How to Create a Killer Video Script [FREE Sample]

Want to create an explainer video but not sure where to begin? Today is your lucky day!

First, let’s start with watching an explainer video – sit back and enjoy the awesome cinematic masterpiece.

After you’ve watched this super cool explainer video what did you discover? Hopefully, you were entertained but there’s more… All explainer videos are trying to do what? Explain things right!? Exactly! Let’s break down the anatomy of an explainer video.

All explainer videos start with:

  • The Problem – You’re having trouble finding your keys, writing a novel, fixing a broken pipe or even writing an explainer video. The problem is your first step! You need to communicate a problem. If you don’t have a problem then you don’t have a product or service to offer as a solution. If you don’t have a solution then you’re just telling a story, which isn’t bad but just telling a story isn’t what an explainer video is about. Explainer videos are tools and like all tools explainer videos serve a purpose, they’re about fixing problems. The next ingredient to an explainer video is…
  • The Solution – You’ve got the cure to the cold, the missing piece to the puzzle, the answer to the problem! You can fix-it! The solution is why you’re even in business, you can solve people’s problems. Yahoo! This is the core of your explainer video and reason for creating one in the first place. How you come up with your solution is really up to the product or service your offer. However, if you don’t establish a problem people will have trouble seeing your solution. Now the final ingredient to all explainer videos is…
  • Call To Action – or CTA that’s right! It’s not enough to share a problem or offer a solution you need to push people to act! It’s a basic tenant in sales to “always be closing”. Closing is a term meaning to be closing the deal or making a sell. If you don’t call people to act, make a purchase or respond then you’ve just made a story about a problem with a solution. Explainer videos though they can be well made, beautifully designed and animated and even narrated by wonderfully talented voices are about sales. Sales of a product or a service. So think about baiting your hook with an enticing and relatable problem, offering your solution to that problem then CALLING PEOPLE TO ACT on your marvelous product or service!
How To Make An Explainer Video In-House

So here’s your homework, download your FREE explainer video script today. Begin to use it as your blueprint for your first explainer video. If you’d like to learn more about creating super cool explainer videos check out this awesome blog post on How To Make an Explainer Video In-House and don’t forget to tune into more excellent posts like this on our blog.

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