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Live Better Show, Ep. 21: How to Work Livestreams Into Your Content Marketing Strategy

Chris Kubbernus is a guest of the 21st episode of Live Better Show, an expert in social media advertising, CEO of Kubbco company, and an old friend of our dear host Chad. Live streams enter the playground of the advertising market and build brand awareness, check out the episode or read through our notes to know the main upcoming trends. 

How to Work Livestreams Into Your Content Marketing Strategy. Chris Kubby.

Chris is an avid entrepreneur and keynote speaker with over 100 speaking engagements across North America and Europe.Named #1 Business Guru on Snapchat by Forbes, one of the Top 50 Marketing Influencers on Snapchat on Mashable, and #1 on The Huffington Post List of “17 Top Entrepreneurs to Follow on Snapchat”. His status as an acknowledged social media influencer has furthermore gained him more than 200.000 followers on Snapchat, 14.000 followers on LinkedIn, 40.000+ followers on Twitter, 20.000+ on YouTube and over 220.000 on Instagram.

Timestamps for the episode:

3:45 – Hi Chris!

9:20 – Chris’s story of being in the social media world

Chris describes himself as a social media marketer, entrepreneur, and geek. He started his career since 12 y.o. (wow!) from entering the advertising market, he got hooked on the industry. At the age of 14, Chris did his first internship in an ad agency. That was the period of integration of advertising with the web world, so he started working on websites and studied the opportunities of the digital market. He just fell in love with it. 

After college, Chris moved to Denmark, and, in 2006, Chris founded his own agency. Kubbco offers complete social media services. Today the team is over 40 people; in the summer of 2021, they have also opened an office in New York City. Chris’s goal is to expand globally, and the following destinations are London and Singapore. 

13:45 – What made Chris start livestream and inspire his clients to do the same?

Chris’s experience with live streaming started with Blab; he got hooked on the platform and the people there; they made him want to try it on his own. At that moment, live streams felt like something fresh new that people have been starving for. 

Live streams allow brands to connect with a big audience at once and increase their engagement with the product. 

22:00 – How to turn viewers into fans? 

Engagement tactics, giveaways, informing about the further topics, and placing links to the platforms where people may find you are all critical for converting a random viewer into a loyal follower. 

Use the chat to keep people engaged. Some streamers use chatbots to simplify the process of inn chat communication. It is okay since they have the right intention for it. Bots might become a solution if you don’t have enough cash to have the whole team to help with stream moderation. 

Don’t use chatbots for nefarious purposes or drive up engagement for no particular reason. It would not be as helpful as you expect it to be. 

24:30 – How to come up with ideas for topics?

When you look at the overall content strategy, some pillars would be easy to start promotion with. These pillars help find topics easy to talk about at the beginning of your livestreaming strategy. The trick is to convert these topics into something that people can relate to. 

Use the comments to figure out what people want you to talk more about.

27:10 – Livestreams vs. YouTube videos for the SEO and engagement

Actually, livestream and YouTube strategies go hand-in-hand; having higher engagement with live streams, the SEO ranking of your YouTube videos would increase simultaneously. 

From Chris’s point of view, engagement is more like a key data metric that shows if your content is excellent; if it gains traction. Likes, comments, and shares contribute to the overall reach of content.  

Enjoy Live Streaming

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30:05 – The importance of live streams for live content strategy

Unfortunately, for now, a livestream is not an essential component of a content strategy. Though it is still significantly underestimated. Each time you go live, your followers get a notification; they know that it would be a unique piece of content that is probably available only when the steam is aired. 

Social media platforms push live streams as they want people to spend more time on the platform. 

32:40 – How to create synergy between different types of content? 

The content you produce with live streams is a great source for repurposing into other types of content. It can be used for cut downs, take quotes for further discussion, make reels and TikToks with pieces of your streams. 

40:55 – If the live show does not perform, should you keep the show or cancel it? 

Sometimes things just don’t work; throughout Chris’s career, there were examples of shows that had 2-3 viewers in the first months but later resulted in 100-150 active watchers, as well as shows that didn’t manage to hit the audience. 

Chris ‘Kubby’ Kubbernus

 If you don’t see the progression in several months of producing the show, you should probably take a pause and consider changing it.