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How to Create a Promotional Video for Your Product: 5 Tips

Have you ever seen a promo that stays in your mind for a long time? Something like a visual earworm?

Well, now it’s your turn to show the world that you know better.

If you’re dipping your toes in the promo video waters, you might get overwhelmed with the profusion of information everywhere.

Don’t be!

How to create a promotional video for your product

Here’s the ultimate guide you need to create a rocking promotional video with tips coming straight from the experts. Read on to learn more about promo video basics and how to create a promotional video for your product.

What is a Promotional Video?

A promotional (promo) video is a video used to build awareness of a marketing initiative, a product or service launch, a sale, or an event. Basically, anything that promotes one or more elements of your brand is a promo video.

A promotional (promo) video is a video used to build awareness of a marketing initiative, product launch, sale, or event.

It must be compelling enough to make a hit with your audience. We’ll get to the part where you can actually learn how to create a convincing promo video that increases your brand’s exposure and discovery.

But, first, let’s see why should your brand even care about a promo video.

Why use a promo video anyway?

Creating a promo video is like manifesting a vision for your audience. It tells them why do they need your brand. Here are a few reasons why using a promotional video is essential for every business out there.

  • To get more buyers for an upcoming sale, product/service launch, or event
  • To build more engagement on your social media handles
  • To gain credibility amongst your audience
  • To powerfully convey your message
  • To promote your brand without breaking the bank
  • To promote your product, service, or event on multiple social platforms, your website/blog, and through emails, etc.

No matter what your goals are, a promotional video can give your brand an edge over others. However, it’s crucial to create a video that connects on a very human level with your audience. So, how to make a promo video that adds value to your consumers?

Here’s how.

How to create a promotional video for your product: 5 Tips

Irrespective of your brand strategy, offerings, and audience, here’s how to ace the art and skill of creating a promotional video:

1. Plan it well

The ability to clearly share your vision is critical for a successful promo video. Ensure that your content is easy to digest and focuses on the audiences’ viewpoint – highlighting their expectations for every stage of the buyer’s journey. This is where planning can help.

Begin by:

Setting your goals A promo video may intend to achieve more than one goal. From creating brand awareness to driving more sales, from getting more repeat orders to conversions – whatever you aim to achieve from your promotional video, it needs to be stated beforehand to define the messaging.

Finalizing the durationLike any other video that’s meant to create impact, the length of a promo video matters. With a constantly decreasing attention span, aim to create a video that doesn’t go beyond 2 minutes.

Engagement vs Video Length

Image source

A 15-second-long promo video usually strikes the right chord, but ensure that your video represents the message clearly, without outrageous cliffhangers.

Fixing a budget If you have created something that didn’t exist before, present it in a way that’s never done before. Your promo should be a high-quality video that’s on point with respect to the content, talent, delivery, production, and post-production. And the good news is – you can create a stunning promo video even on a budget.

 2. Prepare for production AKA “pre-production”

Pre-production is the bridge between planning and production. For successful pre-production, don’t miss out on:

Giving your video a direction Pre-production doesn’t mean you can randomly go on and create a video. Once you have the goals, duration, and budget ready, give your video a direction to avoid getting lost among a sea of promos. Do you want to explain the benefits of a newly launched product or think bringing a celebrity will fetch you more likes? Choose a direction that leads to increased positive conversations about your brand, and you’ll be halfway there.

Defining the tone – One of the best ways to get people talking about your promo video is to define the tone your audience resonates with. Do you want it to be humorous, conversational, or serious? Whatever the tone you choose, ensure it suits your promo’s context.

Deciding the location and casting Next comes choosing the production location and casting. Find a shooting venue and cast that suit your message, and prepare a detailed description to avoid getting off-track.

Preparing the script Like any video, your promotional video needs a strong script. It should be straightforward yet detailed, with all the scenes and descriptions mentioned in sequence along with the voice-over. Also, list the props and audio you’d need for each scene. But don’t forget to pair the script with a clear call to action (CTA). Tell your viewers what you want them to do and see them doing it!

Creating a storyboardFinally, the pre-production ends with a storyboard. Give your ideas a concrete shape with a production outline keeping your goal and script in mind. By helping you visualize the video better, a storyboard helps reduce the time and costs involved in the production phase by avoiding those frequent retakes, checks, and edits.

Free Storyboard Templates

3. Focus on production

Alright, now is the time to put all your thoughts into action.

If you are shooting outdoors, make sure you reserve the locations well in advance.

