testimonials

    Most people read recommendations and look at reviews before making a purchase. Make sure they look no further than your website. Build credibility and social proof by adding video testimonials to your site’s most important pages.

  • Understand your audience with video analytics
    Understand your audience with video analytics

    See how your audience interacts with the video content. Count unique plays of each of your videos, watch time, and see the engagement graph to understand the most appealing type of videos.

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Wave.video Hosting is perfect for…

  • Any business

    Any business
    To get better results and conversions for your business, store your videos on a commercial video hosting site. Wave.video is a stellar choice for corporate video hosting for all industries.

  • Online education

    Online education
    With video hosting, you can decide how to share your priceless knowledge: publish on a shareable landing page or put it behind the password wall.

  • Video hosting for blogs

    Video hosting for blogs
    Create a compelling content mix that won’t let your readers bounce. Embed videos on your blogs as easy as copy/paste.

  • Real estate agency

    Real estate agency
    Video hosting service allows you to quickly distribute your real estate videos on multiple channels and get more eyes on your listings.

  • E-commerce

    Empower your online store with captivating product videos. Autoplay, mute or loop — with Wave.video’s hosting you get full control over the playback.

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Find out how businesses use
Wave.video to take their video marketing
to the next level

Joe Wright, Creative Director, <br /> Thrive Mortgage

This Texas-based company saves 2 days per video with fast editing

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Joe Wright, Creative Director,
Thrive Mortgage

Smooth watching experience
With Wave.video hosting, you can define how exactly your audience watches your online videos. Add or remove play controls, allow watching the video fullscreen, and control the video quality.

Join 2,463,683 fellow marketers

that grow their business with Wave.video

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Share your videos anywhere

Video landing pages
Wave.video automatically creates a landing page for your every video. Perfect for your video funnel.
Easily embed your videos
Automatically generate an embed code for your video and add it anywhere: on your website, blog, or landing page.
Protect your videos with a password
Add a password to make sure your videos are only seen by those who have the permission.
Give your audience an ad free video
watching experience

Remove video ads. Keep your viewers focused on your content,
not your competitors’ recommended video links.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What video file formats are supported by Wave.video hosting?
You can upload video files in the following formats: mp4, webm, wmv, avi, mkv, mov, m4v, m2ts, mts, ts, tsv.
Are there any limits to the hosted video size, bandwidth, or quantity?
With both the Free plan and all premium plans, you can create as many videos as you want and publish them directly to social media, or share them as video landing pages.
Free plan users also have 5 free embedded videos that you can add to your website and 20 GB bandwidth per month. If you need more embedded videos, consider subscribing to paid plans. Creator plan includes 20 free embedded video and 100 GB bandwidth per month, Business plan — 200 embedded videos and 200 GB bandwidth per month. Business users can also purchase additional embeds and traffic.
What is the maximum file size for hosted videos?
There is no limit to the video file size, but Wave.video works best with videos under 1 GB in size.