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7 Steps You Should Take When Writing Effective Social Media Content

The field of social media in various internet sites has shown an increased tendency of designs meant for interacting socially. The commonest of these designs include sites such as Twitter and Facebook which have come to be powerful tools that have been used to revolutionize the entire advertising world.

Around fifteen years ago, the common practice in the advertising industry was based on acquiring some TV slots whose prices were rocket high. In these present times, there is a whole new side to successful advertisements. A good advertising campaign can be achieved without the much hustle that was there in the past with a professional having an internet connection perhaps being the only resource required.

Therefore, with the changing times, we also need to change our perspective of things and work towards getting the best out of social media. Many people have realized the power that lies within social media platforms and are already investing a lot of time in developing themselves in this field.

For you to be successful, you should first acknowledge the great competition that you will face in social media, so as to have the drive of ensuring your efforts is exceptional. One of the ways in which you can see to it that you have superiority over your competition is through writing effective social media content. The value that content holds for any particular party is reflected by 92% of marketers referring to content being an asset to the organizations that they work for.

7 steps you should take when writing your effective social media content

Below are some of the steps that will assist your social media content to be nothing short of outstanding:

1. Try and Post Most Of Your Content At The End Of The Day

60% of marketers around the globe write at least one content piece every day and they post them mostly in the evening hours. Regardless of whether your content targets doctors, wine enthusiasts or even soccer teams, most people prefer logging into their social media accounts at the end of the day when relaxing after a day of work. You should appreciate that during this time period, most people could have some minor distractions going about their vicinity such as cooking dinner or catching up with their kids among many others.

most people prefer logging into their social media accounts at the end of the day

Having this in mind, you will be in-turn prompted to ensure that your content can compete with all these things for attention. The best ways to get things done includes keeping your content sweet and short and also by keeping away from technical jargon, bloated expositions, and rub-in-sentences.

2. Focus on Engagement and Not Exhibitionism

For your content to bring about loyal subscribers or viewers, you will need to interact more with them in your content rather than merely advertising yourself. One of such an example is by simply taking to social media to engage your readers in a blog or customers after providing for them a particular service.

A good example of interaction with the followers via social media performed by Hubspot
In case you own a business like a hotel, you can write effective social media content by engaging your customers into telling you how you can best improve your hotel service. More often than not, such courtesy does not go unrewarded and you will find them answering your question and above all, have become frequent visitors to your hotel. This would be one of the cardinal signs that your social media content has been effective!

3. Educate and Explain

Often times, social media has been used to provide a gateway through which a person can get explanatory and informal pieces about various subjects in diverse fields. You should be able to first establish the target audience of your content so as to have a bearing on the direction of educational pieces that you are going to take. Once you’ve established what content would appeal most to your audience, you should look for material that is up to date on various topics.

Find the best headlines for these topics and then package the content that you would like to educate your audience with into clear, concise and comprehensive pieces that will ensure that they have gained a lot from reading your content. If practiced in the appropriate manner, this will lead to readers always looking forward to your new postings because of the habit you will have formed of posting nourishing content in social media.

4. Be 100% Technically Correct

Ensure that your content does not have any grammar errors, spelling mistakes or even passive voice issues among many other technical hitches your content could harbor. Most of the people in the online world will hardly forgive you if you posted content with such problems as it depicts that you’re not competent in your writing hence making them also discredit what you’re writing.

Grammarly correction

Source: Grammarly
Use online editing tools (e.g. Grammarly) or even get to hiring a proofreader in order to ensure that you don’t get entangled in such a conundrum. Content that’s perfect in its grammar will add to its value and most of the readers will be able to actually appreciate the genuine passion and effort that the writer put into practice for content of such caliber to be produced.

5. Avoid Being Too Creative or Clever

Creativity in pieces and content that has a clever side to it is an impressive quality that readers would die to encounter on a daily basis in both unofficial forums like blogs and academic setups such as in persuasive essay topics. However, moderation should be exercised when putting these qualities into practice. Too much creativity comes with an equal excess of flowery writing.

Too much creativity

In small doses, they are completely acceptable but when you go overboard, you get your readers confused and thinking too hard in order to decrypt the message that has gotten lost in your creativity. This will, in turn, have the ripple effect of making your content be discarded by most readers as it is not effective in relaying the message that they expected to attain from reading it.

6. Use Language That’s Familiar To Your Audience

One of the best ways that you can use to ensure that your audience feels that they can easily relate to your content is by mirroring the language that they use. In regard to this, the question of how to figure out their language comes up. The answer to it is both simple and effective.

You should take an interest to the people that read your content and the comments that they leave on your social media sites, blog posts and also the people that subscribe to your newsletters. It is difficult to miss some of the similarities that are found in the language they use when actively participating in the above forums.

For your content to be effective, you should flesh out some of the language cues and phrases when packaging it to them. This may seem simple, but the effects it has are tremendous and will surely pin down a good number of readers to your posts. This is due to the reading of familiar and personal language hence making them feel that the content is specially tailored for them individually.

7. Focus on Headings

80% of readers normally read all the titles/headlines of various pieces in a page while 20% read the actual content contained in the different pieces on a given page. Once you’ve grasped this fact about readers, then you should be bound to changing your approach when writing your content. Whether you undertake the writing by yourself or you use essay writing services, your headings require being put at the forefront of everything if you want the content contained in your pieces to have even the slightest effect.

Headlines in blogs

Source: Writtent
Regardless of the masterpiece contained in your content, if your headline is not appealing, your efforts will be rendered null and void because readers have not been prompted into giving attention to your content. In order to avoid such a situation, use the steps in the article above to write effective content, but remember to give it a good headline so as to enable readers to find it hard to just brush your posts off.


Effective content can be referred to as content that entertains and engages your audience and in the long run, meets the goals that you’d set when beginning to write it. For all the above to be achieved, there are steps that you require to take in order to ensure that you can connect with your target audience and can deliver relevant content on social media consistently.

The steps that have been explained above are among the most fool-proof methods that will lead you into achieving effective social media content. We highly recommend that you try them out in the appropriate manner and you will surely have tremendous benefits in your journey of writing effective social media content.

Which of the steps above has had a huge impact on your writing?

Author’s Bio: Kevin Nelson is a professional educator and a private tutor with over 8 years of experience. He is also a content writer for various blogs about higher education, entertainment, social media & blogging. During his off time, Kevin enjoys traveling and cooking. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter, Linkedin & Google+.

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