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How to Сo-Stream on Twitch: 3 Easiest Methods

If you love streaming, you probably would have wondered how to co-stream on Twitch. The idea of bringing multiple broadcasters to your stream is brilliant. Not to miss the audience reach it provides. However, it’s not simple.

Co-streaming on Twitch involves a series of steps and that’s what this guide intends to help you with. Read on to find some excellent ways to co-stream on Twitch.

Co-stream on Twitch

What is Co-streaming on Twitch?

Twitch’s philosophy is simple. It’s focused on creating stellar live streaming experiences for everyone – including streamers, viewers, and chatters. This is where co-streaming comes in. It’s airing someone else’s broadcast as you deliver your commentary on what’s happening on screen.

This Twitch feature is enabled for various special events and Twitch-licensed content. Think of marathons, eSports, TV shows, and conventions. There are several co-streamable events on the platform that you can air throughout the year.

Check out this blog post from the platform to find a list of events you can co-stream.

Co-Stream on Twitch Hassle-Free

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How to Co-stream on Twitch

Connecting with the community is essential for any streamer and Twitch lets you do it well through co-streaming. From those watch-along sessions with your followers to including multiple video feeds in your live stream, you can make the most of interconnected live streams on the platform.

But how?

Well, there are various ways to co-stream on Twitch, and here are two of the highly recommended ones: OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) and XSplit.

How to Co-Stream on Twitch Using OBS

Step 1 – Inside OBS, go to “Sources” and click the “+” icon on the bottom left.

Or, you can right-click within the “Sources” panel and select “Add” from the options.

OBS Twitch Co-streaming

Step 2 – Next, choose “Browser” from the menu.


Step 3 – In the pop-up screen, select the source and click “OK”.

Create Source

Step 4 – Now, in the “URL” field, add the URL for the Twitch stream you want to broadcast.

You can also change the width, height, and FPS here to align it with your stream settings in OBS.

Co-Stream URL

Once done, click “OK”.

Step 5 – Go to your Creator Dashboard and apply the Co-Stream tag. Finally, click “Start Streaming” on OBS when you’re all set to co-stream.

How to Co-Stream on Twitch Using XSplit

Step 1 – Use XSplit Version 3.0.1 or higher to co-stream on Twitch using XSplit.

Step 2 – Go to the tool and click “Add Source” at the bottom left. Then, select “Webpage” from the options.

How to Co stream on Twitch using XSplit

Step 3 – Change the width, height, and FPS if needed.

Step 4 – Go to your Creator Dashboard and apply the Co-Stream tag. Then, click “Start Streaming” when you’re ready to go live.

Great Alternative: How to Co-stream on has been a steadfast supporter of brands and creators willing to make the most of video editing, marketing and streaming. So, to let you seamlessly tap into the world of co-streaming, also offers a co-streaming feature.

Here’s how you can use this tool to stream directly to your guests’ channels without sharing login credentials.

Step 1 – Set up your live stream

Log into your account and select “My streams & recordings” from the left menu. Then choose “Setup Live Stream” from the options. Co-streaming

Step 2 – Enter stream details

Next, enter the live event’s title and give it a description. Select a folder for recording and upload a thumbnail. You can schedule the broadcast now if you want. But don’t forget to toggle on the “Allow guests to co-stream this event to their destinations” if you want them to co-stream your broadcast.

Then, add your destinations by clicking “Setup destinations”.

Stream Details

Step 3 – Invite guests

Inside the streaming studio, click the “Invite” button to send your guests the event link.

Step 4 – Start co-streaming

Well, that’s all. Once guests join the event, they can log into their accounts and add their streaming destinations. You can then enjoy co-streaming!

Benefits of Co-Streaming

Still not sure whether co-streaming is worth putting effort into? Here are some undeniable benefits of co-streaming that will probably convince you to give it a try:

  • Expanded reach: Co-streaming allows streamers to tap into new audiences and grow their viewer base by collaborating with fellow content creators.
  • Enhanced viewer engagement: Combining the talents and personalities of multiple streamers provides a more dynamic and entertaining experience for viewers.
  • Networking opportunities: Collaborating with other streamers fosters strong connections within the streaming community and opens doors for future partnerships.
  • Diverse perspectives: Co-streaming allows for varied viewpoints, insights, and expertise, creating a richer and more informative experience for the audience.
  • Knowledge sharing: Streamers can learn from one another’s techniques, experiences, and best practices, ultimately improving their own streaming skills.
  • Cross-promotion: Co-streaming facilitates cross-promotion between streamers, helping to increase visibility and attract potential followers.
  • Shared responsibilities: Co-streaming allows streamers to share the workload of entertaining viewers and moderating chat, making the streaming experience more enjoyable and manageable for the creators.

Reach Your Guests’ Followers with Co-Streaming

If you haven’t started prioritizing co-streaming, now’s the time to kickstart your co-streaming journey with Maximize your audience reach by tapping into your guests’ followers with co-streaming and bringing communities together.

And if you’re co-streaming on platforms like Twitch, make sure you follow their guidelines.

Learn more about getting more viewers on Twitch in this handy guide and build up your Twitch viewership.

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