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Live Better Show, Ep. 10: How to Livestream on Amazon in 2022

Jim Fuhs is one of the hosts of the Dealcasters Amazon live show. The king of Amazon lives and is an expert in becoming an Amazon Influencer.

How to livestream on Amazon in 2022. All about Amazon Live with Jim Fuhs.

The king of Amazon live, Jim Fuhs, shares his wisdom and insights with us. All the questions you've ever had about streaming on Amazon are welcome!

Timestamps for the episode:

2:20 – Hi, Jim!

3:55 – When did Jim start live streaming on Amazon?

Everything started in July 2020; at the beginning, Dealcasters episodes were about Jim and Chris (a co-host); they discussed tech and media news. Later they started bringing out guests. Jennifer Watson was their first guest; they discussed their favorite products on amazon.

12:40 – How to get started on Amazone Live?

Check out for detailed guides on becoming an Amazon live influencer. 

Three steps to becoming start streaming on Amazon:

  • Become an Amazon affiliate
  • Apply to be an influencer
  • Connect the platform with the most number of followers

You get access to the special Amazon streamer admin panel as soon as you’ve got all the required approval. 

With time when you develop as an Amazon influencer, there are three levels of your popularity: a Rising star, Insider, and A-list

20:55 – What are the terms of moving from Rising star to Insider and then to A-list?

It is based on the amount of time you go live streaming.

In 30 days, you should cover 1,5 hours of streaming amount. However, it is recommended to go live for at least 20 minutes. 

You can have up to 40 products in your carousel, but Amazon wants you to cover at least 75% of them in your broadcast. 

24:00 – Are there any metrics from the Amazon side?

It is recommended to use iOS devices using the Amazon app to go live. It tells the following statistics:

  • Total number of viewers
  • Total number of clicks
  • Number of unmuted viewers

In 24 hours, the app tells you if the show made any sales. Amazon counts it as a deal only after the purchase is shipped. 

28:15 – How do Jim and Chris get the products?

Even though they are Amazon influencers, guys buy some stuff they need for streaming. You cannot just sit and wait for a brand to come to you and offer a product for promotion. To make sponsors want to make deals with you, you have to invest in your show. 

Also, sometimes some brands don’t participate in this kind of promotion, but you prefer to use their products instead of one offered for sponsorship. Use the tech and products you like. 

34:00 – Jim Fuse tips and tricks to show off a product

  1. Consider possible questions that people might ask about it
  2. Attention span
  3. At the very beginning, use essential equipment and natural lightning

37:45 – Names of some other  successful Amazon streamers to learn from

Statistically, 1000-2000 people are doing the Amazon Live influencer program, even if that’s a much smaller percentage of people going live. 

Sometimes people even don’t understand that they are influencers. 

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