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9 Best Animated Text Effects for Your Next Video

Best Animated Text Effects for Your Next Video

We live in the era of video, where viewers’ attention is the new currency. With more than 500 hours of fresh video being uploaded per minute, grabbing and holding the attention of your audience is not an easy task.

Luckily, there are several ways of making your video more eye-catching and engaging. One of the most appealing methods is adding animated effects to the text messages in your video

In this article, we’ll look into 9 best animated text effects in – an online video editing platform. users can easily apply the following text effects to their videos in a matter of a few clicks.

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Best animated text effects

1. The “Frame” Effect

The name of this effect is pretty self-explanatory – it frames text with a square- or rectangular-shaped (depends on the amount of text) decoration.

The Frame animated text effect

This animated text effect works best with small pieces of text – not more than 2-3 lines within a single frame. It’s especially great for drawing attention to the most important parts of a text – headings, calls to action, contact details, company’s name.

Tip: When highlighting a word or a phrase, make sure to match the colors of the highlighted text and the decoration. 

2. The “Swipe” Effects

The Swipe category includes the following animated text effects:

  • Swipe from bottom
  • Swipe from right 
  • Swipe from left
  • Swipe from top
  • Swipe by word

The Swipe from left animated text effect

The Swipe from left effect

These effects are the basic ones and look great in all kinds of videos.

If you’re not into experimenting with animations but still want to make your text messages look good – the Swipe effects are always a safe choice.

3. The “Type” Effect

The Type effect is similar to the Typewriter animation effect in professional editing tools like After Effects or Premiere Pro. This effect simulates text being typed in real-time.

The Type animated text effect

The Type effect looks good on bigger pieces of text, which means you can safely apply the effect to the body text of your video.

Tip: Pair this effect with the font family Courier New to give your video the technology/IT vibe.

4. The “Slide” Effects

The Slide category includes three animated text effects:

  • Slide with border
  • Slide from stripes
  • Slide down

The Slide with border animated text effect

The Slide with border effect

The first two go with simple decorations, while the Slide Down effect goes without any additional elements.

The Slide effects look great with both big and small text messages.

5. The “Glossy” Effects

At the moment, there are two Glossy animated text effects:

  • Glossy entrance
  • Glossy slide

The Glossy slide animated text effect

The Glossy slide effect

Those are two distinct effects that look better with neutral fonts and backgrounds.

We recommend using these effects with three or less lines of text. Otherwise, the effects might distract the viewer from the meaning of your message.

6. The “Appear by” Effects

The Appear By effect has two variations:

  • Appear by symbol
  • Appear by word

The Appear by symbol animated text effect

The Appear by symbol effect

The Appear by symbol effect is more smooth compared to the abrupt Appear by word. 

Even though they’re quite different when it comes to the look and feel, both Appear by effects are great for displaying bigger pieces of text.

Tip: Make sure your animated text stays on the screen long enough for your audience to grasp it. The average reading speed of most adults is around three words per second, so keep that in mind when working on the timeline of your video.

7. The “Stomp” Effect

The Stomp effect is very dynamic and eye-catching, which is perfect for short promotional videos of all sorts.

The Stomp animated text effect

Apply this effect to small pieces of text like headings, bullet points, short call to actions, website addresses.

8. The “Stripe” Effects

There are two Stripe effects:

  • Slide from stripes
  • Top stripe

The Slide from stripes animated text effect

The Slide from stripes effect

The Slide from stripes effect goes with two borders – on top and bottom of the text message, while the Top stripe effect only has one top border.

These effects are great for drawing special attention to text messages, but at the same time, they might distract the viewers from the actual video on the background.

9. The “Curtain” Effect

Last but not least – the Curtain text effect

The Curtain animated text effect

This effect is quite prominent and distinct, which makes it a good fit for headings and short promotional text messages.

Tip: If your animated text comes with decorations (i.e., frames, highlights, background), it’s a good idea to stay consistent with your text colors throughout the video.

How to use animated text effects in

Here’s a helpful tutorial on how to animate text in video without any difficulties in

How to use animated text effects in

To make your video more engaging and eye-catching, you can add animated effects to the text messages you put on your video using In this video, you'll learn about different text effects that you can find in and how to apply them to your projects. 📌Add Text to Video: Everything You Need to Know 📌How Much Text Should I Use in My Video? Secret Tips from Designer 🔗Follow us: #wavevideo #tutorials Music: Ikson - Windy
  1. First, add text messages to your video
  2. Once you’ve added text to your video, head over to the instruments panel and look for the drop-down menu “Text Effect”.
  3. Pick the effect of your choice from the list of available effects. You can also remove the animated text effect by choosing the option “None”.
  4. If needed, set the color of the decoration in the inspector panel.

Now, what are your favorite animated text effects? Do you prefer simple animations or more distinct ones?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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