Royalty-Free Music to Jazz up your Videos

Find the best music clip for your next video in Wave.video’s built-in music library. Create stunning videos with royalty free tunes, stock footage, and text. Customize the music tracks with easy yet powerful audio-editing tools.


Make Amazing Videos with
Background Music

300,000 royalty-free audio tracks

300,000 royalty-free audio tracks

Enrich your videos with groovy tunes from the Wave.video audio collection. Make your video marketing rock.

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Easy audio editing tools

Easy audio editing tools

Edit, cut, trim, and adjust the volume right in the browser. Add audiograms and waveform animations on top of videos.

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Best-in-class online video maker

Best-in-class online video maker

Create videos with professionally designed templates, find engaging content ideas for social, and repurpose your content for all marketing channels.

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How to Add Free Music to Your Video

  • Step 1.Upload or create a video.

    Step 1.Upload or create a video.

    Upload your video, or create a new one with hundreds of professionally designed video templates.

  • Step 2. Choose a soundtrack.

    Step 2. Choose a soundtrack.

    Click “Edit” to open the online video editor. Go to the Audio step on the left menu and browse 300,000 royalty-free music clips. Click “Add” to add the track to your video. You can also upload your own music with a simple drag and drop.

  • Step 3. Adjust the audio.

    Step 3. Adjust the audio.

    Cut, trim, and adjust the timing of the track on the timeline. Use the inspector menu on the right to apply fade in and fade out effects and control the volume.

  • Step 4. Share and download.

    Step 4. Share and download.

    When you’re done editing, hop on to the Publish step and render your video. After that, you can share your video as a landing page, post it directly to various platforms, and download it to your computer or device.

Why Your Video Needs a Great Soundtrack

  • Make Your Videos More Appealing

    Make Your Videos More Appealing

    Videos with background music appeal to the two most important perception channels — vision and audition, thus maximizing your videos’ impact.
  • Play to the viewer’s emotions

    Play to the viewer’s emotions

    Music is a powerful instrument that can set the mood for any use case. Use epic tunes to get your audience excited or relaxing nature sounds to bring in some peacefulness — it’s all up to you.
  • Grab viewers’ attention

    Grab viewers’ attention

    Catchy music helps you win your audience’s attention even before anything starts happening in the video. Great music is also one of the reasons to share your video with others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Wave.video music licensed?
All music in the Wave.video library has a royalty free music license. It means that you can use these soundtracks as you see fit. Use our tunes for your social media posts, video gaming soundtracks, video ads, or commercial videos without limits.
Should I worry about copyright infringement?
No worries, all background music in our library is licensed and you can freely use it as you wish.
What audio editing tools are available in Wave.video editor?
In Wave.video online video editor, you can trim and cut audio tracks, adjust its volume, and apply fade-in and fade-out effects. You can also create waveform or audiowave animations based on the soundtrack, record voiceover, and convert speech to text using the automated captioning feature.
How to cut audio in Wave.video editor?
Upload your own audio file or choose one from Wave.video royalty-free music library. You will see the audio track appear on the timeline below the video. Hover over the audio track and click the scissors icon to split the video into two parts, or use the inspector menu on the right side for more audio editing options.