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Instagram video editor: step by step instruction

  • Step 1. Choose a video

    Step 1. Choose a video

    Start with choosing a video you want to edit for Instagram. If you don't have a video clip ready, no worries: with Wave.video, you have access to 200 million professional video clips on just about any topic.

  • Step 2. Go square

    Square videos are best for Instagram, so make sure you crop your video to square. It's easy to do it with Wave.video, even if your original video is in the landscape format: just switch between the tabs. The cool thing is that you can adjust the clip and choose what part to show. Wave.video is the easiest Instagram video editor!

  • Step 3. Style up your video

    Text overlay is a powerful marketing instrument you don't want to miss on. 80% of viewers watch videos with the sound off on Instagram. When editing videos for this social platform, make sure your message gets across to the audience by adding stylish text over your clips. Wave.video will help you make text on video look catchy.

  • Step 4. Download and share

    Step 4. Download and share

    Click "Publish" to download the video to your computer. Then, upload it to your Instagram account and see the power of video in action! If you need the same video in a different format (landscape or vertical), just change the format and download the video again. It's that easy.

Instagram video examples made in Wave.video

Square format + text overlay = maximum outreach

  • Croissant
  • House
  • Concert

What the experts are saying

Mari Smith
I LOVE Wave.video for creating quick, professional videos! The UI is super easy to use, with intuitive drag and drop. Wave.video is definitely one of the easiest video editing tools I've come across!
Mari Smith

Premier Facebook Marketing Expert, Social Media Thought Leader

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