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Instagram video editor: a step-by-step instruction
on how to make your videos shine

Step 1. Choose a video

Start with choosing a video you want to edit for Instagram. If you do not have a video clip ready, no worries: with, you have access to 300 million professional video clips on just about any topic.

Step 2. Switch to the format you need

While square videos work best in Instagram feed, you might want to go vertical for Instagram Stories and IGTV. The good news is that in, you can easily switch between the formats. No need to re-edit your videos: all your changes (like text or stickers) will be automatically applied to the format you selected.

Step 3. Style up your video

Instagram is a very visual platform, so make sure your videos stand out from the crowd. Things you want to look for in your Instagram video maker: the ability to add animated text as well as GIFs and stickers to your videos. To give your videos a branded look, add a video filter and your logo. Hint: you can find all these Instagram video editing options in

Step 4. Download and share

Click "Publish" to download the video to your computer. Then, upload it to your Instagram account and see the power of video in action! If you need the same video in a different format (landscape or vertical), just change the format and download the video again. It is that easy.

Tips for making engaging Instagram videos

  • Choose the right aspect ratio

    To make the most of your Instagram videos, choose the right format. Square works best for in-feed videos while 9:16 is definitely your choice for Stories and IGTV. Make sure your Instagram video editor supports all the formats you need for the platform.
  • Brand your Instagram video with filters

    Have you noticed how some Instagram accounts have this recognizable, consistent look? Part of the magic is using color video filters that you can apply in your Instagram video maker or via the platform directly. Even if your footage is of different color schemes, video filters will make your Instagram grid look cohesive.
  • Add animated text

    To support your video message and make sure it gets across to your audience, consider adding animated text to your videos. This way, you will make sure your viewers understand the idea you want to convey, even if they play the video with the sound off. Instagram video makers like offer some great text animations that will make your videos sparkle.
  • Add GIFs and stickers

    Ever since Instagram introduced the ability to add GIFs and stickers to videos, the social media world exploded. GIFs and stickers are a universal means of communication, loved by just about everyone. To make your videos more engaging, make sure to add emojis and animated GIFs to your videos (not only to IG Stories but also to in-feed videos).
  • Don’t forget about the music

    When editing videos for Instagram, don’t forget to add music. Adding music to your video is a great way to generate emotion and increase engagement with your content. Find a great collection of free 300,000 audio tracks in, your go-to Instagram video maker.

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