Live Streaming Software for Facebook

Feature-packed multistreaming software for Facebook and other channels right in your browser. Create top-grade broadcasts, make colorful presentations, and host captivating live shows with Wave.video streaming.

Live Streaming Software for Facebook

Stream to multiple destinations


Facebook page

Facebook group

Facebook profile




Linkedin profile

Linkedin page

Amazon Live

Custom RTMP

High-quality Facebook streaming made easy

Instant setup

Instant setup

Everything you need is right in the browser. Connect your camera, mic, and go live. As simple as it sounds!

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Stream to several channels at once. Connect multiple Facebook pages, groups, YouTube channels, and RTMP outputs.

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Fully customizable broadcasts

Fully customizable broadcasts

Brand your Facebook live streams with unique visuals. Customize scenes and create layouts as you wish.

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Collaboration with guests

Collaboration with guests

Assign different roles for stream participants from host to producer. Wave.video supports up to 12 guests on a single broadcast.

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Design Facebook broadcasts as you wish

Unlimited scene customization

Create unique scene layouts in a few clicks and switch between them instantly. Move and resize on-screen elements to achieve the professional look of your broadcast. Save your scenes as presets to reuse them later.

Streaming templates

Create striking visuals with fully customizable templates in Wave.video. New intros and outros, backgrounds with overlays, and scroll-stopping thumbnails will elevate your broadcasting game to the next level.

Multi-camera streaming

Show more with multiple cameras and screen shares. Break free from typical one-shot live shows and enhance viewers experience.

How to stream on Facebook with Wave.video

  • Step 1 <br>Add Facebook destinations

    Step 1
    Add Facebook destinations

    Go to the “Destinations” tab and press the “Add destination” button. Pick a Facebook page, group, or profile from the drop-down menu and follow the instructions. Don’t forget to enable streaming in a Facebook group in advance.

  • Step 2 <br>Create a live event

    Step 2
    Create a live event

    In the “Upcoming” section press the “New stream” button. Fill in information about your broadcast, schedule the event if you wish, and choose the desired destination of the Facebook live stream.

  • Step 3 <br>Design scenes

    Step 3
    Design scenes

    Customize scenes using flexible layouts, various backgrounds, lower-thirds, and other attention-grabbing visual elements.

  • Step 4 <br>Invite more participants

    Step 4
    Invite more participants

    Invite more people and collaborate to create fantastic live shows. Define the roles from host to producer. When everything is ready for a perfect broadcast, press Go Live!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can you stream on Facebook?
Facebook allows streaming up to 8 hours for one broadcast. Your limit will also depend on the subscription plan on Wave.video.
How to schedule a live stream on Facebook?
Create a new live event and schedule it for the future. Wave.video will automatically create an announcement on Facebook. Learn more about scheduling Facebook live streams in our guide.
How to stream a prerecorded video on Facebook?
Upload your video to Wave.video Hosting. Press three dots on the video and click “Stream this video” in the drop-out menu. Fill in your title and description, schedule the live event, choose a destination, and go live.