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Live Better Show, Ep. 5: How to Live Stream a Podcast

Episode number 5 is about Chad’s conversation with amazing Megan Powers, the creator, and host of the Make a Marketer podcast. Audio podcasts and live video shows have a lot in common, but also they are great competitors for each other. Magan shares her experience in both types of entertainment. 

How to Live Stream a Podcast. Megan Powers.

This week on the _bko_Live Better_bko_ show, we have an exceptional guest!🚀 _bko_Making a Marketer_bko_ podcast host, speaker, marketing communication strategist, event professional, and kind-hearted person Megan Powers!

Timestamps for the episode:

2:23 – Hi Megan

4:00 – How did Megan enter the world of events?

Megan started her career in the position of MARCON manager, and the range of her duties varied from trading and participation in shows up to planning and holding various conferences. Then she has also been a part of several event production companies, and finally, for the last eight years, Megan runs her own business. 

5:15 – Broadcasting podcasts live VS. Repurposing a live video into a podcast

Both of the approaches have a right to exist. The choice of the way you broadcast your podcast depends on the way you do it in general. Having a video version of your podcast is all about adding dynamics and connection with your audience if the podcast goes live rarely, like once a month. 

9:20 – What is primary for Megan, the live show or podcast?

For Megan, the podcast has always been in the primary position, though even though she records the podcast as audio, she keeps connection with listeners in the live chat. 

At this point, it is crucial to understand that audience might consist of video and audio people; moreover, there is a part of fans who’d prefer to read a blog post with the same content as your podcast has.

Megan Powers

Don’t let the lack of equipment hold you back if you want to do a podcast, do it.

13:20 – Does the live streaming component helps to monetize the content and gain new sponsors? 

Make a Marketer podcast doesn’t have any outside sponsor yet, but Megan does have some inquiries. In terms of live video podcasts, she believes it is an excellent opportunity for companies to promote themselves. With video, brands can have their logo and their name on the screen. 

Monetizing podcasts is possible, and some sponsors are ready to collaborate with audio and video podcasts.

18:50 – Magan’s tools recommendations for those who want to start taking a live stream and repurposing it into a podcast

First of all, you should have an editor who knows how to do the job properly for a good podcast. The editor would put the podcast together, clear all the noises, and make it sound nice. 

The next step is to find a platform where you would publish your podcast. Megan lists

  • Libsyn 
  • Podbean
  • Blubrry
  • Buzzsprout

 There is also an option to work with platforms that would take an annual fee and broadcast your podcast on all available platforms.

The most popular platforms:

  • Apple
  • Spotify 

23:10 – What role do notes play for a podcast?

People want to make sure what the episode is about; notes help the audience give a taste of the episode and help decide on listening to it. Notes also have an SEO component, but Megan believes that it is better to write as you do and not to waste too much time on SEO standards of texts. Right words for an episode title are much more valuable than an overly detailed description.

29:15 – Advice from Megan to make the podcast not only go on but also develop

The most important feature of a successful regular podcast is consistency. It is not recommended to run a live show once per month; it would be too rare to build a loyal audience that would return to your page and listen to every other episode. 

Try to engage your watchers as much as possible. If you are a host of the show, have someone who would help you moderate comments and help with production while live streaming.

32:40 – How does Megan handle the situations when she has excellent guests but they have issues with live streaming

Be sure to give all the needed instructions before the show. Clear up the following points: 

  • Gusts should be in a quiet place.
  • Ask them to be on a hard line instead of wi-fi if possible.
  • If guests have a mic, ask them to use it.
  • Ask them not to wear weird headphones, the mic hit hair, collar, etc.

35:40 – Promotion of podcasts vs. live shows

Megan does advertise both her podcast and live show. The recommendation is not to do it too much in advance; one week before the live show is good. As for postpromotion, wait for the audio version to be fully ready to be published and push it a little bit to your audience. 

41:30 – Megan’s favorite live streamers

  • Social media news live with Jeff Sieh and Grace Duffy – the show that Magen is ready to watch every time it broadcast, even though it is aired at 8 a.m. on Friday mornings.
  • Social media examiner podcasts. It includes two weekly audio podcasts and a once-a-week live show.

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