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Video in email is a powerful marketing asset. Create a video with Wave.video and share it via email in a matter of minutes. Boost open rates and CTRs. Move your email marketing forward with the power of video.


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I can easily scale my videos between social media platforms. It's easy to replace template images with my own.
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How to share a video in email in 3 easy steps

The Email Campaigns feature takes away the manual work. It pulls the video thumbnail and links it to the video landing page where the full video lives.

  • Step 1. Create or upload a video

    Upload your own footage or choose from the library of 300 million professional clips and images on just about any topic. Save time using video templates and layouts to wrap your content with outstanding design.

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  • Step 2. Style up your video

    Brand your video with your own colors. Upload an appealing thumbnail or choose a cool frame from the video itself.

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  • Step 3. Add your video to an email campaign

    Fine-tune thumbnail size to fit your email. Add a Play button to make it super-clickable. Add URL tags to track campaign performance. All set! Grab the code snippet and insert it into the email body.

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Tips on how to efficiently share videos via email

  • Video in email should be there for a reason

    Adding a video to your email campaign can improve its click-through rates. However, better metrics are not your ultimate goal. Every time you plan to share video in email, think about why your addressee should want it in the inbox.
  • Video in email is a step, not the endpoint

    Once the playback is over, what’s next? Make it possible to take the next action on the landing page to which the audience has arrived from the email. Don’t draw them back to the email.
  • Add some context to your video

    Include a small description of what your video is about and why it is valuable for the viewers. Chances are, more people will be willing to watch the video when they know what to expect.
  • Pick an eye-catching thumbnail

    Never leave it to chance as it what makes the first impression of your video. The thumbnail should be eye-catching and relevant. When sharing video in email, make sure to use a clear, vibrant, and high-quality image as a thumbnail.
  • Announce your video in the subject line

    According to research, the word “Video” in the subject line can drastically increase open and click-through rates of your email. Test it out yourself!
  • Keep on A/B testing

    Don’t be humble to experiment with video thumbnails, subject lines, and other elements of your email campaigns. Enjoy the learning curve and get better results with every video in email!

Easily create email videos like these

Increase engagement and make people click

  • 5_Ways_to_Decorate_a_Home_With_Plants
  • New_Collection_Announcement
  • FreebieFriday

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add a video to an email newsletter?
Since most email clients don’t support video playback directly in the email, using HTML5 is not a good idea. Attaching a video to the email is not an option, too. The workaround is to include a video-stylized image in the email body and link it to your hosted video. Wave.video provides an elegant and easy solution for adding your video to email.
What video formats can I make and add to my emails?
The service supports all major video content types with different rendering qualities on our hosting platform. These include MP4, OGG, WebM, AVI, MOV, and MPEG video formats.
What should I look for in my email video thumbnail?
To get best results with video thumbnails, we recommend high resolution images of 1280 x 720. Thumbnails should also remain under the 2MB limit with aspect ratios that suit the video sharing platform. Wave.video supports JPG and PNG image formats.
Other than email, what other platforms can I use to share my video content?
Other than email, Wave.video supports video sharing platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Wistia.
What is the maximum video size limit that I can embed in my email?
The workflow allows you to add any video, regardless of the size of the video file or the video length. Wave.video will automatically adjust the streaming resolution to the viewer’s device and bandwidth for optimal performance.
How many videos can I embed in emails at a time?
Depending on your subscription plan — Free, Creator or Business, we provide different free video embed limits that you can use for your emails. There is no limit to how many videos you can add to a single email.
What email service providers does Wave.video support?
Wave.video video templates fit well with major email service platforms such as Mailchimp, ExactTarget, or ConvertKit. Just pick one that suits your business.