How to Make a Meme Video: Tricks, Ideas, and Templates

We all have to admit: memes have become more than just a funny Internet trend. 

Now, they’re part of everyday social media interaction, shared and consumed by millions of users daily. For many people, memes are a primary method of communication, an accessible mean of self-expression, and an instant news source. 

Considering the fact that video is the most preferred type of content, it’s safe to say that meme videos are exactly what your social media followers want and need.

Are you looking for an easy way to make your own original and engaging meme videos? You’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, I’ll explain how to make a meme video using, an easy-to-use free online video maker. Let’s begin!

Meme videos – what and why

First, let’s define what we mean when we talk about “memes” and “meme videos”.

Meme – a piece of content that is copied and/or spread rapidly through the internet. Typically, it’s a visual (image, video, GIF) with text on top of it. Here’s an example of a meme video:

Perfect meme

I know what you might be thinking: the idea to create meme videos sounds awesome, but my business/brand is way too “serious” and conservative for that kind of content. If this stops you from posting meme videos, here’s what you’re missing out on:

  • Attention – Meme videos are proven attention-getters online. Their incredibly high shareability causes a snowball effect and brings more and more new people to your page.
  • Engagement – Memes are designed to be viral. No surprise that people love to share, like, and comment posts that include meme videos.
  • Trust – Most of the time, meme videos don’t look too ‘salesy’ or self-serving. Their main purpose is to entertain your followers and make them smile. People appreciate that kind of content!

Still hesitant about whether to learn how to make meme videos or not? Keep in mind that you can apply the “meme effect” to all kinds of videos, not just humorous ones. 

Here’s how Gary Vaynerchuck, the king of viral videos, uses the “meme effect” to show a small description of what the video is about: 

As you can see, this effect can be used for many intents and purposes: captioning your video, giving additional comments and references, and etc. Read on to learn how to make meme videos yourself and reap the rewards of this skill.

How to make a meme video in

Meme videos can be of different forms, styles, and shapes. I’ll show how to make one using the “Letterbox effect”. 

The “Letterbox” is a video style where there’s a space at the top and bottom (or the left and the right-hand side) of your video. This space is usually of a specific color of your choice. Text is typically placed on top of this space. A big advantage of this method is that text doesn’t obstruct the footage or image used in a video. 

How to Create a Letterbox Style for Your Videos | Tutorial

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to create a letterbox (or meme) effect for your videos. What is a letterbox effect? The letterbox is a video style where there is a space at the top and bottom (or the left and the right-hand side) of your video

Step 1. Create a project

Log in to your account and create a new project. If you don’t want to create a video from scratch, use the Meme Video template that I’ll share at the end of this article. 

Not a user yet? Sign up here, it’s free!

Make your own meme videos easily with

Free online video makerTry now

Step 2. Choose a video clip or image

Now, upload a visual that you want to use in your meme video. If you do not have a video clip or image ready, choose an asset from the in-built stock library.

When searching for stock footage, make your search phrase as exact as possible. Use filters to tweak the search to exactly match your needs and the idea behind your meme. You might get much fewer results, but they will be highly relevant.

Step 3. Choose a format and adjust the visual

Have you decided on what platforms you’ll be publishing your video? If not, it’s about time to do that. The most popular options for meme videos are Square, Vertical, and Story (Full Portrait). 

How to make a meme video - formats

Pick the format (or several formats) that you want your video to be posted in, and adjust the visual by zooming it out until there’s space at the top and at the bottom. Now, you can change the color of the background to follow your brand guidelines or just choose any color of choice. 

Step 4. Add text

When the formats are chosen, and the visual is adjusted, it’s time to add text. Use the font called Impact to give your video a proper “meme look.”

How to make a meme video - adding text

Make sure to keep your message clear and concise – you don’t want to overload the video with too much text.

Step 5. Download and share your video

Once your video is ready, head over to the Publish tab. Here you can download the meme video directly to your computer or publish on the social platform of your choice right from the editor.

Congratulations! You’ve learned how to make your own meme video. Now, it’s time to actually go and create one! 

Don’t want to start making your video from scratch? No problem, here’s the template for you to use:

Customize this template

Over to you

Creating and posting meme videos is a great idea for every brand and businesses. They’re fun, eye-catching, and highly shareable – exactly what people want to see on social media. 

Are you a fan of meme videos? After reading this article, are you planning to create a few for your brand? Let us know in the comments!

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