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10 Best Webinar Platforms for 2023

From product demos to sales presentations, training events and more, webinars are everywhere. They act as a change driver and help brands facilitate conversations with their audiences. Finding the best webinar platforms, thus, will help you get the most out of webinars.

Besides making it easier to host engaging webinars, a reliable platform gives you the freedom to scale and measure success.

best webinar software

But how to choose the best webinar software for seamless attendee management, information delivery, and audience engagement?

In this post, we dive deep into the best webinar platforms to help you find the right solution for your virtual or hybrid event’s requirements.

Let’s get started.

What is Webinar Software?

Webinar software is a tool to host and run virtual seminars or web conferences. In addition to streaming presentations, the best webinar software may give access to screen sharing, file sharing, polling, video recording, etc. It may also offer a live chat box to let the participants interact with the host and ask questions live.

Webinar platforms are a preferred choice for businesses, professionals and educational institutions looking to host virtual presentations, events and training sessions.

Why Do You Need Webinar Software?

Don’t let the word “software” overwhelm you. Webinar software is there to help you in many ways:

  • You can use webinar software to connect with audiences spanning across the world. No need to be present at the exact physical location to present your ideas. It’s a boon for businesses or organizations with multiple locations.
  • Hosting virtual or hybrid events through webinar software adds to the professionalism of a brand. When you deliver high-quality content to your audience, it adds to brand credibility and authority.
  • With features like screen sharing, chat rooms, and local or cloud recordings, such software makes collaborating and communicating with the participants easier.
  • Webinar software offers a tremendous opportunity to generate leads by delivering valuable content allowing attendees to opt-in for further resources.
  • Finally, using webinar software can be a cost-effective option for hosting an in-person event or meeting, which can be expensive and time-consuming to organize.

10 Best Webinar Platforms

1. is an incredibly powerful, wonderfully built and feature-rich online tool. An essential one for any brand or professional, this multifunctional video marketing platform lets you create and host stunning webinars.

There’s no webinar software quite like, thanks to its simplicity and functionalities. The drag-and-drop editor gets the webinar setting-up process off to a quick start. It offers a range of features – branding, themes, backgrounds, audio, live chat, available on-demand, etc.

You can tweak and customize just about anything on this best webinar software. Include PDF and Google Slides, stream the webinar to your website or social media channels, customize it, generate leads through access settings and even enjoy password protection. See our guide on running your own webinar with


  • An all-inclusive customization suite for your webinars
  • Multiple stream destinations
  • Password-protected webinars
  • One-click, shareable link
  • Embeddable webinars


  • There is no webinar feature on the free version. You need to move up to the paid plan to create and run amazingly engaging webinars.


  • Streamer ($16/month): Basic video editor, thumbnail maker, a stock library of 2M assets and templates; live streaming to up to 5 channels, 10 guests, and up to 4 hours/stream, 1080p resolution, 2 cameras and 3 screen/video shares per guest, live streaming scenes, sharing presentations, webinars, pre-recorded video streaming, video recording with pause/resume (up to 4 hours), basic permissions; video hosting, embedding and customization
  • Creator ($24/month): Video editor, thumbnail maker, a stock library of 200M assets & templates, stylish captions and subtitles, image background removal, text to speech + everything in Streamer
  • Business ($48/month): Everything in Business + shared login + advanced live streaming to up to 10 channels, 12 guests, and up to 12 hours/stream, 1080p resolution, 4 cameras and 4 screen/video shares per guest, video recording with pause/resume (up to 12 hours), advanced permissions; advanced video hosting options with marketing tools

Verdict is an industry favorite when it comes to perfecting webinars. Like its video editing service,’s webinar tool is straightforward. Use it to supercharge your entire webinar journey with powerful components. From quick set-up to hassle-free lead generation, it offers all you need to boost your webinar game.

2. Demio


If you need a webinar platform to gauge user intent, Demio is for you. It lets you assess who engaged with you at what touchpoint. For example, who participated in polls, conversed the most in the chat, etc. So, when you use polls, handouts, etc., to increase audience engagement, you can track their actions to gain deep insights.


