Live Streaming Software for YouTube

Meet a powerful live streaming software for YouTube and other channels. Everything you need to create high-quality YouTube broadcasts, engage, and amaze your viewers is combined in a single online broadcasting tool.

Live Streaming Software for YouTube

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Easy and feature-rich YouTube broadcasting software

Easy setup

Easy setup

Configure a live stream in a few clicks. Add YouTube channels, check your mic, camera, and go live right from the browser!

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Expand your reach and stream to multiple channels. Connect different destinations to go live for a broader audience.

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Impressive customization

Impressive customization

Create professional broadcasts using customizable scenes, flexible layouts, and branded graphics.

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Collaboration with guests

Collaboration with guests

Invite up to 12 guests to your live stream. Give them different rights and roles to create engaging live videos together.

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Design unique live streams out of the box

Powerful scene configuration

Drag, resize and rotate on-screen elements as you wish to achieve the best look of your broadcast. You can save your presets and use them in other live streams.

Customizable visuals

Enjoy pre-designed templates or tune them to create your own overlays, backgrounds, and other graphics. Make your YouTube live stream look prime and memorable!

Multiple cameras and screen shares

Use several cameras and show your YouTube stream from different perspectives. Broadcast your screen or video to make a presentation or share your experience with the audience.

How to stream on YouTube using Wave.video

  • Step 1 <br>Add your YouTube channel

    Step 1
    Add your YouTube channel

    Connect your YouTube channel beforehand. Go to destinations and press the “+ Add destination” button. Choose YouTube from the drop-down menu and follow the instructions.

  • Step 2 <br>Set up an event

    Step 2
    Set up an event

    Go to the “Upcoming” section and press the “New stream” button. Add title, description, and thumbnail. Choose a destination for your stream. You can go live right away or schedule the event for later.

  • Step 3 <br>Customize scenes

    Step 3
    Customize scenes

    Make your YouTube broadcast look astonishing. Create scenes with different layouts and custom visuals using pre-designed templates by Wave.video.

  • Step 4 <br>Invite guests

    Step 4
    Invite guests

    Invite guests to your broadcast and collaborate to create awesome live shows together. As soon as everything is set for a memorable broadcast, press Go Live!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect my YouTube channel for live streaming?
Firstly, check if your YouTube account is verified and live streaming enabled on your channel. Then you can add the channel to Wave.video as a destination. Please read the complete guide on connecting a YouTube channel in our knowledge base.
How to record a YouTube live stream?
All your live streams are automatically recorded and stored in the “My Videos” folder. Later you can edit the broadcasts right in Wave.video or download them on your computer.
How to schedule a YouTube live stream?
You can easily set up your upcoming broadcasts and make announcements beforehand with Wave.video. Check our comprehensive article on scheduling a live stream