And remember, no matter whether you’re going to capture new footage, use screen-recorded footage or compile footage, you don’t really need an army of animators, motion designers, and assistants.

While you can always hire a production team for smooth and organized production processes, you can also do it yourself. In fact, you can record stunning videos just using your phone!

And for stock footage, head over’s stock library for royalty-free videos, images, and music to make the process simpler, quicker, and cost-effective.

Create Promo Videos That Sell and Convert

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4. Take post-production seriously

A killer promo video doesn’t end at the production stage. You need to polish it post-production to convert it into a video gem. Put everything together in this phase by adding music, voice-over, text, captions, title cards, motion graphics, and the rest.

While professional editors vouch for Adobe Premiere Pro and Mac users love Final Cut Pro, a browser-based editor like can be the choice for one and all.

Use the right tools to get complete control over your footage editing, and once finalized, you’re all set to distribute and promote it!

5. Promote your promotional video!

If you’ve been taking video marketing seriously for a while, the chances are that a video promotion strategy already exists. You can leverage it to promote your promo videos or create one from scratch to get those clicks.

From pushing your promos out on social media to promoting them with e-blasts, newsletters, and even your website – utilize every opportunity to build a buzz around your video and increase your brand’s popularity.

Where to promote a video: checklist

Promotional video examples for inspiration

Want some inspiration on how to make a promo video that rocks? Well, here are some examples we love:

Google – How to Start

Type: Trend

Google – How to Start

All over the country people are searching “how to start.” Whether it’s starting a business, a new relationship, or just trying to remember how to start a conversation, people are taking that first step with a little help from Google.

The OG of jaw-dropping promotional videos, Google shares a fantastic promo video that’s based on a search trend “how to start.” From starting a new school to a conversation, it touches emotions and relevance like never before.

Put an end to workplace silos with Asana

Type: Problem Solving

Put an end to workplace silos with Asana

Don’t freak out, but silos? They’re everywhere. Accounting. Marketing. HR. That’s why we made Asana. Bring your team’s work into the light. See what needs to be done, what is being done, and how it all fits into the big picture.

This one from Asana is a textbook example of how to solve a problem with a promotional video. The problem here is “silos”!

The New HubSpot Podcast Network

Type: New Product/Service Launch

The New HubSpot Podcast Network

That's right. HubSpot now has a brand new Podcast Network. Filled with the best souls for people looking for education and inspiration on how to grow your business from the very people who have done it. We've got the best shows on sales, entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, technology, and everything you need to know about business success.

HubSpot promotes its new podcast network through this amazing masterpiece. With clear messaging and some incredible stats, it hooks the viewers and keeps them engaged with the modern, upbeat energy till the very end.

Apple event in 51 seconds

Type: Event Promotion

Apple event in 51 seconds

Catch up on all the excitement of our newest products from the October Event. iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and HomePod mini. It’s all here.

If you want to promote an event with a promo video, this video by Apple is pure gold. In this promo, Apple takes the viewers to its newest products in case they missed the event and ensures that engagement follows by listing all the wonderful features in JUST 51 seconds!

Netflix Culture: Freedom and Responsibility

Type: Company Culture

Netflix Culture: Freedom and Responsibility

Our culture talks a lot about 'Freedom and Responsibility.' So what does that mean exactly? What does it look like in practice? Hear from employees around the world talking about how F&R shows up in their work and their life.

With the right touch of storytelling and high-quality production, this promo video by Netflix tells a lot about the brand and its values.

Camila Cabello x Calm: Breathe Into It

Type: Customer Testimonial

Camila Cabello x Calm: Breathe Into It

Meditation has helped Camila Cabello— and she wants to show how it can help you, too. A longtime Calm user, Camila partnered with us to create _bko_Breathe Into It,_bko_ a new series that shares her personal mindfulness journey and brings mental wellness tools to as many people as possible.

Another terrific promo video that thrives on storytelling, this one by Calm adds credibility to the brand’s offering by partnering with celebrity Camila Cabello. It also cleverly promotes “Breathe Into It,” one of Calm’s series on personal mindfulness and mental wellness.

That’s a wrap!

Getting your promotional videos on point isn’t a matter of chance. To stand out from the competition, a good promo video collateral is what you need.

The framework and tips mentioned above can help you do exactly that. So, follow this guide and get the wheels turning for your brand.

And if you want to make your videos look more professional, check our guide on creating a polished, professional video that’s sure to impresses your audience.

We’ll keep you in the loop!

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