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One Video — 12 Styles: How to Customize Any Stock Video to Your Brand

How to customize any stock video to your brand

When you start working on your video using stock content, you might be worried that any other business could use the same video too.

Today we are going to show how you can easily customize one video into 12 different styles to keep your video branded and give it a unique look.

We’ll start from this template on blog post promotion:

  • Font: Roboto Bold
  • Colors: white, black and yellow #FFF200

The template is pretty generic, and its power resides in focusing on the text. A sans-serif font and contrasting video+message setup make it easy to read the text, hence the composition feels natural.

Notice that all words are of the same font-size. The only emphasis is put on the last words: they are highlighted with a bright background color.

Style 1: Change the text background color 

  • Font: Raleway regular
  • Colors: white, black and blue #66DBFF

Use this style

The easiest way to customize this template to your brand is just to apply your brand font. Replace the yellow color with your brand color and — voilà! Your video is branded.

Style 2: Create a text scale contrast

  • Font: Raleway bold
  • Colors: light-beige #F8D4D4, dark brown #531136

Use this style

In case you need to give a greater emphasis on some particular words, you may also use a font-size contrast.

Make one part of your message much smaller in size and you’ll see how the rest of the phrase becomes more powerful.

See how we use only two colors for the text: light beige and dark brown. The light one is used both as a background for the first part and as a text-color for the second part of the phrase. Dark brown is close to the video color to maximize harmony.

Pro tip: 

To make the video look more natural with the warm-colored text we added a color filter to the video using these settings:

Color: #531136, 20% opacity.

Style 3: Combine different styles of the same typeface

  • Font: Georgia Italic, Georgia Bold
  • Colors: blue #66DBFF and white

Use this style

This is a great example of how you may use various versions of the same font: Georgia Italic + Georgia Bold.

The first part of the phrase is much smaller, has a different color and is written in italics, while the rest of the phrase is white and bold. Thus, two parts of the text work well due to this contrast. We also applied a soft shadow to the text to increase readability.

In this example, we use a different text composition placing the text in a way that we can still see the person properly. 

Pro tip: 

Marry your text message with your visuals by placing text in the negative space. Make sure your text doesn’t cover faces, products or other important objects on your video.

Style 4: Use hard colored text shadows

  • Font: Lilita One
  • Colors: white and orange #DA5A00

Use this style

If your font is bold enough you can apply a strong colorful shadow to it. It may be your brand color or some color that matches the object on video, your logo, or even some sticker or GIF. This technique enhances the color composition.

Hard shadows effect

Style 5: Frame your text

  • Font: Montserrat Bold
  • Colors: blue #66DBFF and white

Use this style

One more way to include your brand color in a video is to add a frame to your text. To do this, use a special text effect called ‘Frame’ inside the editor. It also applies a beautiful pro-looking animation effect to your text.

Style 6: Recreate a trendy acid effect

  • Font: Roboto Condensed Bold
  • Colors: pale-orange #FFC88D
  • Background filter color: green #2BBA5C, 88%

Use this style

This trendy typography trick makes your text outstanding. To achieve the same effect, apply a bright color filter to the video and then assign a contrasting color to the text.

This approach works great when you want your video to be a moving background and don’t distract the view from your message. 

Color filter

Style 7: Neon effect

  • Font: Dosis
  • Text color: pale-purple #FBC5FF
  • Text shadow: glowing white
  • Background filter color: purple #E827ED, 80%

Use this style

To push the previous acid effect even further, use a bright color filter for the background and apply a shadow style called ‘Glow’ to your text. Make sure your text color is either white or a light version of the background filter color. 

Neon text glow effect

Style 8: Bold semi-transparent text

  • Font: Impact
  • Text color: red #C60003, 60%
  • Background filter colorwhite, 55%

Use this style

Another great effect to filter the background is to use white color. It’s easier to apply any dark or bright color to the text, for instance, red.

We’ve made the text half-transparent so you can see how the video is moving underneath the letters. As long as you manage to keep your text legible you are good to go.

Style 9: Cutout text

  • Font: Passion One
  • Text color: white

Use this style

Here we use a special effect called ‘Transparent’ in that cuts out all the letters from a special colored rectangle. 

To use this effect, three conditions must be provided:

  • make sure your video doesn’t have any varicolored details in the area of text placement;
  • the color of the text background should be contrasting to the video color;
  • keep your font bold and well-legible.

Style 10: Bold and bright

  • Font: Archivo Black
  • Colors: pink #FFB6E6 and dark purple #531136

Use this style

To recreate this trendy bold typography effect we used a pretty heavy font Archivo Black and applied a bright pink color combination. The bright and solid text background adds an edgy look to this video.

Style 11: A magazine look

  • Font: Lora and Lora Italic
  • Colors: black, brown #AB6C4A and beige #FFE9D6

Use this style

This look might be considered as traditional and classy. In this case, we use a well-balanced contemporary serif Lora in its Regular and Italic styles with a mild color accent of warm brown.

We also did a small trick by cropping a video in a way that some part of the background is colored and makes a proper background for the text.

All this makes the video look like a fancy magazine that can work well for industries like fashion, restaurants or real estate.

Style 12: Cartoon ironic style

  • Font: Montserrat Bold
  • Colors: black, white and blue #8AE4FF

Use this style

This style implies some self-irony with the inclusion of a couple of funny GIFs and using a bright joyful blue background. Here we use the same trick as for the previous style with cropping the video to fit a nice square while some space on the left is preserved for the text. 

Pro tip: 

When using bright color as a major part of your background in video, choose basic and calm colors for your text (i.e. black and white) to keep your video well-balanced and stylish.

How to customize any stock video to your brand

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