  • Automated, branded email notifications
  • Integration with your preferred marketing tools and platforms
  • Live and on-demand events
  • Custom registration fields
  • Detailed analytics


  • There’s no free plan
  • It requires a significant investment to get started with webinars


  • Starter ($59/month for 50 attendees’ room): 1 host, standard features, 3-hour session limit, live and event series, standard support, Zapier Integration
  • Growth (starts at $109/month/host for 150 attendees’ room): 5 hosts per account, everything in Starter + automated events, 8-hour session limit, custom room and email branding, custom form fields, registration source tracking
  • Premium (starts at $3,300/host/year for 500 attendees’ room): Premium integrations to HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, and Pardot, everything in Growth + custom domains, 10-hour session limit, front-of-line for beta features, priority support, dedicated account manager
  • Unlimited (starts at $22k/year for 150 attendees’ room): Everything in Premium + unlimited hosts per account,  automated, live, and event Series, access to Boost, custom room and email branding, custom form fields, registration source tracking, concierge onboarding included for all hosts


An excellent tool for marketers who want to experience the benefits of webinars, Demio comes with a captivating UI and some fantastic features. There are many integrations and you can understand your audience better with real insights. The steep prices may be a downside, but it’s a great pick for those requiring a tool that creates webinars and makes marketing a breeze.

3. ClickMeeting


ClickMeeting is the best webinar software for live, paid, on-demand, and automated webinars. Ideal for training and classroom sessions, ClickMeeting is a browser-based platform offering a suite of features like subaccounts, polls, breakout rooms, virtual backgrounds, screen sharing, etc.


  • Unlimited webinar landing pages
  • Chat moderation
  • Auto-publish recordings to YouTube
  • Instant chat translation
  • Customizable CTAs


  • The free trial lasts for 30 days only


  • Free trial (for 30 days): Up to 25 attendees, unlimited meetings and webinars, 8 cameras in webinars, 1 host, 1 presenter, 1 parallel event, 30-minute recording storage, 500 MB file storage, automated recurring webinars – 15 min / per event, etc.
  • Live ($25/month): Unlimited meetings and webinars, 8 cameras in webinars, 1 host, 1 presenter, 3 multiusers, 1 parallel event, 6-hour recording storage, 1 GB file storage, HD quality recording, custom branding, paid webinars, etc.
  • Automated ($40/month): Unlimited meetings and webinars, 8 cameras in webinars, 1 host, 1 presenter, 3 multiusers, 1 parallel event, 10-hour recording storage, 2 GB file storage, unlimited automated recurring webinars, HD quality recording, custom branding, paid webinars, etc.
  • Custom plan (Custom quote): Up to 10,000 attendees, unlimited meetings and webinars, 8 cameras in webinars, 1 host, 4 presenters, 5 multiusers, custom parallel events, 10-hour recording storage, 2 GB file storage, huge online events, unlimited automated recurring webinars, HD quality recording, custom branding, paid webinars, SSO, reseller solutions, white label, etc.


Although not for someone who needs no-frills webinar software, ClickMeeting comes loaded with great features for training and product demos. It is also equipped with unique functions like auto-stream on social media, parallel sessions, Edu Mode, and more.

4. WebinarGeek


If you’re concerned about your data privacy, WebinarGeek is a GDPR-compliant webinar software that can let you host easy & intuitive webinars. It is a browser-based tool that runs live, automated, on-demand, hybrid, paid, and even RTMP webinars.

With automatic recordings and audience engagement elements like polls, live chat, CTAs, etc., users can make the most of their webinars. They can also send personalized follow-ups to the attendees based on the insights gained during the sessions.


  • Webinar channels
  • Multiple integration options
  • Email automation
  • Easy to use


  • There’s no free plan
  • The prices are on the higher side, given the small number of viewers


  • Basic ($52/month for 50 viewers): All Basic features, unlimited HD+ quality webinars, 1 presenter, 2-hour session limit, live & on-demand webinars, webinar channel, payments via Stripe or Mollie, WebinarGeek branding
  • Premium (starts at $84/month for 125 viewers): All Premium features, unlimited HD+ quality webinars, 10 presenters, 8-hour session limit, automated webinars, custom branding, marketing integrations, add-ons, RTMP
  • Enterprise (starts at $319/month for 500 viewers): All Enterprise features, RTMP studio-quality webinars, 10 presenters, 12-hour session limit, custom domain, unlimited Extra Users, HubSpot integration, security & advanced GDPR, SLA & phone support, onboarding & dedicated CSM


WebinarGeek is one of the best webinar platforms for small businesses and brands. It offers all such features to host uncomplicated and engaging webinars. While its pricing can be off-putting for some, the features can compensate for that.

