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Meet Live Streaming

In recent years live streaming markets have shown an incredible development speed. In 2019 the average number of US live video watchers was around 126.7 million; in 2022, these numbers increased by 158.2 million, and in 2024 it is expected to be 164.6 million watchers (Statista).

If you don’t want to waste your time and are eager to get the maximum benefit from this emerging industry, go ahead and explore the live streaming software. For you to make the navigation through the studio as simple as possible, we have prepared an overview of the live streaming studio. 

Welcome to the Studio Space

When entering the account, go to the My streams & recordings section. At the very top of the page, there are 4 sections: Upcoming, In progress, Past, and Destinations.

  • Upcoming – here are all the scheduled streams and the recordings from the studio. 
  • In progress – shows the list of live broadcasts.
  • Past – presents the list of all the live streams and recordings you have ever had. 
  • Destinations – shows all the destinations for streams you have connected with your account (Facebook page, group, or profile; YouTube; Twitch; Linkedin profile or page; custom RTMP).

Below those 4 sections, you can see the most important buttons in the streaming project space: Setup Live Stream, New Recording, Open Studio. Each button navigates you to different features available in streaming studio. 

Setup Live Stream

The easiest and the most direct way to start streaming is to click on the Setup Live Stream button, choose destinations, schedule it or right ahead, enter the studio and go live. 

Here is a detailed knowledge base article on How to schedule a live stream; read the step-by-step guide to clear up the scheduling process. 

New Recording

If you don’t feel like going live, you can use livestreaming studio for recording a video, making a podcast, etc. Click on the New Recording button, and automatically you will be redirected to the studio with all the features available in the streaming mode. The only significant exception is no one would see you. 

Manage scenes, add extra media files, invite up to 12 guests at once, share your screen and benefit from all the livestreaming studio features. 

Open Studio

If you want, just get on well with the studio insights; you can open it by clicking on the Open Studio button. 

These are general points for the navigation inside your account; now, let’s go deeper with the exact features of the studio that would make your live streaming experience not only practical but also fun. Livestreaming Studio

When you come to the studio, on the left side, you can see the Scenes menu; here you can:

  • Manage the transaction mode;
  • Add, duplicate, and delete scenes;
  • Switch between the scenes;
  • Change the order.

Go here to find out more tips and tricks to work with scenes.

On the right side of the screen, you can see various sections:

  • Brand – add new and switch between brands;
  • Text style – change the color and theme;
  • Media – here are several subsections: logo, videos, overlays, backgrounds, sound FX, audio;
  • Captions – add new captions, show and hide them from the screen; 
  • Live chat – here would appear comments of watchers, all the destinations you stream to; 
  • Guest chat – Special hidden chat for all the stream guests.

To the right of the video screen, you can choose from various overlays so you can arrange the scene. 

At the bottom of the screen located all the stream participants. If you hover the mouse over one of the guest images, you can hide or show them on the screen. 

One of the most significant features of studio is that you can play with the camera size, shape, and position. 

Master Your Studio Skills with Wave Camp 

On our Facebook, we had the first WaveCamp challenge in May. Here you can read the WaveCamp vol.1 overview with the participants’ reactions.

In July, we would run two camps: one for beginners and one for intermediate users. 

  • July 5-8 for beginners
  • July 18-22 for intermediate


Vol.2 Go live!Join now!

Why Choose Streaming Software?

Simple and easy to use studio is created both for experience streamers and those new to it. When you come to the studio for the first time, you are supported with detailed guidance on the insides. The studio is created with an intention to please UX and UI design requirements.

Multistream in one-two-three

The more platforms you stream, the more people will see you. With the multistreaming opportunity, you can easily manage all the destinations in one studio. team constantly works on claiming new destinations. Now you can stream to YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitch, and custom RTMP. studio is the only software you need

You don’t have to be a pro and spend your resource on extra software like OBS, XSplit, Streamlabs, etc. is an independent cloud-based app; you enter the studio and already have all the required features and settings set for you. 

Develop engagement

With multistreaming, you at once get access to the audience from different platforms. When people write comments, you get all of them in one place, in the Live Chat section. It shows the name of the commentator and the platform the comment came from.

Note: if it is a YouTube Super Chat message, it would also be highlighted with a particular color. 

Support multiple guests

You may be a perfect stream host, but inviting guests is a key to vary the show. As the main host, you may grand powers to your guest and let them manage the stream as you do. So each of you can have fun while streaming with

Sum Up is a great platform to start your journey to the world of live streaming. The studio is easy to understand and has a simple design. If you still have questions, you can read our Knowledge base articles, or feel free to contact our support managers.

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