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If you have a YouTube channel or other video blog, you definitely need to create your intro. One that will impress your audience and make them want to watch your videos till the end. Make a beautiful and captivating intro for your video with Wave.video.

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Video intro maker online

How to make an intro with Wave.video?

Our drag-and-drop interface is intuitive, so you won’t spend large amounts of time on trying to understand how everything works. Say “No!” to default video intros: with our tools you will create splendid intros that will reveal your unique identity. See how you can create high-quality intros in 3 steps.

  • Choose videos

    Choose videos

    You can choose videos from our 300 million stock videos in the library or upload your own clips. The number of clips combined in your video depends on your tastes and the topics you cover in your channel. We think that videos with several short clips (2-3 seconds each) combined look more dynamic. In some situations, though, laconic intro with one video and minimum animations will work better.

  • Edit video clips

    Trim your video, add dimmers with different opacities and colors, adjust speed, zoom in or out. Write text on your intro video with your name and the name of your channel, customize colors and fonts. Add music to make the video even more effective. But keep consistency in mind: your video intro styles and music should always be the same.

  • Add effects

    Intro is a perfect part of your videos for adding visual effects. Make your intro visually attractive and personal. Apply text effects and custom transitions. Your video intro effects should impress, but not annoy.

Tips for making video intros

  • Make a short video intro

    You don’t want your video to be very long. The best intro video should as short as possible. We recommend that you make intros no longer than 5-10 seconds. Otherwise, you are at risk of losing viewers. In the best case they will skip the intro and move on to the content. But why to risk?
  • Create and use your brand colors

    This will help to make your channel more recognizable. Luckily, you can save your styles in Wave.video intro maker and use it in case of necessity to change frames, music or text. Your styles will be there and you will only need to apply them.
  • Add your name and tagline

    It is a must! People will recognize you better and they will associate your channel with your name and tagline in the intro. It will also help you with building awareness among new viewers and those who’ve received a link to your video or channel.
  • Choose the right placement

    Essentially, your video intro should be placed within the first minute of the video. It is not necessary to insert it right in the beginning. You can start your video with a brief introduction, then add your intro and move to the main content of the video.
Tips for making video intros

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