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4 Ways to Implement Video on Your Website and Improve Conversion Rates

4 ways to improve conversions with videos

In order for your business to achieve the highest possible goals, you must be up to date with the latest innovations. Video marketing is definitely a hot topic today.

People are tired of too much textual content. It is much easier for them to just click play and start watching the video.

As you probably noticed, social media networks are also full of video content that starts playing itself as you scroll the feed.

Videos are so popular today because they don’t require any special effort and it is physically faster to watch the clip than read the text or swipe up the images.

Videos are so popular today because it is physically faster to watch the clip than read the text or swipe up the images.

According to this, more people will get engaged with your video than with any other type of content. Of course, you can always combine various content in the videos themselves.

As you surely want to improve your conversion rates, here are the 4 ways to implement video on a website.

1. Videos on pop-ups

Pop-up banners are really effective on their own, but with videos included, you can get even better results when it comes to conversions. Videos on pop-ups are still rare, so you can use this tactic in your advance.

For this purpose, you can use different pop-up tools or plugins for WordPress. There are many tools such as Privy and its alternatives that have many options for triggering pop-ups and targeting audiences. This will help you to set the window with your offer up at the right time to the right people.

The most popular types of pop-up windows are:

  • Click pop-ups
  • Scroll pop-ups
  • Timed pop-ups
  • Entry pop-ups
  • Exit pop-ups

No matter which type of pop-ups you decide to use, you can easily implement video in any type of pop-up window. 

For example, Tony Robbins uses timed pop-up on his blog.

Tony Robbins_popup

Timed pop-ups are triggered by the time visitor spends on your website. You can choose after how long the pop-up will appear. 

Unlike the timed pop-ups, exit pop-ups are triggered by the visitors’ intent to leave the website. For example, in order to prevent visitors from leaving and attract their attention, WordStream shows the pop-up with the offer to download their free guide.


No matter which type of pop-ups you decide to use, you can easily implement video in any type of pop-up window. 

Don’t forget to try A/B testing option and use it to find out which pop-ups have the best performances.

Milica Boksan
Milica Boksan
Social media manager & Content writer at Contenthorse

Don’t forget to try A/B testing option and use it to find out which pop-ups have the best performances.

There are two main options to choose from.

#1. You can set a pop-up that will include video only, without any other elements. This can be used as promoting video pop-up to try and increase the attention of visitors.

Timinho_video popup

Source: WordPress

#2. Or you can also add video and combine it with fields for email addresses for more efficient lead capturing. 

Adding videos is simple and you can create a video pop-up in the same way in which you are creating a regular pop-up window.

When you are done with your design, just click „Publish“, and video pop-up will be implemented on your website!

2. Testimonials in video format

You probably have seen testimonials on a lot of different websites. The main purpose of using them is to help new customers to connect with business and ensure them that they have a good reason to try out some new product or service.

Testimonials are sort of social proof and they definitely give credibility and help businesses to connect with their customers.

Testimonials are sort of social proof and they give credibility helping businesses to connect with their customers.

People love to read recommendations and different experiences before they decide to purchase. Seeing another person that stands behind her words makes everything look much more trustworthy.

Testimonials promote a certain business, but through different perspectives of already existing users.

If they are so important, why wouldn’t you give them more effectiveness?

Author of an e-book ”How to product“ uses video testimonials in the form of interviews with a couple of product managers.

They talked about the biggest challenges in their own environment, giving this video a friendly vibe.

Adding video testimonials makes anyone who is interested in this topic feel close to these people sharing the same interests and occupation.

lemlist includes video testimonials, also. They share what other people think about their tool, helping others to better understand how it works and what results they get.

People that are satisfied with your service will gladly share their experience. These recommendations will definitely help you to increase conversion rates thus helping your business.

Visitors won’t have to read huge use case studies, but only to press play and save their precious time.

HelpScout is another platform that discovered the advantages of video testimonials. 

Help Scout_testimonial

It is true that satisfied customers are the best commercial you can possibly have! Contact your loyal users and make an arrangement to record their experience. Share it on your website in the form of a video testimonial.  That is real quality content.

You can use one of’s templates to wrap the testimonial with a beautiful design and add captions to enhance the watching experience!  

Customize this template

3. Showcase your product

Implementing a video on your website is the easiest way to showcase your product. You have to keep in mind that people today have neither time nor patience to scroll all over your website and pages to find out how your product or service works.

It is a pity to lose all of that potential customers because of not including a video on a homepage.

Of course, you can add a video for every important thing you have to mention or explain. But, be sure that you have the main video that covers all the most important topics, features, and possibilities your business provides.

Be sure that you have the main video that covers all the most important topics, features, and possibilities your business provides.

Woven is an excellent example of this tactic.

Woven product video

The product video should be short but informative enough. It serves to present and promote your business in the best way possible.

You can make it funny, professional, directive, metaphoric, or combine different elements, but don’t forget that it should be interesting for the target audience primarily.

4. Product walkthrough videos

A similar way to the previous one of implementing a video is a product walkthrough (or explainer) video. While showcase video really covers almost every important characteristic of your product, this video looks more like a commercial.

It doesn’t get too much in-depth, it is literally a walkthrough showing only some the most interesting parts of your product.

These can be, for instance

  • a part of the dashboard
  • a couple of images with products in action
  • or images of some features.

The purpose of this video is to intrigue visitors to find out more about the product or service.

Panda, for example, is a very popular platform that uses video in this way.

It looks like a sneak peek of what you can expect if you decide to use their platform.

This is also probably the easiest video to make, but still really effective to somewise introduce users with what you are offering them.

The bottom line

Video content grabs attention more than any other content type nowadays. It doesn’t look like this will change in the near future, so use it immediately and entertain your audience. The marketers love video format because it has a high ROI (return on investment).

Short videos are the easiest to consume, but if your product needs a longer presentation, don’t hesitate to use it anyhow.

Pop-ups are an effective way to attract attention, and with adding videos on your pop-ups, you will be able to get even higher conversion rates than by using a regular image or text-only pop-ups. 

A simple way to add video on the pop-up is by using the Poptin editor. You are just one step away from adding high-converting video content.

No matter which way to implement video on your website you choose (or if you decide to combine a couple of them), you will surely see a significant improvement in conversion rates.

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