Free Online Audio Editing Tools

Wave.video Editor offers a wide range of audio editing tools needed to create great marketing videos and ads. Enrich your videos with matching background music or add special sounds. Give your video a voiceover or mute it all if needed. Turn your speech into captions or generate an AI-powered voice message from text. With a rich library of over 300.000 royalty-free audio clips and powerful audio editing tools, Wave.video helps you create a powerful mix of the two media - video and audio.

Video subtitler

Video subtitler

Impower your videos with subtitles to push your message through the silent mode. Convert your speech into captions and enjoy rich customization options that won't let your video go unnoticed.

Add music to video

Add music to video

Make your videos sound perfectly. Add music to your videos: upload your own soundtracks or choose from the huge library of royalty-free tunes.

Video voiceover

Video voiceover

Easily add voiceover to your videos. Record your voice message right in the video editor or upload pre-recorded files.

Automatic captions

Save time on captioning your videos word-by-word. Wave.video turns your speech into captions automatically. Make captions a part of your video branding with powerful customization features.

Convert video to MP3

Need to convert a video to an mp3 file? With Wave.video, you can easily detach an audio file from the footage to reuse it a separate media.

Add audiograms & waveforms

Enrich your videos with audiograms. Vizualize the speech and sounds with waveforms to induce unmuting your videos.

Mute videos

Need to mute your video for some reason? Wave.video can help you easily remove the sound from your footage.

Royalty-free music

Explore the huge collection of royalty-free tunes, sound effects and audio clips to find the perfect match for your video.

Text to speech

Easily convert text to speech to generate voiceovers for your video project in 25+ languages. Choose from dozens of voices to find the best match.

Download MP3 from YouTube

Are you working on a project and badly need an MP3 version of a YouTube clip? We’ve got your back! Try our free YouTube to MP3 converter.

Trim audio

Wave.Video audio trimmer is the perfect but simple tool for editing and trimming all your audio files. Get started today, it’s free and easy to use.

Subtitle translator

User-friendly, customizable, accurate, and reliable subtitles translator. Save your time and convey your ideas effectively. A must-have tool for expanding international reach.

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