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Live Better Show, Ep. 9: How to Grow your Live Show with Multistreaming and Repurposing

In episode 9 of Live better Show, you can enjoy a fantastic Molly Mahoney and blurry Chad. Molly is an expert in multistreaming and has a lot to share with you and a charisma that makes it impossible to stop watching the show.

How to Grow Your Live Show with Multistreaming and Repurposing. Molly Mahoney.

Sure, you may already multi-stream your show. You may even repurpose it afterward. But, NO ONE does it better than our guest this week. Get ready for sparkly pants, colorful glasses, Broadway music, and fanny packs as the one and only, Molly Mahoney joins us. When it comes to growing your business using live streaming, Molly is tops!

Timestamps for the episode:

2:30 – Hi Molly 

9:25 – Molly’s level of expertise in a live streaming niche

For more than 15 years, Molly has somehow been connected with the world of live streaming. In 2013 Molly launched her company, and at that point, she had no experience in live streaming. Before it, she  was a sing performer but later started to teach businesses how to perform. Later on, it resulted in live shows. 

11:30 – What has changed since Molly started live streaming?

Being present on different platforms and different audiences, you do start to think a lot about how to catch people’s attention, to be able to drive traffic to them. Also, you have to take control over the algorithm to become visible on trends and increase an organic reach. 

14:00 – Molly’s method for multistreaming

 The main disadvantage of multistreaming is that it dilutes the comments and engagement. It doesn’t bring a big traffic boost to one of your platforms, the audience is watered down. 

Indeed, multistreaming to your personal pages helps boost engagement. Even though you might have made tons of promotions in advance. People tend to forget that the show is coming, miss the opportunity to set notification of the upcoming episode. Still, when you start streaming to your page, they see it going live while scrolling the feed, and they are more likely to join. 

19:20 – Molly’s recommendations for the choice of channels for multistreaming

A multistreaming button isn’t a panacea for audience accumulation. 

The best way to accumulate a loyal audience is to build a community around you or your business. The more fun you have, the more money you make. 

Streaming, try to focus on the platform and audience that brings you more joy. 

Don’t rely on platforms to bring people to you. Nowadays, the trend and algorithms are messy. Ask people to opt in to get notified about the event is coming. Molly shares a unique system called The Map to Millions.

A strategy that allows you to drive traffic to your live videos. 

Molly's The Map to Millions strategy

34:50 – Video repurposing and developing a connection with the audience

Use the personal profile page as a tool to get in touch with your audience. Don’t make the page or profile look too aggressive, don’t make it a selling page; put your personality in the first place. 

Use pinned posts to draw attention to things that bother you or make the essence of your brand. 

Repurpose information from your videos to text and post it after the show to bring engagement from that part of people that didn’t manage to come and interact with you while you were live. 

Convert final videos into cute, catchy snippets. 

54:00 – Final recommendations from Molly

When you are at the beginning of your streaming path and want to go ahead with multistreaming, it is better to start with 2 destinations and gradually increase the number. 

For beginners, Facebook and YouTube are two the best options to start with. 

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