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7 Best Animoto Alternatives in 2023

Best Animoto Alternatives

Are you looking for Animoto alternatives? Although Animoto is a powerful platform with lots of options, its free version only allows you to export videos with Animoto branding. For most production teams, the free version leaves a lot to be desired.

Even the Basic tier leaves out the ability to export in anything above 1080p, and you won’t have access to logos and color options, licensed music, photos or videos.

7 Best Animoto Alternatives

best animoto alternative

1. is the best Animoto alternative on our list. The platform is web-based, which allows you or your team to work on productions anywhere. Work on your latest video in the office, and when you get home, start editing where you left off right inside of

Since there’s no download required, you can begin creating your video within seconds of signing up.

Rapid video production is possible thanks to the:

  • 1000+ free video templates – all professionally designed
  • 300 million stock videos, sound effects and music assets

Users can customize templates or transform their production with assets from some of the world’s most popular stock providers. Other features include:

  • Advanced text editing, animations and visual styles
  • Voice recorder and editor function makes voiceovers fast to create
  • Subtitle creation is auto-generated to the language(s) your viewers speak
  • Thumbnail maker allows you to improve video clicks
  • Image background remover empowers creators to remove unwanted background objects
  • Shared login at higher tiers to collaborate on your video editing
  • Live stream on up to 10 channels at once
  • Support for multi-camera setups
  • Pre-record streams and schedule them for future release


  • Multiple pricing tiers to fit into every budget
  • Millions of templates, videos, graphics and other stock assets
  • Create and edit voiceovers in the editor
  • Automatic subtitle creation in multiple languages to expand your video’s reach
  • Resize to the best sizes for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and more


  • Free: Access to the basic video editor, up to 15-minute long videos with a watermark and 2M assets and templates.
  • Streamer ($16/mo): Everything in the Free tier, but you can now create non-watermarked videos and gifs that are up to 5 minutes long.
  • Creator ($24/mo): Allows you to create videos up to 30 minutes long, make thumbnails, get more access to the stock library, remove backgrounds, add captions and titles, use text to speech and more.
  • Business ($48/mo): Gives you everything in the Creator tier, but allows you to create videos up to two hours long and at 60 fps. You also get a shared login for teams.

All tiers offer live streaming and video hosting options.

Verdict is the top choice of Animoto alternatives because the platform offers a lot of functionality, even on the free version. The team is committed to making video editing easy for beginners and professionals, and they excel by offering millions of free assets and thousands of templates that you can begin using today.

2. Veed

VEED’s cloud-based editing helps teams work together from across the world. Subtitling on VEED is one of the better solutions in the industry, and templates do allow you to make videos rapidly.

A minimal interface helps new and seasoned creators begin editing their productions faster, while a rich set of features can transform production quality in minutes. Some of the main features of this platform, include:

  • Remove watermarks or add custom ones
  • Auto-generate subtitles
  • Text-to-speech options
  • Stock templates
  • Stock audio and video
  • Collaborate and add brand management
  • Analyze video analytics
  • Add a call-to-action to videos
  • Screen and cam record


  • Subtitling is easy, allowing your videos to reach more viewers
  • Easy-to-use user interface makes it easy to begin using VEED
  • Stock templates (paid tiers) and custom ones at the highest tier
  • Video analytics at the highest tier and call-to-actions


  • Issues with buffering and saving with recent releases
  • Crashes on users even with short, 40-second clips


  • Free: 720p export quality, 10-minute video max, limited stock and audio, 250 MB upload size, 30 minutes of auto subtitles per month, link sharing, commenting and reviewing.
  • Basic ($18/mo): Everything in the free tier, but you can remove watermarks. Videos in this tier can be up to 25 minutes long and exported in 1080p. Unlimited stock, video and upload size are also unlocked, along with text-to-speech, stock templates, video call-to-action and more.
  • Pro ($30/mo): Everything in the Basic tier, but you can now export in 4K, video lengths can be 2 hours long, and subtitles can be 1,440 minutes a year. You can also use private workspaces, custom fonts and watermarks, and much more,
  • Business ($59/mo): Everything in Pro, along with multiple custom options, such as account manager, onboarding and training, video analytics and other features.


