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9 Best Multistreaming Platforms in 2023

9 Best Multistreaming Platforms

A lot goes into creating a successful live stream — finding the right platform, tools, creative assets, content and much more. With so many moving parts, it makes sense to take your live stream to multiple platforms at once.

In fact, if you want to future-proof your live streaming journey, try multistreaming. It’s your ticket to go live everywhere your audiences are and get the most out of your live videos.

multistreaming platforms

In this post, we bring you the best multistreaming platforms you should keep an eye on. But first, let’s understand multistreaming a little better.

What is Multistreaming?

Multistreaming is going live on different platforms or channels simultaneously. So, all you need is one live video that will be broadcasted in real-time to multiple destinations like your website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, Twitch channel, etc.

Apart from helping you reach multiple audiences, some multistreaming tools like also help you strengthen your brand’s identity with unique-looking broadcasts. Using such a tool, you can opt for customized overlays, scene layouts, themes, etc., for better brand recognition as you multistream.

Live Stream to Multiple Channels Like Never Before

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How to Stream on Multiple Platforms?

Step 1: Log into and Set Up Your Live Stream

Log into your account and click “Setup Live Stream” to get started with multistreaming. multistreaming

Step 2: Enter Stream Details

Next, enter your stream’s title and description, and choose a folder to save the recording. You can also upload a thumbnail for social media.

If you want to go live later, toggle on the “Schedule for later and create a live event on social media” tab. also offers co-streaming. If you want to co-stream, toggle on the “Allow guests to co-stream this event to their destinations” tab.

Stream details

Once done, click on “Setup destinations”.

Step 3: Add or Select Stream Destinations

Now, click “Add destination” to add multiple destinations for streaming. You can also select the destinations you added earlier.

Stream destinations

After adding live streaming destinations, click “Create Live Stream”. You can now invite guests or proceed to enter the studio.

Step 4: Open Studio

As you enter the studio, you can select/check your microphone, change the display name, and add a title. Then, click “Enter Studio”, whenever ready.

Inside the studio, you can add logos, custom overlays, backgrounds, audio, etc., to enhance your live streams.

Live Streaming Studio

Step 5: Go Live

Finally, hit the “Go Live” button on the top right to live stream to multiple platforms simultaneously!

9 Best Multistreaming Platforms in 2023

The quality of your live streams greatly depends on your choice of the multistream platform. So, let’s get to 9 of the top multistreaming platforms we have today.

1. - Best multistreaming platform tops the best multistream platform charts, and it’s hardly surprising given the features and reliability the web-based tool offers. The power-packed mix of easy-to-use multistreaming studio, video editing capabilities, multi-camera streaming, and appealing branding elements deliver great value.

The interface is sleek and intuitive without excessive details, while still ensuring you can create professional-grade live videos. You can invite up to 9 guests, stream pre-recorded videos and design live streaming scenes.

One of the most incredible aspects of is fantastic customer support and innovation. The platform dives into user requests to give them an advanced and reliable multistreaming experience. And you can also host and share your live streams without leaving the tool.


  • Integrated Editing

Enjoy one-stop recording and editing of your broadcast recordings with the integrated Editor. Create stunning video content using the stock libraries and impress your audience.

  • Branded Live Broadcasts

Need the extra muscle to boost brand recognition across multiple social media channels? Set up branded live streams with with custom fonts, overlays, themes, backgrounds, and more.

  • Multi-Camera, High-Quality Streaming

Give your audience an immersive experience with multi-camera live streaming and boost engagement. Enjoy high-quality and stable streams in Full HD 1080i with 30fps.

  • Adjustable, Cross-Channel Chat

No switching between different browser tabs to chat with your audience on multiple channels. offers cross-channel live stream chat, bringing comments from all channels in one chat box. You can also detach the chat box and place it anywhere on your screen.

  • Simple Setup & Scheduling

Forget OBS complexity and embrace a smooth broadcasting experience with an easy-to-use interface. Speed up multistreaming by toggling your social accounts, connecting live streaming equipment and scheduling your broadcast in a few clicks.


As of now,’s browser-based live streaming is available on desktops only. However, there’s a smartphone version expected to roll out soon.


  • Free: Live streaming with watermark to up to 2 channels, invite up to 6 guests and stream for up to 1 hour/stream; 720p resolution
  • Streamer ($16/month): Live streaming to up to 5 channels, 10 guests, and up to 4 hours/stream; 1080p resolution
  • Creator ($24/month): Live streaming to up to 5 channels, 10 guests, and up to 4 hours/stream; 1080p resolution + advanced video editing options
  • Business ($48/month): Live streaming to up to 10 channels, 12 guests, and up to 12 hours/stream; 1080p resolution + advanced live streaming permissions + advanced video editing options


Best of all and certainly ahead of the competition, signing up for makes you multistream-savvy without leaving out on the key features. Together with the built-in editor, you can do much more than multistreaming. Add auto-captions, get access to a stock library of 200M assets & templates and be live-video-ready with the best multistreaming platform.

