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Top 10 Creative TikTok Profile Picture Ideas

TikTok’s growth and increase in popularity across various age segments is something for the history books. As a content creator, TikTok presents a prime opportunity for you to reach and engage with a broader audience than ever.

However, there’s a catch. TikTok’s popularity has attracted so many users and content creators, and while this is good for the platform, as a content creator, it may be quite a tall order to be noticed by your target audience. One of the key options is having unique TikTok profile picture ideas.

What better way to get people excited about your TikTok than by creating fun, creative, and unique profile pictures? 

You can add extra spice to your account by putting together a visually stimulating display of your personality. Here are the top 10 ideas to capitalize on your creativity and make a profile picture that stands out.

What is PFP for TikTok?

PFP is the urban abbreviation for a profile picture. A PFP for TikTok is a profile picture representing what the account owner wants the TikTok account to depict about themselves or their brand.

By design, TikTok is a platform that encourages creativity and engaging content. To ensure you reach your desired audience, your profile picture must be as captivating to draw them in and representative of your personality and brand.

Creative TikTok Profile Picture Ideas

If you believe creativity on TikTok is limited to user-generated videos, then think again. True to its ideals, TikTok gives users all the freedom and tools they need to ensure their TikTok PFPs are as engaging as the user’s videos.

The following profile picture ideas should leave you and your viewers in awe. Still, you must put in the effort and work on perfecting the chosen concept.

1. Your Photo with Transparent BG

We’ve all been here before. You have an ideal picture of yourself, yet the background isn’t appropriate or befitting your current status or brand.

An effective workaround is simply removing the background and replacing it with a transparent one. This way, viewers can simultaneously see your TikTok PFP and a featured video loop.

You can remove a photo’s background using free tools like editor and later upload it as your profile picture on TikTok.

Create Transparent Background

with Wave.videoTry now!

2. Cartoon Character 

Most people go to TikTok to have fun, laugh, and maybe learn something. An account with a cartoon character as its PFP may draw lots of attention.

With numerous free stock images of cartoon characters, you’ll be spoilt for choice. A better alternative to this is to use a cartoon version of yourself. 

You can create an animated version of yourself using your smartphone’s built-in photo editor, AI software, or other free online editors. 

3. Meme PFP

Memes are one of the most popular ways to share content on TikTok. You can use memes in your profile picture as long as they’re relevant, funny, and not offensive or inappropriate.

One good thing about memes is that you can poke fun at yourself or others in a way that feels true and honest — but never mean-spirited. This brings out your playful or even down-to-earth nature, and your audience will love it because they see a version of themselves in you.

You can download and use funny memes on your TikTok PFP. But you may have to request permission, especially if the memes are copyright protected.

A better alternative is to create your own memes. Using a free online editor like, adapt relatable and funny meme content onto a graphic of your choice and upload it as your TikTok profile picture.

4. Aesthetic Picture

A picture qualifies to be aesthetic if it’s pleasing to the eye. It’s usually very colorful and has a lot of contrast, which makes it stand out from other pictures on your channel.

You can find aesthetic pictures of lush grassland, impressive architecture, or pets as free stock footage on and other online sources.

5. TikTok Default Profile Picture

This is what’s on your TikTok profile before you upload anything to the account. It’s still possible to use the default “blank” profile picture as your TikTok PFP.

However, you can also edit the default profile picture and add fancy elements to make it stand out without necessarily uploading your photo to the platform.

6. Anime Character

No matter your play or emotion you want to whip out, chances are high that there’s an anime character that perfectly embodies it.

Anime also has many dedicated fans, so you’ll never run out of an audience for your TikTok.

7. Cute Animal

Who doesn’t love fur babies? They’re cute, cuddly, and have so much energy you can’t possibly have enough of them. 

If you’re stuck or unsure about what to use as your TikTok PFP, please take a quick snap of your pet and add it to your TikTok. The best part about this is that you won’t need to edit it much. The cuteness speaks for itself, and your audience will love it

Don’t have a pet? No problem; talk to friends or family and ask if you can use a picture of their fur baby as your TikTok PFP. The worst they’ll do is say no.

Alternatively, you can use free stock footage of cute animals as your TikTok PFP.

8. Memoji

Instead of going through the trouble of hiring a professional photographer, you can use a Memoji on your TikTok PFP. 

Memojis are personalized versions of animojis. An Animoji is almost similar to emojis, only that they’re an almost identical but animated copy of your face.

Unfortunately, this option is limited to Mac or iOS users.