VEED is an Animoto alternative with a lot of potential, but it’s hard to ignore the recent outcry from users who are dealing with software crashes or can’t undo their mistakes. That said, the platform has many advanced features at the highest tier, such as custom templates, which will speed up future production.



Promo is one of the more popular Animoto alternatives, with millions of businesses using their solution. The company has partnered with Getty Images and iStock to help creators enhance their production value with stunning images and videos.

The platform aims to bring your ideas to life in minutes through social media, ads, product videos, explainer videos and more. Users can access top-tier features, such as:

  • Automated publishing to leading platforms
  • Collaboration tools
  • Large media library
  • Customizable options to make production faster
  • Brand overlays
  • Video capture
  • Video resizer and image converter


  • Very easy to use
  • Large selection of stock videos, images and templates
  • Royalty-free music
  • Pre-made content for social channels


  • Customer support is lacking, and some users complain of being charged even after canceling
  • Only ideal for short videos that generate awareness or for creating advertisements
  • Inflexible video editing leaves little room for creativity


  • Annual Basic ($29/mo): Unlimited downloads, 3 premium clips per month, 5,000+ ready-made templates, limited editorial content, 2GB of upload storage, no watermark, 1,500 music tracks, free videos and photos, photo to video maker, image resizer and much more.
  • Annual Standard ($59/mo): Everything in Basic, plus unlimited Getty Images and iStock, 50GB of storage, lifetime license, 5-minute video length, 5 logos, one brand preset, font library, export to leading platforms (Google Drive, Dropbox, HubSpot or Wistia), publish directly to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, and access to the mobile app.
  • Annual Pro ($199/mo): Everything in Standard, plus unlimited storage and editorial content, 10 brand presets and more.

Verdict allows creators and businesses to make fast, high-quality videos. The platform doesn’t have some of the standout features that others offer, but they have a wealth of assets from Getty that can increase your production value.

adobe express

4. Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a browser-based editing tool that allows you to create a variety of graphics, video content and more. Express is a cloud-based editor with a graphical interface that makes it easy to create your content.

To edit videos, Express gives you the following tools:

  • Trim
  • Resize
  • Merge
  • Crop
  • Convert to GIF
  • Change speed
  • Reverse video
  • Convert to MP4

You can also access free templates and design assets to help you create professional videos in minutes.


  • Browser-based editing is convenient
  • Lots of templates to choose from
  • You can upload and manage your libraries


  • Editing videos isn’t as easy as on other platforms
  • The best templates and assets are only available with a premium subscription
  • The free plan has very limited options


  • Free: Includes 2GB of storage, web and mobile editing, basic editing effects, limited access to Adobe Stock, fonts, and thousands of templates and assets.
  • Premium ($9.99/month): Includes access to all premium templates and assets, premium editing options like resizing and graphic groups, 100 GB of storage, access to the entire Adobe Stock collection, branding options and more.


If you’re looking for alternatives to Animoto, Adobe Express is a good place to start. You can create a variety of graphics and videos from a single platform. While the graphical interface simplifies editing, video editing is still not as quick and easy as with other platforms. Plus, upgrading to the Premium tier is the only way to really get access to the quality design assets offered by Express.


5. Camtasia

Camtasia is a video editing tool and screen recorder that has been around for over two decades. This versatile tool can be used for a number of applications, from marketing and sales to customer testimonials, internal training, social media and more.

Unlike some of the other options on this list, Camtasia is a software-based solution. It’s available for both Windows and Mac, but you’ll have to deal with the inconveniences of installing and maintaining your software.

And while software can be a hassle, Camtasia does have the advantage of not requiring a subscription. You purchase a license that allows you to use a specific version of the software forever. There is a catch, though – you’ll have to pay a maintenance fee to keep your software updated.

