Best Video Maker for Agencies

As an agency, do you want to promote your client’s brand more efficiently while increasing your agency’s profit? Create video ads and promo videos. Get your client’s message across to the right audience, all with the help of, the best video maker for agencies.

Best Video Maker for Agencies
Best Video Maker for Agencies

Why use for your agency?

  • Easy and powerful video maker

    With the built-in stock footage library, text animations, 30+ video formats, and animated stickers, empowers you to create videos literally in minutes. A huge time saver for fast-paced environments.

  • Unlimited number of projects

    With, you can create as many video projects as you need. Want to A/B test different video options, try various visuals and messages? Simply copy your project and edit. All of your video creations are always available online.

  • White label preview

    Create a video for your clients and get their approval with the convenient white label preview feature. This way, you will save money on purchasing the video clips while keeping your video making secrets confidential.

  • Custom branding sets makes it a breeze to create branded videos. Save a preset of custom fonts, brand colors, and logos. Access them easily whenever you create a new video. Never again wonder what font or brand color to use.

Austin Dwight
Austin Dwight
Owner and Creative Director 981Media

I had looked at several video making tools. Most were either not working from an ROI point of view or the features were not there. I had even thought about creating my own tool.

But after testing for just a few minutes I knew that if I had built a platform in-house, I would want it to be like

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