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How to Make a Countdown Timer Video [+Free Templates]

How to Make a Countdown Timer Video

By now, you’ve seen the power of live streams. Besides increasing brand awareness, live videos help you engage your audience in real-time and build a community of loyal fans.

But to create those awesomely perfect live streams, you need to have the right elements. One such element is a countdown intro video.

Countdown Video

While a countdown timer isn’t solely for live streams – and you can use it for your emails, landing pages, product pages, tutorials, and even sports – having it in a live stream intro serves as a teaser and creates excitement for the live stream.

In this guide, we break down how to make a countdown timer video for your live streams and take advantage of some stunning countdown timer templates to improve your digital footprint.

Countdown Timer Templates

What is a Countdown Timer?

A countdown timer is nothing but a virtual clock added to a webpage or video to count down from a specific number. That number could be days, hours, minutes, or even seconds until a live stream/event or an offer starts.

Here’s how a typical countdown timer looks:

Countdown Timer Video

Dwelling on the fear of missing out (FOMO), a countdown video is not only a trigger for urgency but also builds curiosity for what’s about to come. When viewers know that something exciting is just a few moments away, they either stay hooked to their screens or return before the timer ends. Either way, it’s a win-win.

Benefits of Using a Countdown Video

There’s a lot that you can achieve using a simple countdown video. The key is to make it right. Here’s how a countdown timer can help live streamers:

Grab viewers’ attention

The first few minutes in a live video decide the broadcast’s success. But how to make your viewers stick long enough to be there during the first few minutes? Well, say hello to countdown timers!

Give credit to psychology here – but when something visual changes quickly, it gains our attention. So, use a countdown timer to grab the viewer’s attention. Besides catching the eye and building anticipation, a moving clock on a static page also prepares viewers for what’s coming.

Highlight a special live stream

If the idea of using a countdown video intro in every live stream seems bizarre, you can use a timer only for a particular live session. It can also work great for promoting a live series.

Push viewers to watch the stream

Just like product launches leave a psychological impact on consumers by creating a demand, countdown timer videos with a killing post can push viewers to watch the stream by notifying them what’s going to be covered in the live video and why they shouldn’t miss it.

Act as a reminder

While most of your loyal fans will catch you live no matter what, a countdown video acts as a fantastic final reminder to inform your audience when the live stream will be on.

Foster brand identity

A well-designed countdown with brand elements also acts as a powerful marketing asset. It makes your brand more recognizable and fosters your brand identity through live broadcasts.

How to Make a Countdown Timer with

While it’s possible to create a countdown intro in many ways, tools like make it easier with editable templates. However, even if you don’t go the template route, creating a countdown video from scratch becomes easier with’s easy-to-use interface.

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Using a Template

Step 1 – Pick a template

Log into your account and pick one of the fabulous countdown templates. Once you’re ready, click “Edit Template” to access the editor.

Edit Countdown Video Template

Step 2 – Decide on the length

Based on the background footage of the countdown timer you’ve chosen, you can set the length of the timer.

Set Your Countdown Timer Length

Step 3 – Customize the countdown timer

Apart from the length, you can choose from a host of features to make your countdown timer look cool. For example, you can customize the timer’s format, animation, font, size, colors, and more.

Customize Template

Step 4 – Export the timer

Once you’ve your desired creation, hit the “Publish” tab on the top right and download the timer in the format you need.

Export Countdown Timer

Step 5 – Set the timer

Follow the instructions listed on the live streaming platform you are using and upload the timer to get going.

2. Create from Scratch

Step 1 – Start with a blank video

Log into your account and click on “+ New Video”. Then choose “Blank video”.

Pick a Blank Video

Step 2 – Choose the horizontal format

Next, pick the “Horizontal” format from the options available.

Timer Format

Step 3 – Set a background

Begin your creation by choosing a background. It can be a solid color background, or you can jazz it up with stock footage or by uploading your media.

Choose a Background

Step 4 – Add the countdown timer

Once your background is ready, select “Enhancers” from the left-side toolbar. Then, choose “Countdowns” in the extreme right.

Finally, check the “Set countdown” box to add the countdown timer.

Add Countdown Timer

Step 5 – Customize the countdown timer

Now you can play with the timer’s length, format, animation, and other features to make it look the way you want.

Step 6 – Export the timer

Click “Publish” and download the timer in your preferred format.

Step 7 – Upload the animation

Head towards your live streaming platform and add the countdown timer video to set it.

10 Countdown Intro Video Ideas 

Now that you have learned how to make a countdown timer easily and quickly, let’s check some awesome countdown timer templates from

LinkedIn Countdown

Level up your LinkedIn live streams with this splendid template. Customize the font and color to your liking and inform your attendees in style about your upcoming LinkedIn Live broadcast.

Customize this template

US Flag Timer

How about showing some patriotism as you go live? Here’s the perfect US flag countdown timer to keep your viewers engaged and stick around for the live stream.

Customize this template

Honeycomb Countdown Video

Looking for some interesting effects to build up hype for your live stream? This honeycomb-themed overlay is one of the best ways to do that.

Customize this template

Nature-Based Countdown Timer

This one is exclusively for nature lovers. Beyond attracting viewers to stay around when you go live, it also delivers a therapeutic effect with its beautiful green hues.

Customize this template

Coffee Themed Timer

Who doesn’t love coffee? Well, this versatile coffee-themed countdown timer is a perfect pick for those hearty conversations you want to initiate through your live broadcasts.

Customize this template

Spiritual Countdown Video Intro

For those beautiful spirituality-based live sessions, here’s an overlay to set the right mood as you remind your viewers about the upcoming live stream.

Customize this template

Color Bars Countdown Timer

Another attractive yet versatile countdown timer, this one is a colorful pick to pep up your live streams – no matter the topic.

Customize this template

Subtle B/W Timer Video

A classic and truly stunning countdown timer, this one, with its black and white themed overlay, is a perfect pick for retro lovers.

Customize this template

Neon Smoky Countdown Timer

Create an instant connection between you and your viewers with this neon smoke timer video.

Customize this template Based Countdown Video

This easy-to-customize themed overlay is a fantastic way to show some love as you are about to go live.

Customize this template

The Takeaway is a great place to be creative and make some superb countdown timers to improve your viewers’ overall live streaming experience.

So, beef up your virtual presence with our editable templates. And don’t forget to tell us which one do you like the most. Leave a comment below. We’ll love to read your responses!

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