2. Vimeo Livestream

Vimeo Livestream

Vimeo may have a good list of alternatives but it offers a comprehensive set of live streaming features. While multistreaming may not be its claim to fame, Vimeo Livestream does offer simulcasting to social and apps or RTMP.

You can enjoy ad-free, full HD, adaptive live streaming and branding elements like There’s also an option to switch between feeds and mix audio. Additionally, you can use chat, polls, and moderated Q&A for better audience engagement.

More crucially, Livestream allows you to stream from any device. For instance, you can go live from a desktop, mobile, or API.


  • Control access with SSO
  • Set stream passwords
  • Embed permissions
  • Real-time stream monitoring and back up


No free plan and multistreaming starts at a hefty price.


  • Advanced ($65/seat/month): Live streaming, virtual events, and marketing integrations, unlimited events & viewers, up to 1080p streaming, live stream to multiple destinations, 500 videos/seat/year
  • Enterprise (Custom Quote): Everything in the Advanced plan + additional security, control, and support


Vimeo Livestream may be pricey for some and might overwhelm with its features like video embedding, OTT streaming, video-on-demand hosting, monetization, etc., especially if you are looking for a no-frills multistream platform. That said, it’s still a safe, secure, easy-to-scale tool to create professional-grade live videos.

3. Switchboard Live

Switchboard Live

Want to stream to unlimited destinations? Then, Switchboard Live can be your best bet. With the platform’s USP being multistreaming, it’s a popular choice for live streamers.

Throw in a stream-sharing feature for guests, the option to embed a player directly on your website, plus hands-free streaming with Auto Start/Stop support, and it may be the tool you need to go live anywhere.


  • Unlimited live destinations
  • StreamShare feature to stream to guests’ social media platforms without passwords
  • Auto Start/Stop support for hands-free streaming
  • Scheduled Start/Stop for preconfigured destinations
  • SRT Input to reduce the latency over RTMP


  • No built-in video editor
  • No screen-sharing capabilities
  • It comes with a premium price tag compared to other platforms


  • Starter ($29/month): Perfect for individuals or those just starting out, offers 1,500 minutes, 1 team member, and 1 RTMP input
  • Pro ($59/month): Best for live streamers that regularly multistream, offers 4,000 minutes/month, 60 hours/month, unlimited destinations, 1 team member, and 1 RTMP input
  • Biz ($99/month): Ideal for businesses with team members & sub-accounts, offers 10,000 minutes/month, 165 hours/month, unlimited destinations, 3 team members, and 2 RTMP inputs
  • Enterprise (Custom Quote): Suits businesses that want to scale globally, offers 25,000+ minutes/month, 400 hours/month, unlimited destinations, 10 team members, and 5 RTMP inputs
  • Public Sector (Custom Quote): For government and public safety agencies, etc., offers unlimited destinations, 5 team members, and 3 RTMP inputs


Although it has a high price point, Switchboard Live boasts impressive features that set it apart, including unlimited destinations. As a result, it’s a good pick for those who multistream often and require a tool that comes equipped with easy options to go live quickly.

4. Lightstream Studio

Lightstream Studio

Lightstream Studio is a solid all-round multistreaming platform with a browser-based creative suite. You can use the platform as Gamer or Creator. While the former lets you stream your video game live through consoles (Xbox and PlayStation), the latter is perfect for inviting guests and streaming IRL videos, talk shows, podcasts, webinars, etc.

Both plans come loaded with incredible features like images, videos, streaming text, cloud sync and storage, unlimited streaming hours and live chat support.

The Gamer plan is perfect for those looking for a multistream Twitch platform and live broadcast their gaming sessions regularly from Xbox, PlayStation, or mobile. On the other hand, the Creator plan gives live streamers the flexibility to bring guests, go live from RTMP sources, etc. 


  • Console streaming without a capture card
  • Unlimited projects, scenes, and layouts
  • Start and stop live streams or switch between scenes using a mobile device as a remote control
  • It needs less than 500ms to add stream graphics
  • Automatically selects the best encoding settings on your device


  • The overlays and graphics aren’t as rich as the ones offered on other platforms
  • Requires third-party integrations for better overlays, graphics and to improve audience engagement, etc.