9. Abstract Picture

An abstract picture is a work of art that can be interpreted differently. The artist uses their imagination to create an image that has no definitive shape or form. This type of picture has become more popular over the last few years, and it’s easy to see why!

Rather than have a vivid image as your PFP, let your audience decide for themselves what the picture means. It’s a fun exercise for your audience and sets you apart as a person or brand.

Do you have any abstract pictures or art you painted some time back, and they’re lying around the house? Scan them into a digital format or take a nice photo using your phone or camera.

Similarly, you can find free stock abstract pictures online or in’s extensive collection. 

10. Your Logo

TikTok is all fun and vibes, but it doesn’t mean you can’t market your brand on the platform. While it may seem a bit unorthodox, your brand’s logo can make a great TikTok profile picture.

If you choose to use your logo as the TikTok PFP, ensure it has the following for effective results:

  • Visually appealing. Before you add it to your PFP, ask yourself if the logo has the aesthetics to draw viewers to it. An unbiased opinion from a third party can set you on the right path with this.
  • It’s simple. Don’t try to cram so much into the logo to avoid overwhelming your viewers and retain its visual appeal.
  • Consistency. Ensure the logo you use as your TikTok profile picture is the same as the one on your website, letterhead, and other platforms.
  • Features your brand identity. A great logo should hint at what the brand is all about. For instance, a construction company may have a tiny house or construction-related icon as its logo.

How to Make a Transparent TikTok PFP with Wave.Video has a handy video and photo editing tool that you can use to make a transparent TikTok PFP.

First, sign up for a free account on or sign in to your account if you’re an existing user.  navigate to the “My Projects” section by clicking the “My Projects” button at the top right corner of the homepage.

Move the cursor to the Create button. Select the Blank Image option in the dropdown menu that appears.

Choose the best format, in this case, the 9:16 Story format, which works best for TikTok. 

Once you’re at the editor, click the + sign and upload the image which you want to remove the background from.

In, there are 5 options to start from:

  • Use stock library
  • Upload the image from your computer
  • Use one of your projects
  • Start with a plain color
  • Apply a transparent background

Most people choose to use their own images for a PFP, so let’s proceed with the upload of a picture from your computer library.

In the Uploads section, click on the blue Upload button. It opens a dialogue box, where you can find a picture that you want to delete the background from. Upload it to your library, pick it from the list, and press the + Set button.

In editor, you can let your creativity run wild and enjoy various editing options; background removal is one of them. On the left side of the screen, choose the Edit section; on the right, find the Remove Background button. Wait for the system to scan the image, and remove the background.

Once the processing is over, feel free to finish the editing with a final touch.

To complete the project, click on the blue Publish button in the top right corner and choose Download image.

Congratulations! You’ve reached the final step. Now, choose the format you want your image to be (JPG, PNG, or GIF). If you want the image to have a transparent background, choose the PNG format and put a tick in the Transparent background box. Next, hit Generate, and get the final image ready to be downloaded.

Click Download, and feel free to use the photo as PFP on any social media you can think of.

If you want to find out more about background removal you may also read our How to Remove Image Background knowledge base article.

How to Change Your Profile Picture on TikTok

TikTok is by far one of the simplest applications to use. The intuitive features make everything seamless, whether uploading a video, removing a video, editing, or tagging friends.

Here’s how to change your TikTok PFP in a few simple steps:

  1. First, install TikTok on your smartphone. The application usually loads on the Home tab.
  2. Tap on the Profile icon at the bottom right corner.
  3. Tap on your profile image, and follow this by tapping on the Edit or “pen symbol” button.
  4. A prompt will direct you to your gallery, where you can pick a new profile picture.
  5. Crop the new profile picture as you deem fit and tap Save.

Voila, you now have a brand new TikTok profile picture.

Final Thoughts

Since its launch, TikTok has been and continues to make waves in social media circles. It has even carved a niche for itself. The short-form video didn’t seem like a big deal for a while, thanks to Vine’s collapse, but tech industry giants are now rushing to capitalize on this underestimated gem.

TikTok’s unique algorithm also deserves credit for the platform’s success. Creators and users alike always have something to be happy about with TikTok. However, as TikTok grows in popularity, it only means more creators will be getting on board, thus more competition for existing content creators.

Still, the growth isn’t limited to creators since TikTok usage is projected to grow over the next few years. If you’re keen on making the best of your efforts as a creator, it’s vital to have unique TikTok profile picture ideas to captivate viewers and prompt them to watch your videos.

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