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11 Best OBS Alternatives for Live Streaming [2023]

Best OBS Alternatives for Live Streaming

In our video-driven world, using a live streaming studio to polish your broadcasts isn’t just a novel idea anymore. For creators and brands, platforms like OBS Studio offer the opportunity to expand audience reach while creating branded live streams.

We hear you: OBS streaming is pretty helpful for live broadcasting and video recording, but it’s complex and downright overwhelming for many.

OBS alternatives

That’s why this guide brings you the best OBS alternatives that can help you create terrific live streams. 

  2. Wirecast
  3. Bandicam
  4. StreamYard
  5. XSplit Broadcaster
  6. Lightstream Studio
  7. Streamlabs
  8. ShareX
  9. Vimeo Livestream
  10. FFsplit
  11. vMix

What is OBS?

OBS Streaming

OBS or Open Broadcaster Software is a free, open-source tool for live video production, live streaming, and video recording. The software offers features that live streamers, especially gamers, find handy while going live. Some of these features are: real-time video and audio capture and mixing, video broadcasting, branding and personalization options, and more.

However, using OBS Studio is a bit tricky, especially for beginner live streamers. The tool has a steep learning curve and sometimes requires advanced technical skills to be able to achieve desired results. So if you’re a brand or an organization looking for an alternative tool to create live broadcasts, the following list is for you.

Best OBS Alternatives for Live Streaming


Unlike OBS, doesn’t require advanced technical skills from its users – the platform is intuitive and absolutely easy to use even for newbie streamers. Thanks to the user-friendly interface and impressive set of features, it’s a powerful streaming software perfect for both live streaming beginners and pros. Another apparent advantage of Live Streaming is that it requires no download or installation as it’s completely web-based. 

Custom scenes and layouts. Keyboard shortcuts. Fuss-free collaboration. Integrated video hosting and editing.’s live streaming software offers it all.

And that only scratches the surface. You can also go live on multiple channels simultaneously with’s multistreaming capability. Just what you need to expand your audience reach with hassle-free live streams.

The Best OBS Alternative: Create Stunning Live Streams in Browser

Meet Live Streaming – the best OBS alternative for PC and Mac right in your browser. Multistream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Amazon Live etc. invite guests and wow your audience with beautiful branded broadcasts.

Here’s a list of some of’s unique features that are missing in OBS Studio:

  • Straightforward setup and geek-free user interface;
  • Multi-streaming to several social platforms;
  • Instant customer support and constant platform updates;
  • Superior flexibility and easy customization;
  • Integrated video hosting and editing;
  • Ability to invite live stream guests without the need to use third-party tools or software;
  • Professionally designed live streaming templates for intros & outros, lower thirds, countdowns, overlays, thumbnails, and more;
  • In-built stock library with ready-to-use images, videos, and sounds.

Meet Live Streaming Tool

Robust and easy-to-use multi-streaming platform for streamers of any level.Try now

2. Wirecast

Wirecast - OBS Studio alternative

Wirecast is another cool OBS Studio alternative. Although quite popular as a professional tool for live streamers looking for features like audio mixing, remote video feeds, multi-track audio recording, etc., Wirecast comes with a premium price tag. This may make it a not-so-great fit for those looking for a feature-rich yet reasonably priced live streaming software. Plus, it comes with a steep learning curve, which may be a weak spot, given that OBS does the same.

3. Bandicam


Popular as a lightweight screen recording software, Bandicam is one of the best OBS alternatives and works great for capturing gameplay.

With Bandicam, users can record gameplay with the player’s live face and voice. Plus, there are features like real-time drawing, chroma-keying, and scheduled recording for hassle-free live streaming.

4. StreamYard


For anyone who needs to host live talk shows or interview guests live, StreamYard is a great choice. This browser-based live streaming studio offers customization features like branded overlays for your brand colors and logos, green screen, highlighting live comments, etc., that help create smooth broadcasts.

There’s also a free giveaway tool to host a live giveaway to reward your viewers and increase audience engagement.

5. XSplit Broadcaster

XSplit Broadcaster - OBS alternatives

Somewhat similar to OBS Studio, XSplit Broadcaster also offers impressive customization options. From dragging and dropping images, videos, etc., to adding Skype calls, you can do a lot with XSplit Broadcaster.

While its free plan offers pretty decent features, you can upgrade to enjoy unlimited scenes, source transitions, preview editor, and the like.

6. Lightstream Studio

Lightstream Studio

Lightstream Studio is another favorite of live streamers, content creators, and business professionals for its flexibility to create professional broadcasts. This cloud-based streaming solution offers almost everything you need from OBS alternatives – including third-party integrations, built-in conferencing, unlimited projects, scenes, and layouts.

7. Streamlabs


Streamlabs is a free, open-source live streaming solution that offers a lot to live streamers and gamers. Apart from letting you personalize your live streaming experience with a layout editor, it also provides pretty good control over your recording.

Gamers can use the replay buffer to enhance their gameplay, making it ideal for Twitch. But if you want to multistream, you’ll have to upgrade to its ‘Prime’ plan.

8. ShareX

ShareX - OBS alternative

ShareX is what you need if you’re looking for an open-source screen recording tool with no watermark. While it supports over 80 destinations and is free, you may find it a bit complex. Thus, it’s for those who want to further their live streaming experience with advanced recording and editing features.

With options like scrolling capture and a timer to delay the screen capture, it’s an excellent free tool. But, unfortunately, it’s available for only Windows users. So, if you’re not one, you’ll have to go for another versatile OBS streaming alternative.

9. Vimeo Livestream

Vimeo Livestream

If streaming ad-free matters, then you can check out Vimeo Livestream. Amongst other features like branding and private streaming, it also lets you have complete control over your broadcast.

Sadly, even though this platform offers a host of functionalities to create impactful live streams, its learning curve, as well as the premium pricing, may be deal-breakers for some.

10. FFsplit

OBS alternatives - FFsplit

FFsplit is a free live stream creation utility that lets users capture videos from multiple sources and composite them into a live video feed. However, it is mentioned on the FFsplit website that the project is currently not in active development — so keep in mind that it is not being updated regularly.

FFsplit offers a few features similar to those offered by OBS Studio, including screen overlay, hotkey, and webcam as a source. FFsplit supports multiple live streaming platforms excluding Facebook Live. Currently, the software is available for Windows computers only.

11. vMix

OBS alternatives - Vmix

Vmix is a high-end live video production software solution with features including live streaming, mixing, switching, and recording. Vmix allows users to switch inputs, mix audio, record outputs, and live stream cameras, videos files, audio, and more.

At the moment, the software is only available for the Windows operating system.


Take your brand to the next level with live streams created using the best OBS alternatives available today.

But, remember, no matter which streaming tool you pick, offering relevant, engaging content is the key to growing your live audience.

That said, if you’re looking for live video trends and best practices to increase your audience reach, here’s a quick guide with insights from industry experts. Read on and leave your comments about the trends you’re going to hop on in 2022!

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