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5 Easy Ways to Repurpose Webinars into Evergreen Videos

Evergreen content is the gift that keeps giving. It’s the type of content that stays fresh and relevant so you can use it for months and years to come. Who doesn’t want more of that?

Most marketers think of webinars and one-off, live events. But if you know how to repurpose your webinars, you can turn them into long-lasting video content that will continue to work for you long after the live event.

Here are five easy ways to turn your webinars into evergreen videos:

1. Create an FAQ Video Series

Sometimes the most useful information in a webinar comes from the question and answer section. This is the perfect time to hear about your audience’s challenges, questions and what’s most important to them. And the best part about the Q&A section is that it’s practically user-generated content—they’re giving you the topic, and you just have to fill in the blanks.

Repurpose webinars

Dig into your webinar’s Q&A section for some valuable insights on what your audience really wants to hear about

With some light editing, you can turn your Q&A portion into several short videos. Share these short snippets on social, your blog, or include them on an FAQ page.

2. Make Snappy How-to Videos

You probably cover quite a few different topics in a single webinar. So, to make your videos more digestible and shareable, edit your webinar into specific, short how-to videos.

Example of a short how-to video from

You can easily share these clips as thought leadership content on your social media profiles, blog, or include them as part of your nurturing email campaigns.

3. Offer On-Demand Video

You just spent a lot of time and effort creating a great webinar –don’t let your content go to waste.

If your webinar topic will stay relevant, record your webinar and use it as an on-demand video. Cut out any dead-space or chit-chat at the beginning or end of your webinar. Now you have a great video that can be used to educate more audiences and drive new leads.

You just spent a lot of time and effort creating a great webinar –don’t let your content go to waste.

You can gate the video to drive new leads, share it on your website’s resource center or share it on platforms like GoToStage where new audiences can discover your content.

4. Make a Highlight Reel

Sometimes people don’t have time to watch a 30-60-minute video. Do your busy audience a favor and create a short video that summarizes the key takeaways from your webinar. To make your video even more digestible, delete the webinar audio. Instead, just use the webinar slides along with some additional text to clarify key points.

These highlight reels can be used as standalone video content or to drive viewers to the full, on-demand webinar.

5. Find Inspiration From Past Webinars

Go through past webinar content to find new video inspiration. You’ve already done the hard work of creating compelling content so you don’t need to start from scratch when looking for your next video topic and content.

Look at your webinar analytics to determine which webinars and topics resonated most with your audience.

  • Is your audience really interested in seeing your product in action?
  • Do they want to learn about a specific feature?
  • Do they want to hear customer success stories?
  • Did attendees have the same questions over and over?
  • What thought-leadership webinars had the most registrations and attendees?

Use these insights to create a higher production video. The great thing about webinars is that they are relatively cheap and easy to produce, so you can see use them to see what content is most popular and then make a more polished video knowing it’s exactly what your audience is looking for.

Webinars provide tons of content, and there are a million ways to repurpose them—including videos. And with evergreen videos, your repurposed content will stay relevant for months and years to come. It just requires a little time and creativity to compile your best webinar content into videos that people will want to watch over and over again.

About the author: 

Amber Tiffany brings her passion for writing and content strategy to the role of Content Marketing Manager at GoToWebinar by LogMeIn. When she’s not writing about how to produce top-notch webinars, she can be found reading or enjoying the great outdoors.

5 Easy Ways to Repurpose Webinars into Evergreen Videos

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