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Add a video overlay to your video. Put a picture on top of a video, overlay a video over a video, add stickers and GIFs. Make a picture in picture effect easily with Wave.video. No design skills needed!


What is a video overlay?

A video overlay is an image or a video (or any other creative element) that you can add over your video. Think of it as making a video collage, only with a picture or video overlaying another video.

How can you add video overlays to your video?

  • Step 1. Upload media files

    Step 1. Upload media files

    Upload the image and video that you want to overlay. Wave.video supports a wide range of video formats. So it’s easy to start working with the platform.

  • Step 2. Switch to Layouts

    Step 2. Switch to Layouts

    Head over to the step “Layouts” and choose a layout for your video overlay. This way, you can easily combine two video clips and create a picture-in-picture effect.

  • Step 3. Add stickers and GIFs

    Step 3. Add stickers and GIFs

    Don’t just overlay your video with images. You can add stickers and animated GIFs over your video, too! A fresh new kind of a video overlay.

  • Step 4. Download and share

    Step 4. Download and share

    Once you are happy with your video overlay, head over to the step “Publish” and render your video. You can then download it to your computer or share it directly to your social media accounts.

Create videos like these in Wave.video

  • Company Manifesto
  • Fruit Bowl Special Deal

Why overlay your video with Wave.video?

  • No need to learn how to use complicated software

    No need to learn how to use complicated software

    Wave.video was built with non-professionals in mind. This means that in order to add a video overlay, you don’t have to become a professional designer or videographer.
  • Free stock footage library

    Free stock footage library

    Wave.video comes with 200 million stock videos and images that you can use for your video clips. If you want to overlay your video with stock footage - Wave.video is at your disposal.
  • Beautiful video layouts

    Beautiful video layouts

    Think of it as creating a video collage. You can choose a captivating layout for your video and simply add your own videos and images to it. A beautiful video overlay is ready in minutes.
  • Edit your videos easily

    Edit your videos easily

    Once you overlay your video, don’t just stop there! Add animated text, combine several video clips into one, add music to your video, and so much more.

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Andrew M.

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H2 Frequently Asked Questions

How to use video overlay in Wave.video editor?
With Wave.video editor, there are multiple options for you to customize your videos! Add stickers, special shapes, emojis, call-to-action buttons and banners, GIFs, etc. Go to the editor on the left, click on Overlays & Stickers, and find the one that suits you or upload it from your computer.
How to overlay an image over a video?
While editing your video go to the Overlays & Stickers section; on the right side of the screen, click on Media; here, choose either to upload an image from your computer or to use one from our stock library. Add the picture to your project, and that’s it.
Is it possible to use a video overlay online over another video?
Yes! With Wave.video editor, you can overlay one video over another. Open a video you want to use as the base of your project, click on Overlays & Stickers, then select Media to add a video overlay file. Then adjust the size, choose an animation for entrance and exit, and set the opacity for the overlay video.
How to make a video transparent over another video?
Click on overlay video; on the right side of the screen, go to the Overlay section, and set the opacity percentage.
How can I customize video overlays?
If you have a video overlay, you can adjust the opacity, choose an animation for entrance and exit, manage speed, size, volume, fade in and out time, choose a color filter, and trim the overlay video. If your overlay is an image or a sticker, you can manage animation and opacity, add a stroke and use an overlay to blur parts of the video.