5. Zoom Events and Webinars

Zoom Events and Webinars

We know there’s a huge demand for Zoom alternatives, but Zoom Webinars might be the webinar software you are looking for. It’s reliable, secure and comes with excellent marketing automation integrations like Marketo, Pardot and Eloqua.

Plus, it allows you to host webinar sessions up to 30 hours long, which is pretty awesome. There’s also an Expo Floor feature that enables attendees to interact with sponsors and engage in live conversations.


  • Customized branding
  • Built-in practice sessions
  • Seamless integrations
  • High-fidelity recordings
  • Post-event review features


  • Some users frequently complain about Zoom’s connectivity and audio issues
  • The interface is not as intuitive as the other platforms mentioned on the list
  • There’s no free plan on Zoom Events & Webinars (you can use Zoom One for free for meetings up to 40 minutes and 100 attendees per meeting)


  • Zoom Webinars (starts at $79/month/license for 500 attendees): Webinar sessions, event or session branding, event analytics and reporting, interactive in-session features, session branding, basic ticketing, practice session, session chat, performance and audience engagement reports, cloud/local recording, in-webinar chat only, etc.
  • Zoom Sessions (starts at $990/year/license for 100 attendees): Webinar or meeting, team collaboration, everything in Zoom Webinars + production tools, event hubs, event management platform, event branding, speaker bio information, paid/free ticketing, backstage, detailed analytics dashboards and reporting, in-session chat only, etc.
  • Zoom Events (starts at $1490/year/license for 100 attendees): Webinars and meetings, everything in Zoom Sessions + expo and sponsors, session video previews, event sponsors, lobby chat, event surveys, networking features, etc.


Zoom’s webinar tool is great for businesses hosting webinars with up to 500 attendees. While it might be a bit pricey, the feature-rich platform may suit users looking for options like screen sharing, CRM integration, live streaming to third-party platforms and white-label webinars.

6. eWebinar


If you want to run multiple webinars without managing them, eWebinar is your best bet. This automated webinar platform combines pre-recorded video with real-time engagement to allow users to host repetitive webinars without sacrificing the live webinar elements.

One of eWebinar’s real highlights is its subscription level. It automatically adjusts up and down based on the number of active webinars. So, you only pay for the webinars you host in a billing cycle.


  • Live chat
  • Fully browser-based
  • Email for post-session replies
  • Just-in-time & on-demand sessions
  • Customizable registration pages


  • There is no live webinar option


  • Level 1 ($99/month): Up to 1 active webinar, unlimited attendees, unlimited recurring sessions, unlimited team members, all standard features
  • Level 2 ($199/month): Everything in the Level 1 plan, 2-5 active webinars
  • Level 3 ($299/month): Everything in the Level 1 plan, 6 – 15 active webinars + $15/month for each additional


eWebinar is a superb software for anyone who already uses live webinars and wants to automate them for easy scaling up. It’s perfect for repetitive training sessions, product demos and onboarding webinars.

7. GoTo Webinar

GoTo Webinar

One of the most trusted and best webinar platforms, GoTo Webinar is a preferred choice for large businesses. In addition to customizable modes and insightful analytics, it offers powerful integrations and lets you scale your rooms to 3,000 attendees.

You can add polls, Q&As, etc. and share handouts for post-event brand awareness & recognition. And there’s also an option to create and award certificates.


  • Pre-recorded events
  • Source tracking
  • High-end analytics
  • Automatic recordings
  • In-built polls and surveys


  • There’s no free plan
  • You need to download the software to use it
  • It comes at a higher price point than most of the software on the list


  • Lite ($49/organizer/month): 250 participants, reporting and analytics, full-service registration, automated emails, mobile app, polls, handouts, Q&A
  • Standard ($99/organizer/month): 500 participants, everything in Lite + accept payments, 1 license, online and local recording, audio, custom branding, 5 channel pages, GoTo Stage, custom URL
  • Pro ($199/organizer/month): 1,000 participants, everything in Standard + unlimited cloud storage, integrations, source tracking, recorded events, live streaming, video sharing, video embedding, video editor, no download, 10 channel pages, certificates, transcripts, virtual events
  • Enterprise ($399/organizer/month): Up to 3,000 participants + everything in Pro


GoTo Webinar is a great tool for running all-encompassing webinars. The interface is intuitive and there are some amazingly robust features to engage attendees and drive actions.