  • Gamer (starts at $7/month): Cloud-based console capture for Xbox & PlayStation to Twitch with overlays and alerts; 1080p 30FPS max resolution
  • Creator (starts at $20/month): Access to both Gamer and Creator projects, up to 7 remote guests; add up to 4 RTMP sources; 1080p 30FPS max resolution


Lightstream Studio may not be a perfect fit for pro gamers or live streamers needing more than multistreaming and third-party integrations. It’s easy to use, but that’s about it. If you are starting out, then it could be a helpful tool. However, if you are looking for something that gives you an extra edge in live streaming, look elsewhere!

5. Restream


Restream is a powerhouse of multistreaming that scores for its generous access to over 30 social streaming platforms, range of features, and absolute ease.

Even though many unique Restream alternatives are available, you can pick the platform for uploading and streaming your recorded videos live, enjoying the multi-chat option and measuring your streams’ success with analytics.

The platform comes natively integrated into top streaming software, like SLOBS, OBS Studio, Elgato, XSplit, etc. You can use Restream’s browser-based app or your preferred streaming software to multistream Twitch or other platforms.


  • Multi-camera streaming
  • Branded-broadcasts
  • Scheduled events
  • Cross-platform analytics
  • Chat support
  • Backup stream feature (available on Business plan) to switch between primary and secondary streams without interrupting the user experience


  • No built-in video editor
  • No stream recording and storage on the free plan
  • Limited recording storage, even on paid plans


  • Basic ($0/forever): 2 channels, 30+ supported platforms, invite up to 5 guests, basic graphics; stream in HD, 720p
  • Standard ($16/month): 5 channels, custom channels, 6 hours of recording, 15 day recording storage, invite up to 9 guests, custom graphics; stream in HD, 720p
  • Professional ($41/month): 8 channels, custom channels, 10 hours of recording, 15 day recording storage, invite up to 9 guests, custom graphics; stream in Full HD, 1080p


Restream is a great choice for those who need a no-fuss multistreaming platform. It offers a good selection of 30+ platforms and lets you invite guests. But if you want to go a step ahead with features like in-app video editing, you may have to choose an all-in-one tool like

6. Wirecast


If you are looking for a customizable multistreaming tool for Mac and Windows, you’d love Wirecast. This popular live video streaming and production studio software lets you capture any media, produce professional-grade live videos and go live in seconds.

You can capture a variety of sources, including cameras, mics, IP cams, webcams, etc., and even use Wirecast’s free wireless camera app for iOS. Apart from letting you stream to unlimited destinations, it also allows you to stream and record at the same time. There’s also ISO recording to ease out those post-production workflows.


  • Unlimited live camera inputs (iOS, NDI, HDMI, SDI, IP)
  • Live guests, screen-sharing, PPT slides, and web feeds
  • Multi-track audio
  • PTZ control & control surface integrations
  • Built-in chroma key
  • Built-in multistreaming with presets
  • ISO recording


  • Watermarks and no ISO recording on the free trial versions
  • It requires a steep investment to upgrade to the lifetime license for full versions


  • Wirecast Studio ($599, lifetime license): Perfect for professional lives streamers, this plan offers unlimited inputs and 2 guests, unlimited destination outputs, 1-4-slot for multi-viewer output for monitoring, etc.
  • Wirecast Pro ($799, lifetime license): Ideal for dedicated live streamers, this one offers everything in Studio and up to 7 guests, 1-17-slot for multi-viewer output for monitoring, and advanced features like multi-track audio recording and routing


Wirecast is a powerful multistreaming and live video production tool. It’s also jaw-droppingly expensive. Although you get unlimited sources and a choice of premium features like multiple integrations and engagement tools to make your live videos extremely interactive, the price point makes it out of reach for many. But, if you want a premium tool for a large-scale production or business event and can afford high-priced options, Wirecast could be for you.

7. OBS Studio


There’s a lot to recommend OBS Studio as a multistream platform of choice. Its stunningly powerful API and customization options ensure it’s a godsend for beginners or those looking for a free, yet robust multistreaming platform.

In addition to simulcasting, it supports RTMP streaming, high-performance video/audio capturing and mixing, switching between unlimited scenes, scene monitoring, and more.


  • A reliable open-source multistreaming software
  • Includes many built-in encoding tools
  • It comes with an intuitive audio mixer
  • It lets you set hotkeys for quick actions like starting/stopping streams, switching between scenes, muting audio sources, etc.
  • Offers a high-level view of production through the Multiview feature


  • Requires a bit of technical knowledge
  • Limited native features
  • Plugin required to enable multistreaming support


Being an open-source platform, OBS is free for all its users.


OBS Studio excels at live streaming to multiple destinations if you’re ready to learn how to use the tool. You must be acquainted with customization, integrations and plugins to make the most of this free multistreaming platform. It’s an excellent choice for live streamers testing the waters in multistreaming or are well-versed in live streaming and encoding technical know-how.

