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Leverage the Power of Facebook Video Marketing for Lead Generation

Facebook Video Marketing for Lead Generation

Marketing has become complex today. From content marketing to social media to SEO to paid advertising, the marketing dynamic keeps evolving with time and technology.

Among all the trends and techniques that have revamped the face of marketing, video marketing has captured huge attention. Digital marketing techniques are steadily shifting towards video content, be it in the form of live video, story, or YouTube; video marketing is dominating the field. 

Indeed, there are multiple platforms where you can post video content and increase customer engagement, but Facebook is one of the best platforms to broadcast your video content. With an average of more than 8 billion videos viewed daily, Facebook helps you reach a large audience immediately. 

With an average of more than 8 billion videos viewed daily, Facebook helps you reach a large audience immediately. 

Earlier, Facebook was only used for sharing and commenting but now marketers use it to establish relationships with customers.

Promoting products on Facebook is a constantly rising trend and marketers are always looking for fresh content to publish on Facebook. 

Facebook videos are liked and attract maximum eyeballs. The reason is very simple: four billion people watch videos daily, and customers these days are searching for the fastest and relevant content to consume. Therefore, if you want to add fuel to your existing social media marketing strategy, then you can not overlook Facebook videos. 

Why You Should Care About Facebook Video marketing

Facebook has been one of the supreme social media platforms for the last decade. Not only individuals but more and more brands are also leveraging Facebook marketing in order to increase customer engagement and brand awareness. 

The amount of video watched on Facebook is something you can not ignore. Well, this is not the sole reason why Facebook video marketing is important. 

On average, 500 million people visit Facebook to watch videos on a daily basis. This is a large number, which means you can directly target a huge number of customers at one time. It has launched many video features for video marketers, such as Facebook Live and Facebook Stories, to keep customers engaged. 


Facebook Video marketing

Source: Sproutsocial

Further, Facebook keeps introducing new features to compete with YouTube and Snapchat. 

Moreover, Facebook’s new algorithm makes it easy for marketers to reach a large volume of audience.

If your one video gets popular, then there may be a chance for marketers to capitalize most from it. 

Let’s look at the prime benefits that unleash the power of Facebook video marketing, 

  1. Massive exposure
  2. Cost-effective marketing expense
  3. Easy to target potential customers
  4. Enhance brand loyalty
  5. Drive web and app traffic

Videos are posted to promote products and services. It seems like videos have snatched sales person’s jobs. From small businesses to retailers, multinational brands can today display their products and services online by creating different kinds of videos. Now before jumping to the tips, let’s focus on some eye-popping statistics about Facebook video marketing.

Types of Facebook videos

Followed by YouTube, Facebook is the most popular platform for brands to share videos with their followers.

The main purpose of posting a video on the Facebook wall is to entertain and connect with your followers. If you are new to Facebook video marketing and unaware of types of Facebook videos, here we have enlisted several types for your reference. 

  1. Ask Me Anything (AMA)
  2. Behind the scenes videos
  3. Big Announcements 
  4. Thought of the day
  5. Promoting newsletter or content
  6. Facebook live
  7. Product review
  8. Interview with influencers 

These are the different types of Facebook videos that you can create and entertain your audience. 

Key Facebook Video Statistics Every Marketer Should Know 

Facebook has become one of the best social media platforms that have urged marketers to leverage its strengths in order to promote their brands across the globe.

Since its launch in the digital realm, the platform has gained huge momentum, with more than 1.23 million monthly active users. Hence, it has become the go-to platform to market your products to give your brand better exposure worldwide. 

Along with product promotion, you can also build rapport and personalized relationships with your customers and potential clients, from retailers to eCommerce to even popular brands harnessing the power of Facebook video marketing.

Followed by eCommerce, the restaurant is another industry that uses Facebook to attract diners, most restaurants posting videos behind the scenes using an app similar to UberEats, which will not only impress diners but take your audience into your kitchen and dining room. 

You can have a look at what Gordon Ramsay has been doing with restaurants. 

  1. A whopping 64% of customers make a purchase after watching a video on Facebook. 
  2. Half a billion people are watching videos on Facebook every day
  3. Facebook video posts help brands to drive more organic traffic than images
  4. Videos directly uploaded on Facebook’s platform perform ten times better than video content that is linked in posts. 
  5. Whenever you post a video on Facebook, the first five seconds are important as users decide whether they want to watch the video or not. 
  6. Live videos for Facebook are a golden opportunity as it helps to boost customer engagement with brands. 
  7. Brands need to post videos that perform well on smartphones because most of the videos are seen on mobile devices. 
  8. More than 84% of marketers promote products on Facebook, and half of them using Facebook video marketing in their strategy, 
  9. You might get shocked to know, but 35% of video marketers use the Facebook Live feature. 
  10. A recent survey conducted by Facebook claimed that more than 30% of shoppers find new products and services through Facebook videos. 

