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Video is the future of social media. On Facebook alone, 500 million people watch videos daily. In 2019, 80% of all Internet traffic will come from video. The writing is on the wall: for the brands to be successful on social, video has to be part of their digital marketing strategy.

And who would know all about it better than Mari Smith, the Premier Facebook Marketing Expert? Oftentimes called “the Queen of Facebook”, Mari knows all ins and outs of intricate social media realm.

That’s why here at Wave.vide, we couldn’t be more delighted to welcome Mari as our Brand Evangelist. The team is looking forward to all the exciting things we are going to achieve together. joins forces with Mari Smith

The team is delighted to welcome Mari Smith as our Brand Evangelist.

Here’s what the team says about it:

Daniel Glickman CMO

We are thrilled to join forces between our #1 Social Video Technology and Mari Smith, the #1 Social Media Engagement Marketer. Our platform makes it easier to make videos than ever before. Yet businesses still have a challenge of knowing what content to create and how to amplify reach. This brings together the best of both worlds to develop a breakthrough program of Social Media Thought Leadership.

Mari Smith is equally enthusiastic:

Mari Smith
Renowned Social Media Expert

Video is undoubtedly an integral component of Facebook’s future and there’s no better tool for creating stunning social videos than I am working with to design a groundbreaking program that exponentially increases reach and engagement through high quality, self-generated videos.

Together with Mari, we have launched a free 30-day social video training program. This free open course offers step-by-step training on how to easily create, publish and amplify video across your social channels.

Mari Smith 30-day video challenge The goal is for you to create and publish one video per day on at least one of your social channels. Join the like-minded marketing professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and agencies.

Dmitry Skavish
CEO of

In less than a year since our launch, we have already become a social media tool for more than 150,000 businesses that use on a daily basis. Our unique social video maker, extensive video creator database and Mari Smith’s expertise are powerful foundations for this new initiative.

The team is excited to see what our product is going to evolve into with Mari’s help. Stay tuned and watch out for more video marketing goodness to come!

We’ll keep you in the loop!

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