8. EasyWebinar


EasyWebinar is one of the top picks for anyone who wants a secure platform for live and automated webinars. Its user-friendly interface helps create professional-grade events with minimal effort.

You can also create custom landing pages, add call-to-action buttons, and dig deeper into audience insights with advanced analytics and reporting. There’s also an option to track your webinar performance and evaluate user engagement.


  • You can turn any attendee into a presenter
  • Up to 4 presenters in a live webinar
  • HD screen sharing
  • TrueVoice technology for clear sound with noise reduction
  • EasyCast feature to stream live on multiple social media platforms simultaneously


  • There is no free plan and the basic plan is only for up to 25 attendees
  • The prices ramp up quickly after the basic plan


  • Basic (starts at $20.83/month): 25 live attendees, 2 automated webinars with up to 25 attendees per webinar, unlimited live attendees using YouTube Live Integration, Webinar Foundations Course, access to 1-on-1 onboarding, EasyCast™ Facebook Live & YouTube Live Streaming Tool, chat support
  • Standard (starts at $82.50/month): 100 live attendees, everything in the Basic plan + unlimited automated webinars with up to 100 attendees per webinar
  • Pro (starts at $165.83/month): 500 live attendees, everything in the Standard plan + unlimited automated webinars with up to 500 attendees per webinar, custom fields from the registration


EasyWebinar does an excellent job with its comprehensive platform for live and automated webinars. You also get various features like recording and archiving the webinars, sharing presentations, live streaming to multiple social media platforms, etc. However, it’s not the most affordable option, especially with its limited number of attendees, even on the paid plans.

9. Webex Webinars

Webex Webinars

Webex Webinars is the best tool for running webinars for business use and beyond, especially if you’re looking for real-time translations for your international audiences. You can host unlimited webinars for up to 24 hours and enjoy engagement features like breakout rooms, polls and Q&As.


  • Closed captions and translations
  • Custom-branded registration pages
  • Unlimited webinars for up to 24 hours
  • Advanced content management
  • Attendee activity reporting


  • There is no free plan and the paid plans require a hefty investment
  • The setup is not smooth enough


  • Webinars (starts at $275/license/month for 1,000 attendees): Unlimited webinars up to 24 hrs, registration, live streaming and recordings for on-demand replay, engagement, export registrant & attendees list, advanced production and content management, closed captions and translations, attendee activity reporting, email (templates, reminders)
  • Events (Custom Quote): In-person, virtual & hybrid events, up to 100k attendees, registration and onsite, live streaming, simulive and on-demand replay, engagement, unlimited webinars up to 24 hrs, content management, closed captions and translations, monetization (ticketing and sponsorship), event hub with virtual venue including mobile event app


Webex Webinars is a perfect platform for businesses with international teams or audiences. The tool packs a good amount of team collaboration and audience engagement features that drive conversations.

10. GetResponse


You may know GetResponse as an email marketing platform, but it’s more than that. It’s also a webinar solution that allows webinar URL customization, among other features, which makes it a terrific pick for businesses that branded webinar URLs.

Other functionalities include landing pages, automated follow-ups, polls, screen sharing, call-to-action (CTA) buttons, registration templates, and more.


  • Built-in email marketing tools
  • Easy URL customization for branded webinar links
  • Polls, surveys, and offers
  • One-click recording
  • Quick and easy sharing


  • Webinars are not available on the free plan


  • Marketing Automation (starts at $41.30/month for 1,000 contacts): Up to 100 attendees, webinar funnels, 3-hour recording storage, 3 presenters, HD webinars
  • E-commerce Marketing (starts at $83.30 /month for 1,000 contacts): Everything in the Marketing Automation plan + up to 300 attendees, on-demand webinars, paid webinars, 6-hour recording storage
  • MAX2 (Custom Quote): Everything in the E-commerce Marketing plan + up to 1000 attendees, up to 20-hour recording storage, breakout room option


Overall, GetResponse offers many standard features and the interface is easy to use. You can choose it if you require an all-in-one marketing solution that provides webinar hosting functionality.


The best webinar platforms in this guide are all fantastic, representing the high point of what’s possible in the world of webinars at different price levels. All the entries to the list include secure tools delivering high-quality videos and robust features.

If you want to learn about webinar marketing, here is a comprehensive guide.

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