8. BoxCast


As a dedicated live streaming tool, BoxCast is hard to beat. It’s a well-known platform that markets itself as a flexible solution for broadcasts of all levels. You can go live from your iOS device using the BoxCaster or BoxCaster Pro hardware encoder or through real-time messaging protocol (RTMP) from any other encoder.

BoxCast lets you share streams and reach your audiences wherever they are. Automatically stream to your preferred destinations with easy scheduling on BoxCast. You can also start and moderate conversations and embed viewer chat on your website for better engagement.


  • Full HD streaming
  • Add, edit, or remove user permissions
  • Viewer analytics and insights
  • Monetization allowed
  • Post-production editing


  • No option to save the recording on the Free plan
  • High-priced plans compared to competitors


  • Free: The base plan offers 4 hours per month of free live streaming, HD streaming, multistreaming to Facebook and YouTube, automated scheduling, unlimited viewers, viewer analytics + insights, BoxCast branding
  • Essential ($99/month): It offers unlimited streaming to multistream platforms, including your website, 1 concurrent broadcast, 90 days of video storage, viewer chat and monetization, etc.
  • Growth ($149/month): It includes everything in Essential + live simulation to rebroadcast recorded or uploaded broadcasts, 1-year video storage, highlight clipping, graphic overlays, white-label embed, password protection, etc.
  • Experience ($199/month): It includes everything in Growth + 2 concurrent broadcasts, automated captioning, high frame rate (up to 60fps), embedding restrictions, API access, etc.
  • Premium ($999/month): It includes everything in Growth + unlimited concurrent broadcasts, a full-feature suite, self-healing infrastructure, complete technical control, advanced support, and more.


BoxCast is an excellent choice for multi-site and multistreaming. It also offers industry-specific streaming solutions. Unfortunately, even though the platform provides a range of incredible features, the prices are significantly higher than others on the list. With the paid plans starting at $99 for basic multistreaming, it could be quite the jump for live streamers moving on from the free plan. However, it is a good option if you need an enterprise-focused solution.

9. StreamYard


If you’re looking for a simple way to live stream to multiple platforms, StreamYard is well worth your time. A browser-based live streaming and recording studio, it lets you interview guests, create branded broadcasts, and stream anywhere with its RTMP support.

Although there’s no option to multistream on the free plan, you can have up to 6 on-screen participants. To enjoy multistreaming, you’d have to upgrade to a paid plan.


  • Advanced audience interaction features
  • Pre-recorded live streaming
  • Broadcast with up to 10 on-screen participants and more backstage
  • Branded broadcasts
  • Studio quality recordings
  • Screen sharing


  • No multistreaming on the free plan
  • No video editing or post-production features
  • No VOD hosting


  • Free: Core studio features + streaming or recording for up to 20 hours per month, local recordings of up to 2 hours per month, up to 6 on-screen participants, 2 seats with StreamYard branding
  • Basic ($20/month): Everything in the Free plan + no StreamYard branding, unlimited streaming, unlimited local recordings, up to 10 on-screen participants, graphic overlays, multistreaming to 3 destinations, custom RTMP destinations, 1-hour pre-recorded streaming, 50 hours of storage, etc.
  • Professional ($39/month): Everything in the Basic plan + StreamYard On-Air with up to 250 viewers, Full HD streaming, extra camera, 12 backstage participants, multistreaming to 8 destinations, 4 seats, and 2 hours of pre-recorded streaming
  • Premium ($79/month): Everything in the Professional plan + StreamYard On-Air with up to 1000 viewers, 15 backstage participants, 10 seats, and 4 hours of pre-recorded streaming
  • Growth ($239/month): Everything in the Premium plan + StreamYard On-Air with up to 10000 viewers, Greenroom, and 8 hours of pre-recorded streaming
  • Business (Custom Quote): Everything in the Growth plan + StreamYard On-Air with up to 10000+ viewers, Spaces, 10+ seats, extra user roles, 700+ hours storage, etc.


StreamYard offers a range of plans to suit every live streamer’s multistreaming goals. Overall, it is a good option for professional streamers who want to multistream without any hassles, but there’s no option to multistream on the free plan. So, if you don’t want to spend money on basic live streaming features to go live on multistream platforms, consider choosing one of these StreamYard alternatives.

Live Stream to Multiple Platforms with Ease

Multistreaming has never been more important – for both individuals and brands. This comprehensive list should have given you a solid understanding of the key elements involved in multistreaming. Now that you have learned how to stream on multiple platforms with, go ahead and stream your way to success.

If you need direction narrowing in on your multistreaming strategy, read this comprehensive guide and build your live brand right.

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