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Live Better Show, Ep. 23: Top Live Streaming Business Ideas in 2022

If you search for ideas to develop your business with the help of live streaming, spend some time watching episode 23 with outstanding business strategy expert Kim Garst. 

Top Live Streaming Business Ideas in 2022. Kim Garst.

Ever wondered how many different ways you can use live streaming as a business? Kim Garst joins us this week on #LiveBetter to share some of the ways 2022 could be your year to up your live streaming business game.

Timestamps for the episode:

4:30 – Hi Kim!

9:35 – Kim’s inspiration to start live streaming

The first thing that attracted Kim was the hosts’ engagement with live streams. After years of being in one-sided relations with the audience via prerecorded videos, the power of real-time engagement shocks! 

16:30 – Best live streaming business ideas in 20222

Live videos are one of the most powerful tools to get in touch with the audience and build a strong connection. 

Kim’s tips for developing business with live streaming:

  1. Get started. Getting over fear factors may be difficult, but you still have to do it. 
  2. Set your goals. You should be clear about what you want from it. It is a great way to let people know you and showcase your expertise.  
  3. Numbers are not a success indicator. At the beginning of livestreaming way people with 2-3 viewers always ask themselves if they are doing something wrong and should they stop streaming. The answer is no; the path to a successful live show is long and takes time. 

24:45 – Essential elements of a successful live streamer

  • Authenticity
  • Energetic 
  • Power of the smile
  • Sound quality

30:20 – First steps for live streaming

  1. Start testing out (the form, you software, destinations, etc.);
  2. Talk about things that you are passionate about;
  3. Choose the strategy to convey your ideas.

Enjoy Live Streaming

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33:10 – Business plan strategy for long term success

Every business plan strategy starts with the intention of your business. The same with streaming. Every time you go live, you should have some intention: to drive engagement, sell some products, build a community, etc.

Kim has two favorite strategies for promoting her and her clients’ streams.

A semi-product launch strategy.

You go live and do the problem agitate solve. 

For example: “Hi guys, I know you have this problem, as you’ve been talking about this problem to me; I had the problem before you had the problem, and I created a solution.”

You provide people with the solution to their problems and promote the product. 

Live Challenges.

Usually, such challenges are held in Facebook groups and run for five days. During the course of the week, the host goes live, and for the first four days, you overcome objections with the audience, and on the last, you have a master class on sales promotion of your product. 

47:10 Stick the time frame vs. Keep rolling as long as the engagement grows?

It depends on the show flow and guests. Sometimes some guests are not comfortable with being in front of the camera. 

 45 mins – 1 hour length is fine

Prepare at least ten questions for you to have options to navigate through the show.