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Live Better Show, Ep. 4: How to Build a Sales Funnel with Live Streams

Have you ever been confused with the idea of a sales funnel? Well, congratulations, you are in the right place to find answers to all the questions you have. In episode 4 of the Live Better show, Chad meets Mike Allton, the head of strategic partnerships at Agorapulse.

How to Build a Sales Funnel with Live Streams. What is a sales funnel? Mike Allton.

Are you looking to optimize your live stream sales funnel? This week on Live Better, we were talking about how to optimize your live stream sales funnel with Mike Allton of Agorapulse.

Timestamps for the episode:

2:22 – Hi Mike

4:45 – What is a sales funnel?

Mike compares the sales funnel with a journey that a prospective customer takes from the moment they realize the necessity in this or that thing, and it goes up to the point of buying it. 

The very core of the marketing department is to create content to follow the customer on each step of the journey. 

9:05 – Live video streams are perfect for the top segment of the funnel

When people are only about to understand what they are looking for, they start their research. Live shows might be entertaining and educational, so it is a great option to get information from experts in the niche you are interested in and ask questions immediately answered.

Mike Allton

The more people come in and engage, the more people will see it at the end.

14:45 – How to get the maximum benefit from the funnel?

Businesses should think about two things to get as much benefit from the funnel as possible: their customers and the purpose of the product.

Depending on the market you are in and the products you provide, the length of the funnel would be different. 

Mike provides a perfect example of it. Imagine a person who wants to buy a mug for a morning coffee routine. The funnel goes from the moment the idea appeared to the moment when the purchase is paid would go from 10 to 60 minutes. But if a person wants to buy a virtual event intensive, which costs about $6,000 for a day, the process might take a month or two.

21:35 – How do you make people want to watch live shows?

There are two essential aspects to consider while working on the quality of recognition of your broadcasts.


It should be done both via social media and emails. Remember to inform your watchers via email about the upcoming stream. Make a post on all your social media platforms with an audience. 

A quick tip from Mike: 

If you have guests, provide them with copies of files and emails that you’ve prepared for promotion, and ask them to share it as well, so they can inform their audience and invite them to join.

Involve audience 

Keep your viewers engaged, ask them to introduce themselves in the comments, and answer questions. As a show host, you can air the best comments on the screen so everyone can see them, and the author would enjoy being a part of the entertainment. 

Encourage the audience to be a part of the action.

26:26 – How to structure call to action

Call to action is an essential element of any broadcast. That’s the point when you can show the potential customer that your product is the one they were looking for. To integrate it into the stream smoothly, follow these simple rules: 

  1. Don’t break the flow of the show;
  2. Introduce additional content like webinars or courses that watchers can sign up for in the middle of the show;
  3. Make all extra content insets related to the topic you discuss and add it smoothly.

30:32 – How do you measure the results of the funnel? 

There are various options to decide on the measuring tool of success. Mike especially highlights Bitly links, branded links that they use in the Agorapulse shows. Such links are easy to read and pronounce. So Stephanie Liu, the host of the Agorapulse show, talks about any webinar or event, names the link, and shares it with the audience in the chat. Then people either follow the link or just keep watching. 

In the next step, the Agorapulse team analyzes the number of users who click on the link and how many signed up for the webinar. That’s how you make a clear picture of the exact sales funnel. 

You have raw numbers to measure the outcome:

  • Number of watchers;
  • Number of clicks;
  • Number of sign-ups.

40:30 – Tools to build better sales funnels

There is nothing better than our dear old friend Google Sheets. All you have to do is supplement sheets with data from google analytics and your website. 

It helps with the following aspects of sales funnel building:

  • Keep records of the statistics;
  • Track the update flow;
  • How well the published content converts into actual customers.

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