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Live Better Show, Ep. 8: How To Live Better With Chatbot Automation

The guest of Live Better Show is an amazing and shiny Kelly Mirabella. Do you want to know how to integrate AI into your business, save you time answering one and the same questions of your dear clients? Well save the next hour to watch the episode, and if you don’t have it, then at least read our recap with the most important thesis from Chad’s and Kelly’s conversation.

How To Live Better With Chatbot Automation with Kelly Mirabella

WAIT! I can use automation in my live stream to help grow my email list, sales funnel and more? Isn't that difficult? This week the incredible Kelly Mirabella joins us on Live Better to share some of the amazing ways you can turn your live stream into a lead generating gold mind.

Timestamps for the episode:

3:20 – Hi Kelly

9:25 – ChatBots 101

 First of all, Kelly prefers to name bots as chat automations. The reason is that the word “bot” is associated with spam. Indeed automation is a setting that you add to your site??? It is like an answering machine service but within a chat. They are available on various messengers, on a website, on google business chat, and on popular networks like Instagram or Twitter. 

The most significant benefit of chat automations is that it allows businesses to take care of clients’ comfort without being online 24/7. You aren’t taking out a personal touch with/from your audience. Automations help to sort out and direct clients to exact information and services they are looking for. 

11:00 – Is it necessary to know code to create chat automation?

It is good if you already know it, but you don’t have to study it just to create an automation. There are many applications and software that can build it for you. Usually, it is a drag-and-draw editor. The majority of such tools commonly have an artificial intelligence feature to make the chat as automated as possible. 

 Chat automations respond to about 85% of inquiries. 

So instead of not responding to your clients at all and basically telling your customers that you don’t care about them, you can create this automation and give them the answers they need. So they conned feel that they are important. 

14:00 – Multiple streaming and chat automations 

Unfortunately, there is no one solution for all cases. Technically there is an option to add chat automation to your multiple streaming, but you must understand that it works with your audience and their needs. 

20:30 – The usage of chat automations directly from ad campaigns

Absolutely, it can easily be used with ad campaigns. Moreover, Kelly even recommends using them together. 

It all depends on the organic marketing that the company uses for self-promotion. 

30:55 – How to train your chatbot to make it respond smart? 

For beginners, it is better to do it manually. Put in keyword triggers, and teach the bot to respond. 

For those who already have some experience building chat automation, it is better to think of AI integration and third-party tools. 

For example, there is a tool called Feebi, which is a stand along with chat marketing tool, that is built specifically to integrate AI into restaurants’ chatbots. It works with Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. 

37:40 – AP Chatbot techniques

There are many things that can do with high-level chatbots. You can customize images, add a person’s name to chat, integrate any media you want, randomizers, polls, games, etc. 

People think that it is challenging to build a bot, but actually, when you figure out the basics, it turns out to be very simple. 

Nothing is hard; it’s just new.

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