Still, Camtasia does have a wealth of features that make it a viable Animoto alternative, like:

  • The ability to add animations, shapes, text and more
  • Audiate, which removes “ums,” “uhs,” and other hesitations from your audio
  • Screen recording and the ability to edit your audio, screen and camera separately
  • Pre-made templates, assets like video clips and music, and animated text


  • Powerful screen recorder and video editor
  • Access to templates and assets
  • Audiate removes hesitations from audio


  • Software requires installation
  • Upgrades aren’t free
  • Learning curve


  • Individual and Business Plans ($199 per user): Includes one year of maintenance ($50/year thereafter), video training and customer support
  • Education ($141.99 per user): Includes one year of maintenance ($42.94/year thereafter), video training, customer support, site licenses and tax-exempt ordering options
  • Education ($179.32 per user): Includes one year of maintenance ($44.83/year thereafter), video training, customer support, site licenses and tax-exempt ordering options


Camtasia’s focus on screen recording makes it a great option for educators, business training videos, non-profits and other informative content. But for marketers, influencers and brands wanting to expand their reach, Camtasia isn’t the best solution.


6. Renderforest

Renderforest aims to provide you with all of your design tools in one convenient place. Along with videos, you can also create animations, mockups, presentations, websites and more.

Renderforest’s interface is easy to use, and they offer multiple ways to customize your content. Navigating to the template you want can be a little cumbersome, and there’s no easy option to create a video from scratch.

When it comes to video content, Renderforest allows you to create:

  • Animation videos
  • Intros and logos
  • Slideshows
  • Presentations
  • Intros and outros for YouTube

Renderforest also has a library of music and sounds to add to your videos.


  • Visual interface and browser-based editing
  • Create a variety of videos using built-in templates
  • Helpful tutorials and learning guides


  • Despite the visual interface, Renderforest has a steep learning curve
  • No obvious way to create videos from scratch


  • Free: Create videos up to 3 minutes long in 720p, get 500MB of storage, access templates and presets, and get a limited amount of stock video content
  • Lite ($9.99/month): Gives you 10 GB of storage, the option to create unlimited 720p videos, full access to their templates, more access to stock media and other design assets.
  • Pro ($19.99/month): Gives you everything in Lite plus 30 GB of storage, the option to create unlimited 1080p videos, access to the full catalog of stock media, branding guidelines and more.
  • Business ($29.99/month): Gives you everything in Pro plus 50 GB of storage, unlimited videos in 4K, a dedicated account manager, custom watermarks and more.


If you’re looking for an Animoto alternative that focuses primarily on templates and stock media, Renderforest may be a good option for you. Because the platform aims to offer all design tools, they don’t really specialize in video creation or editing. Their tools are a great start, but they lack the level of customization that other tools on this list offer.


7. Offeo

Offeo is a browser-based video creator and editor that has similar features to Animoto. The cloud-based platform has fully automated features that make it easy to start creating videos even if you don’t have design experience.

From product videos to social content, slideshows and more, Offeo has a wealth of templates (3,000+) to help you create a variety of video content.

Other features include:

  • Professional animations created by Offeo’s designers
  • AI-driven content suggestions – just enter your brand’s URL to get ideas
  • Options to create promos, commercials, animations, adverts, social media stories, outros and intros for YouTube, mood boards, and more
  • Multiple format options, including vertical, square and landscape
  • Access to Shutterstock images and video
  • Thousands of quality music tracks
  • One-click animations, background removal and fonts in multiple languages


  • Visual editor makes it easy for beginners to create videos
  • Cloud-based functionality eliminates the need to download software
  • Lots of stock media options
  • AI-driven content suggestions can save time


  • No mobile app
  • Upload speeds are notoriously slow and preview windows are laggy
  • Free trial is very limited


  • Premium ($19/month or $149 for the year): Includes unlimited projects, unlimited video and image downloads, videos up to 3 minutes, access to the stock library, templates, 20GB of storage, 40 credits for the background removal tool, assets, music, fonts, reseller license and more

Offeo has just one subscription plan, and you can choose from a monthly option or an annual plan that offers a 26% discount.


Offeo is one of the alternatives to Animoto that looks promising but falls short in some key areas. While the visual interface makes editing a breeze, you’re limited to creating short videos (up to 3 minutes) and can only use the background removal tool a certain number of times each month. If you want to create longer videos for YouTube or even product demonstrations, Offeo may not be a great solution for you. It’s better suited for promotional video content.


These seven platforms are some of the best Animoto Alternatives out there. tops our list because of its ease of use and advanced features that help you create professional videos for all applications. But our other picks also offer robust solutions that can help you get started on your video creation journey.


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