The above statistics clearly show that Facebook video marketing provides every tool that marketers need to endear their brand in the customer’s eyes. Facebook video marketing not only promotes products but adds fuel to your overall sales funnel and reap exclusive benefits. 

Facebook video marketing provides every tool that marketers need to endear their brand in the customer’s eyes.

5 Salivating Tips for Video Marketing on Facebook

After going through these eye-popping statistics, you are now curious to know how to make awesome Facebook videos that captivate your audience; let’s get started. 

Unleash the Power of Live

Facebook Live video stats

Source: Agorapulse

Like Instagram, Facebook has also introduced the live video feature to enable brands to generate higher engagement. Moreover, users can also like and post a comment on live videos.

According to research, business pages that have less than 10K followers experienced 73% better engagement with Facebook live videos as compared to recorded videos. Whereas brands whose followers are more than 100,000 saw engagement around 55%. 

It means no matter what business you operate and what kind of products you are going to offer, Facebook live videos have higher engagement capabilities and keep customers hooked with content. 

For instance, one of the best examples of Facebook Live is Benefit Cosmetics, the brand has started posting live videos where they would talk about cosmetic products in a detailed way. Along with product launch, it also answers customer’s questions in their QA session. 

Optimize For Mobile 

More than 95% of Facebook users access the platform on their smartphones, and half of them watch videos on their mobile devices.

Overlooking the mobile approach can cost you more, and there are chances you lose a huge chunk of potential customers. Hence, it would be wise to give priority to mobile videos rather than desktop videos. 

You need to design a mobile-friendly video that leaves an impact on the user’s mind and delivers a better experience for those who are enjoying your video content on their smartphones and performs well without rotating their device. 

If you really want to make the most out of Facebook video marketing, focusing on mobile viewers is a must because it tends to have lower CPM and ensure maximum engagement than desktop video ads. 

Record Facebook 360 Videos 

Facebook introduced this feature in order to deliver a virtual reality experience to its users.

Marketers can try and get started with this tool to provide their customers with a new and improved version of their products. Users feel teleported when they actually rotate their screens, and they can also enjoy videos from different looks and perspectives. 

If brands want to achieve maximum user engagement on their new product launch, Facebook 360 offers an amazing chance to engage and communicate with their users. This feature also enables you to connect with your customers in a more impressive way and is a great way to promote your signature products. 

For instance, Mountain Dew promotes drinks with new flavors using the Facebook 360 feature where their customers can race and Chase Elliot. As a result, they got 2.15 million views and more than 8500 shares in no time. 

Run Facebook Ads to Get More Engagement 

Getting organic views is challenging as more than 100 million hours of videos daily are uploaded to Facebook. If your video is not appealing, you might get lost in this digital crowd. But the good news is that you can get instant engagement on your Facebook video by going sponsored. Yes, Facebook video ads allow you to boost engagement and retention. Depending on your goals, get started with an ad campaign to achieve different objectives such as: 

  • Reach
  • Brand awareness
  • Traffic
  • Followers
  • Page like
  • Drive web and app traffic 

Target your customers based on demographics such as age, location, interest, etc. Running paid video content on Facebook helps you generate leads and boost sales. 

For instance, marketers taking inspiration from Squarespace’s video that short video helps people send extra maks directly to medical workers across the USA amid the corona contingencies. The reason behind this short videos success is it creates urgency and deliver all the information in the least possible time. 

Make gripping Facebook video ads

with Wave.videoStart now

Add Relevant Hashtags Before Publishing 

Whether you are uploading videos on Facebook or Instagram, or YouTube, using relevant hashtags makes a big difference and allows users to find content that they are looking for. But the question is which tags marketers should use? 

For example, Ipsy’s #CrashTestBeauties video campaign went viral, the brand also started to use the same hashtags in their all videos. As a result, users now can click on the hashtags and get all the videos in the same series. 

Ending Note 

No doubt that Facebook has become a “sweet spot” for marketers, from running paid ads to video marketing to engaging with users, Facebook has it all. Don’t be camera shy; promote your products with Facebook videos with these five practices and strengthen your overall marketing strategy. 

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